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  1. kungpoopanda

    Is it illegal to place a towel over a patient's face?

    Do anything and everything you have to to keep yourself safe. Your workplace will not have your back if you are injured.
  2. kungpoopanda

    A coworker made me so mad!

    You have absolutely no evidence to support this position.
  3. kungpoopanda

    Ethical dilemma

    If you are not being paid on time, you owe this workplace no loyalty. Run, don't walk, away.
  4. kungpoopanda

    Do you get hit/spit on? Does body fluids splash on you?

    I'm very disappointed in the number of posters who think that patients assaulting nurses is "part of being a nurse". No it's not. I was assaulted by a patient, not a psych patient, not a demented old person but a nasty man whose daughter said he used to beat his wife. I required surgery and I have chronic pain. My workplace added to the trauma with the way they handled it, or rather didn't handle it. Having said that I have also been bitten and scratched by demented old things, kicked in the back by a labouring woman and threatened by the ******* family of a dying patient. Not on, any of it. That's why I don't work in patient contact any more. It sucks.
  5. kungpoopanda

    What advice would you give your 19 year old self?

    Whatever you do, do not get sucked into nursing.
  6. kungpoopanda

    Is it just me, or is this rude, sexist, and condescending?

    Is this still going? Geez, some people can't have too many problems.
  7. kungpoopanda

    Part time nights or full time days with infant

    I'd go the nights if it was up to me. Yes it will be tough but you get your working week over in 2 days, with one zombie day. If the money is the same, take the extra time at home with your baby. You can't get that time back.
  8. kungpoopanda

    Sandra Bland dead in mug shot, really?

    Not everyone lives in the US and not everyone watches TV.
  9. kungpoopanda

    You should know better

    I run ultra marathons and swim naked as much as possible.
  10. kungpoopanda

    Scripting sounds patronizing

    No it's "I'd be happy to help IF I have the time."
  11. kungpoopanda

    I got reported to HR

    Nah, it's a thing. People have realised they can make a buck out of being offended.
  12. kungpoopanda

    Is this a new trend?

    The reason they are discouraging briefs is because they cost more than toweling and Chux. A bean counter somewhere is probably charging the health care insurer for briefs but instructing staff to use towel. It all comes down to the mighty dollar.
  13. kungpoopanda

    Patients hitting on nurses

    Don't do this. You need to be perfectly clear that you are not interested and that their "advances" are inappropriate and unwelcome. Do not smile when you tell them no.
  14. kungpoopanda

    rant.. "4 weeks notice"

    Two weeks notice is usual. Give that and if they don't like it just say that is all you are able to give.
  15. kungpoopanda

    Convicted of murder as a teen and now a nurse

    Wow, judgy much.
  16. kungpoopanda

    Career Counseling for Nurses??

    Good luck with finding someone to talk you through some options and possible career paths. I mean that. The one time I spoke to someone about this they became quite aggressive and told me I was crazy for wanting anything more than just slaving away until I die.