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  1. kungpoopanda

    Would you tell a coworker they're going to be demoted?

    Is there some way you can start a rumour of mass sackings coming up? Just make sure it doesn't get around that you started it.
  2. kungpoopanda

    Bad Weather--Hospitals could care less about your safety

    It is bad management to punish everybody for the actions of some. Those people should be dealt with individually.
  3. kungpoopanda

    Would you do it all again?

    I would definitely choose something different, hate nursing.
  4. You don't have anything to lose by reaching out to them. If they were moving slowly with the recruitment process, it's possible the position is still available. However wanting you to leave a current position without the appropriate notice is a red flag IMO.
  5. kungpoopanda

    Today's cringeworthy event..

    Yeah I thought that too. Rather a lot of crowing and blowing about how smart the OP is and how stupid the colleague is.
  6. kungpoopanda

    Staying Positive in Nursing

    Nah, got nothing.
  7. kungpoopanda

    Disrespectful ad against nurses on Craigslist

    Hospitality is every bit as serious as nursing. People rely on the hospitality staff for safe food and drinks, feeling socially comfortable and included, dealing with all sorts of behind the scenes crises. Nursingstudents or even nurses could shine in these roles and be paid similar crapy money for at will employment. At least in hospitality you get tips and are allowed to keep them.
  8. kungpoopanda

    not on the work schedule

    You need to see an employment lawyer ASAP and get their advice. You will need all the help you can get to beat this bunch of slimy a$$holes. No wonder nursing is ******.
  9. kungpoopanda

    Staff Incentives for Unit Projects?

    Sounds like a great idea. So often staff have to "volunteer" for projects or activities without any reward or thanks. And often someone else takes the credit. The incentives sound good too. I'd like any of those except candy and chips. Maybe coffee cards, or gift cards to stores as well. Thank you for doing a nice thing.
  10. kungpoopanda

    problem with my DON, help!

    No, when residents or anyone else assault staff or other residents/patients, and management tries to cover it up it is time to go hard. Unfortunately, to prevent career suicide, I think the OP has to leave and then report.
  11. kungpoopanda

    I saw another nurse assault a patient

    The "studies" to which you refer was ONE study and we don't know how rigorous that study was. Further, she can state her opinion as anyone else can. She doesn't have to confine it to the religion forum as it is a by the bye comment, not a discussion of religion.
  12. kungpoopanda

    Nursing Morale

    Nothing says appreciation like cash.
  13. kungpoopanda

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    NO F***ing way!!! If I could find another job that would pay me as much I would leave nursing tomorrow, or even this afternoon if possible.
  14. kungpoopanda

    Is it illegal to place a towel over a patient's face?

    Do anything and everything you have to to keep yourself safe. Your workplace will not have your back if you are injured.
  15. kungpoopanda

    A coworker made me so mad!

    You have absolutely no evidence to support this position.
  16. kungpoopanda

    Ethical dilemma

    If you are not being paid on time, you owe this workplace no loyalty. Run, don't walk, away.