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  2. GordonGekko


    Enjoy your carotid artery dissection. Read about Palmer and the origins of Chiro. Pretty interesting stuff
  3. Because I am debt-free I get to quit being a nurse
  4. @DK123, since your question is not nursing related, we’ve moved it to the Coffee Lounge.
  5. My co worker he used to be an ER Nurse and MH Nurse, he has like 5 credit cards with like $5000-$10,000 as a limit for each. Has thousands of dollars in debt, he pays the bill of course not in full but he pays maybe 50%-75% of it, and he has been doing this for months and his score is in the low 800's? I ask him why he never pays off in full he says the money goes to the mortgage, car payments/insurance, phone bills, retirement, electricity bills, the kids etc.. stating if he paid his cards in full all the time, he would have no money for the listed above. He says the credit cards he uses it for entertainment, house renovations, family trips domestic and above, going out to a restaurant with a friend etc... So does not paying in full ruin credit score?
  6. Etta is one of my favorite vocalists.
  7. My dad was watching Youtube last night, the Great Etta James at Montreux. The whole concert is on Youtube. Indescribable re just how amazing that woman is! Just amazing! I just love spending time with my parents alone! Makes me feel safe. Being ordered around to make the popcorn, fetch the drinks and the looks they sneak at me. I might be a middle child but I have always felt loved enough except for my sisters who my Dad dotes on. To the great Etta James, may she RIP!
  8. I watched this quirky but likeable movie on Netflix this rainy afternoon. Safety Not Guaranteed Yes @Curious1997 I'm a big fan of the Handmaid series. Have you read Atwood's books?
  9. amoLucia


    Silly story here - I was seeing my chiro & feeling so much better with tx. When I left the office and got into my car, I noticed I would always have to adjust my car's rearview mirror. Enough times that I really became aware of it. Always had a neck adjustment and some type of stretching manipulation she did. Laughingly, I figured I GREW after tx!!!!! Seriously, I guess my posture improved & relaxed with each tx. So my spine stretched just enough that I needed to fix the mirror. By the next tx, I was 'shorter' again, but 'taller' after tx. Each time!
  10. christenDavis


    I love going to the chiropractor! Getting my back and neck cracked feels a little awkward but I always feel better when I leave. It helped me a lot in relieving my back pain. My husband, who is an IT professional takes the treatment at regular times. Some chiros aren't that wicked, and they tend to act more like physiotherapists, so it can be okay with those ones.
  11. Curious1997

    Used Cars!

    I was recently asked by a fellow nurse to help her with a used car purchase because her car's transmission died and she couldn't afford to fix it. She knows I drive an old banger, but is always boasting about how reliable it is. This is for any nurses or medical professionals who are in the same boat in these trying times, These are the things I look at when buying a used vehicle. Please feel free to add pointers if you want! * Forget about looks or age! * Buy Japanese or Korean! * You immediately start the vehicle when you get there and it has to be done with a cold engine and allow it to idle and look for any exhaust smoke. There should be nothing but vapor, if any smoke, which should be white and quickly dissappear. A small amount of Water may sometimes come out but not to worry, should go away in a minute or so. Run a finger in the exhaust pipe to look for residue like oil etc. There should be NOTHING! * Let the vehicle idle the entire time you are checking it out. There should be no idle changes at all. No going up or down, surging, when the vehicle has warmed up. The RPMs should go up to around 12-1500 when you first start the vehicle, but should go down to around 600-800 in a couple of minutes. * Look at the tyres. They should all be of the same make and model with good tread depth. * The interior should be clean with appropriate age wear. * Open the hood and look under the oil cap. It should be clean and the oil as well. Smell the oil and dipstick. Shouldn't smell burnt. Look at the transmission and brake fluid levels. Look under the radiator cap, it should also be clean. Look for oil leaks on the engine and under the vehicle. * After five minutes of idling, look at the temp Guage. It has to be in the middle or lower. *Check the headlights, wipers, washer, brake lights, reverse light, high beam, defogger, electric windows, side mirrors, indicators, horn etc. Check the A/C out now. Should be cold and no belt squealing. Turn the steering wheel hard to both sides. Should be no squealing or noises. *Now you test drive the car after it's warmed up and everything has checked out above. A parking lot would be great. * Drive it to 30 mph and press the brake pedal hard and let the steering wheel go. No pulling to sides and the brake pedal must remain firm and not go to the floor etc. * You have to drive it above 60 mph. Make sure that the transmission shifts smoothly. No steering wheel shimmy or pulling to one side etc. Engage the cruise control now. Check how the suspension responds during driving. If this all checks out and if you have a mechanic, let them check it out also. Hopefully this is helpful if anyone needs to get a used vehicle. Remember this is just advice and not a guarantee!
  12. With reeeeeal Cheez Wiz brand Cheez Wiz. You know, like steak sandwich "WIT".
  13. I agree.... but you won't find me eating a cheesesteak from them when I have 5 cheesesteak and hoagie shops nearby. Roast beef shortie and mac and cheese are my guilty pleasures from them.
  14. It really is the best convenience store around except for maybe those Texas stores but I don't think they have as good quality coffee or sandwiches.
  15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....One day too early passed by this new location yesterday. Wawa to mark 'Mare of Easttown Day' with new cheesesteak, T-shirts and opening of Upper Darby store Anyone who wants a WAWA shirt, message me as a son worked for them X 5 yrs, they gave employees new shirt with each marketing campaign, Examples:
  16. Mavnurse17

    Nursing and Children

    Interesting topic. I've thought about this a lot as I'm a brand new parent of nearly 5 months. For reference, I've been a nurse for 4 years now and I'm in my mid-20's. I think being a mom was always something I thought about eventually being while growing up, but I knew I wanted to be married and have a degree and a career before doing so. In 2019, three weeks before getting married, we unexpectedly but joyously learned I was pregnant. Unfortunately we lost that pregnancy 3 days before we wed. Kids weren't on our mind before I saw those 2 lines, but once we realized we had one on the way (and eventually lost them) it was like something clicked in me that said "it's time now." So, 6 months after marrying, we conceived again - this time intentionally - and our son was born 9 months later. I think my motivation for wanting children is my own selfish desire to have someone of my own and love them unconditionally. I hope that my son will love me back, but making him to have someone to love me wasn't the drive. Upon deep reflection, I realize, too, that having kids was just something everyone does (I know it's not). I respect people that have children and I respect people that choose not to have children. As loved and wanted as my son is, it took having him to realize just how different life is for me now. Everything I do or don't do revolves around him now. I repeat: my son is so loved and wanted. But I realize now that I had more opportunity and potential to do whatever else I wanted with my life, perhaps accomplish more personally/professionally/financially, if we'd waited to have him. But then, he wouldn't be here and my life now doesn't feel complete without him. The thought is a double-edged sword.
  17. Davey Do

    National Bubba Day

    Some Bubbas have used vacuum sweepers for liposuction.
  18. So I have been watching Whitstable Pearl, a British series and so far its been excellent. Really hope that there's a second series of Easttown if it's going to be as good as the first.
  19. Well our initial guesses were FAR off. Mare of Easttown well written series. Enough characters with hanging storylines for another season.
  20. Davey Do

    National Bubba Day

    To all the Bubbas out there who keep trying to do their best!
  21. Is anyone watching The Handmaid's Tale? This is a really good series and so far this season it's been very good so far.
  22. Daisy4RN

    National Bicycle Day!

    Go speed racer, go!
  23. Davey Do

    National Bicycle Day!

    Over hill and dale.
  24. NRSKarenRN

    So any good Books you would recommend?

    Available for preorder: Here, Right Matters An American Story By Alexander Vindman On Sale: August 3, 2021 Put my order in as an author that deserves being supported.
  25. Checking wallet, ordered HBO Max so can finish watching Mare of Easttown -2 episodes left. Deacon priest is red herring IMHO, not murderer. Show #5 with many unexpected story twists.