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  1. alexis_xoxo

    I ran out of time and passed!!

    If you run out of time they take the last 60 questions you answered and base it on that
  2. alexis_xoxo

    Another NCLEX Shut off in 85 questions thread

    Well nclex stops giving you questions when it's 95 percent sure your ability is clearly above or clearly below passing standard. It looks like you received higher level questions so I would guess that you passed.
  3. alexis_xoxo

    Changing Professions

  4. alexis_xoxo

    HELP! LPN-RN Hesi exam!

    Let me guess. You go to MATC? I would say focus on test taking strategies. That's something they aren't teaching in the program. Content is always good to know (Saunders is amazing) but it's being able to narrow down the answers because an option will have "always" or "never" or two comparable options that helped me.
  5. alexis_xoxo

    bryant and stratton nursing

    I would avoid attending B&S all together. We have a couple here in Wisconsin. Their standards are much lower than other colleges. A passing grade is 70 percent as opposed to the technical colleges and 4 year universities which is 80 percent. Not only that, they are extremely expensive and if you don't graduate, you're still stuck with the debt. Accreditation is also an issue. I have a friend who was in her last semester of the LPN program and she found out that they are only a candidate for accreditation. Beware.
  6. alexis_xoxo

    Nursing Dx

    Keep in mid that nursing dx don't always have to be a bad thing. (I.e. Effective Role Perfermance)
  7. alexis_xoxo

    LPN to RN path choice affect on financial aid

    As long as you haven't exceeded 150% of your financial aid for your program, you will still be eligible for financial aid for the associates in nursing as well as a bachelors if you choose to continue. But for me, I was taking bachelors program classes in an anticipation of transferring but eventually decided to just do LPN. Ive exceeded the Rule and won't be eligible for aid until I am accepted into a bachelors program so it varies from person to person.
  8. alexis_xoxo

    Nursing Care plan

    Do you have a sparks and taylor care plan book? Its a life saver and has the diagnosis, interventions, rationales, risk factors and more. Also, I think your goals should be more specific and measurable like stating a deadline, etc.
  9. alexis_xoxo


    Do you have a Sparks and Taylor care plan book? They're really helpful and they also have the rationales too.
  10. alexis_xoxo

    Planners: Digital vs. Paper

    If you're not comfortable with technology, then I wouldn't suggest starting now with your important assignments, quizzes, etc. Personally, I love a paper planner. I like not only being able to write it down, but there's just something about having a physical copy as opposed to a digital copy that I love. It can't get accidentally deleted or something. Lol. And I just use the one my school provides every semester and it gets the job done. It has both a weekly and monthly view but I found myself primarily using the monthly view pretty early on in the semester because we mainly had exams and only few assignments. I wanted an Erin Condren calendar as well but its just so expensive.
  11. alexis_xoxo

    Who's starting lpn this spring

    Congrats! I just finished my first semester.
  12. alexis_xoxo

    It was worth it...

    Congrats! Which state?
  13. alexis_xoxo

    Injection question! Need help.

    10ml syringe. Its more accurate
  14. alexis_xoxo


    How would it be elevated? All your doing is finding a baseline to take the bp instead of just pumping it to a random number (ex 200mmhg) I'm not adding 30 mmhg to the bloodpressure, just finding a number to pump the cuff up to to find the right bp.
  15. alexis_xoxo

    Study Methods/Habits

    Go over the powerpoints and any supplemental notes you wrote everyday a little at a time for at least 4-5 days before the exam. Read a slide and try to remember what it said without looking at it to see if you retained it. Try to remember any important info from the instructor that was told to you on each slide. Hope this helps.
  16. alexis_xoxo

    How to cure senioritis?

    Your motivation should be that you're almost done and that you don't want to have worked so hard in the last 4 years for it to be all for nothing. Good luck!