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we often see threads with the title "fired for no reason," or "new grad harassed and fired" or something to that effect. and i always feel at least a little sympathy for the individual involved, if only because i can clearly see... Read More

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    Quote from mofomeat
    I only read the first page of this thread, sorry.

    I'm in school right now, and fwiw, there are SO MANY students there that I believe will turn out just like the NG the OP talked about. I see a lot of "I'm so brilliant and awesome and everyone hates me for it" attitude already. They have real problems (such as not showing up for lecture, not doing the homework, not studying, failing tests and turning in college papers that might as well be written by a seven year old), but it just never 'clicks' with them why they're having a hard time in a class while the person next to them is in the top 10%. Hopefully, the actual nursing program will shake some of these out, or maybe it will wake them up and they will work it out and be great.

    Meanwhile, I'm often concerned about how I am doing, and whether or not I'm screwing up, or missing something, or fostering a bad attitude about something that will bite me in the ayse later, but I don't realize it because my teachers love me and my grades are good. :P

    I could be 10 times worse than they are and not realize it!
    They probably love you because you're concerned about screwing up, or missing something etc and the good grades are a sign you are listening to what they are saying. Teachers like to succeed, too!

    Even on this board it's hard not to notice the similarities in approach used by students who get supportive responses, and those who don't (the ones who wonder why we're so mean) . . .
    As far as the what we can learn from the "I was fired for . . .(insert minor mistake)" stories just remember we're only hearing one side. That being said -- I have to agree there seems to be a trend developing of dealing harshly with errors rather than using them as teaching/learning opportunities. Every incident is unique, just like every person, so don't worry too much about that now.
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