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  1. Would you be insulted by this?

    That's pretty funny! Although I am surprised it didn't occur to anyone to stick some old fashioned heavy duty cloth bandage tape on the box and write the name on the tape. We used to label all sorts of things that way.
  2. Would you be insulted by this?

    I don't think I'd feel insulted, but it wouldn't make me feel appreciated, either. I like the sweatpant with logo actual gift idea. I would have appreciated that. Nurses week never happened until after I was no longer working at a hospital. In fact, ...
  3. Would you deliver your baby at your place of employment?

    I did, although at the time, I was a student, and had already done my L&D/PP rotation. I didn't know any of the nurses in the L&D unit, because I went to the hospital and delivered during the night shift, so I didn't know any of them. I was o...
  4. This happened in my family as well. My mom and her siblings shared the care of her mother late in life. At that point, she told me she never wanted to "force" this on us and she wanted to go to a nursing home when the time came. Many times, especiall...
  5. Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Oops - thought I quoted the person who posted the original. This was meant for the nurse who drained her hematoma and needed months of wound care afterward.
  6. Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Forgive me if I've posted this before. Our very first day of clinicals, another student came to me in distress, telling me she couldn't get the rectal thermometer to stay in place. "It keeps falling out!" I couldn't imagine how that could happen. She...
  7. Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Oh, my, I feel so badly for you! Who would have thought it would take that long to heal?
  8. New Nurse to Family Practice Needs Advice!

    Hopefully, your doctors have an efficient practice, know exactly how they want you to deal with phone calls, and will train you to do what they want. The physician I worked for had very specific things he wanted us to tell patients. He always conside...
  9. Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Oh, hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh - I really needed it!
  10. How to be excused from clinicals

    Good grief! Except for the faking, crying, denial and swearing, I thought you might have been talking about me! I became ill while scrubbed in during clinicals and had to ask the circulating nurse who was supervising me to take over for me. She gave ...
  11. Has anyone taken care of a celeb?

    Totally off topic, VintagePN, but your avatar looks like one of my old supervisors! :)
  12. Has anyone taken care of a celeb?

    In the 70's, at the Army hospital I worked at then, we had a princess of a Middle Eastern country as a patient for a few days. She was very polite to us, and was really no trouble as a patient. There was not a huge fuss over her, because we were supp...
  13. passive aggressive nurses

    I'm a little puzzled, because I wonder why the dividing line between being reasonable and becoming "hostile" is when the incoming nurse goes beyond checking the IV site and goes on to further assessment? I understand that it makes the process longer ...
  14. passive aggressive nurses

    Our floors would generally refuse to take patients during report time. If the ED would call near report time saying they were coming with a patient, we would ask them to either bring the patient 15 minutes before report, or wait till the end of repor...
  15. That must be pretty far "back in the day!" When I took it, it was 2 6-8 hour days, and that was 40+ years ago.