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  1. nursedanica

    I'm becoming very discouraged

    Just remember as nurses, we are the face of the hospital. Remind yourselves of these words and show your interviewer that you have what it takes. I found more ipad mini cases like this but I'm sure you get the point.
  2. nursedanica

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    Would you key a car with this bumper sticker?
  3. nursedanica

    A Nurse's Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  4. nursedanica

    Spanish for nurses

    I study Spanish online. And it's good. Less hassle. :)
  5. nursedanica

    my nclex story :)

    Congratulations to you!!!!!
  6. nursedanica

    HELP please!!!!

    Oh come on! You know what you want! For sure. Just spare sometime to think about it. :)
  7. nursedanica

    How far is too far?

    Although its just personal experience.
  8. nursedanica

    How far is too far?

  9. nursedanica

    Pre-hire exams

    Read a lot!
  10. nursedanica

    help! gift suggestions

    I would appreciate books. :)
  11. nursedanica

    Where can a 60 year old nurse get new training???!!!

    I don't have any idea.. Yours is great. School nurse. That's a great idea. For sure they get you.
  12. nursedanica

    Deleting nurses notes

    You can actually file a case against them.
  13. nursedanica

    crap...am I in huge trouble???

    Just tell them it's an accident. Kidding. You should have stood up and tell them that it's your fault.
  14. nursedanica

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    Nice one. Learn from mistakes.
  15. nursedanica

    Stubborn Docs, New Docs

    They thinks like this: I'm a doctor, you're a nurse.. SO I AM YOUR MASTER HERE. :madface:
  16. nursedanica

    L&D new grad interview: TIPS/SUPPORT/ADVICE

    I'm going for an interview too. So I don't know what to expect.. But I'm hoping that it'll be good. :)

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