RNs being drafted during World War 3

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    How do you feel about RNs being drafted during the next world war?

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    Really? Wow.
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    hypothetically speaking if you are referring to the conflict that denotes a successor to war world ii if so, i'm certain that it wouldn't be a problem for us nurses to be accounted for on behalf of our country. however, i'm a firm believer of not crossing the bridge till you come to it~
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    Since I do not have children I would be willing to step up for my country if needed. So many have before and I would be honored (and scared) to do my part.
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    How do I feel about something very hypothetical?

    The U.S. ended its draft in 1973 - reinstituting it would require action from Congress.

    And how are we defining "the next world war"?
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    If it comes to that, I doubt you would be drafted as an RN. Doesn't matter to me, sign me up.
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    I volunteered for Desert storm back in 1991 and was a Enrolled nurses/LPN and went out to Saudi Arabia and would do it again if the need arises although I am a RN now
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    Give me a commission and I'll do it.
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    Historically, the US came very very close to enacting the Nurse Selective Service Act, but didn't have to thanks to our Grandmother and Great grandmothers stepping up and enlisting. It could theoretically come to that again if WWIII were to break out. However... it would probably be a last resort type thing like it was in the 40s.
    If I were drafted as a nurse, I'd certainly serve my country.
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    I think it would be a great idea and for that matter considering that95 percent of all nurses are femalethat is the majority of who will go. I have already served my time ofover 6 years and 9 months and thus have completed my full obligation.
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