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  1. Sparrowhawk

    What do I do now that I've graduate LVN school?

    Well.. first... why can't you keep a stable (4 or more months in my account) job... do you WANT to be a nurse?
  2. Sparrowhawk

    I hate night shift

    Grow up kid. It'll do ya good.
  3. Sparrowhawk

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    She's so full of it its pouring out....you cannot get abandonment for not picking up extra or overtime ... and you cannot stay past 16 hours...its illegal. File an EEOCC on her and get a new job...she is the one that can get in trouble not you sister
  4. Sparrowhawk

    SNF/LTC new nurse needs advice

    Find a new nursing home, that sounds like a very dangerous facility
  5. Sparrowhawk

    Army question

    I figured so, but there is no arguing with her. Thanks! Ifelt like I was loosing what little marbles I had left.
  6. Sparrowhawk

    Army question

    My friend's husband is active army, she was telling me today that theres an accelerated program where she can get her RN in one year....through the army....I've never heard of such an animal and dont understand how that would work....she has only CNA cert....am I misunderstanding her or she misunderstanding the Army?
  7. Sparrowhawk

    Nurses with ADD

    I have ADD but also fall on the DID continuum..... Adderall is helping me focus like crazy, but I have noticed my people skills lacking as well (Which of course my inner people help with) .. I like what Viva said, get checked by a Psych and see if theres something that can help, maybe therapy....or explain to your bosses....mine know.... about the ADD not the DID continuum.
  8. Sparrowhawk

    Family at school orientation?

    .....why do you want to????? Way to be the laughing stockof school
  9. Sparrowhawk

    Are you married sweetie?"

    It gets so complicated, "Are you married?" "no, but I have a boyfriend" "oh where's he live" "ten hours way" "is he moving hre" ? Sigh. that's from coworkers tho
  10. Sparrowhawk

    Fresh RNs.

    You need to contact the CA BON and get a CA license and go get a job :)
  11. So whatever happened???
  12. Sparrowhawk

    Sleep deprived due to nightshift

    I've found the more I black out the windows, the worse I sleep.....its like my brain knows im trying to trick it and I wake up with eye pain and horrid headaches..... yet when I sleep just normally all is well.
  13. Sparrowhawk

    Im new, will they be mad if I go full to part time right away?

    If your boss already knows you don't like it, asking for part time will just make her show you te door......if she's not already planning it already
  14. Sparrowhawk

    Do you wanna be an RN??

    yes. I do
  15. Sparrowhawk

    Ol' Roy