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Laboratorian has 13 years experience.

Overly interested healthcare.

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  1. Laboratorian

    All of you need additional pay.

    I haven't posted in several years and I have been retired from healthcare for 2. I had to log in to let y'all know that nurses are the soldiers on the front line when a bioterrorism attack hits (because that is what COVID-19 is). You all should be receiving government sponsored hazard pay.
  2. Laboratorian

    Nurse with a therapy dog?

    This thread brought to you by, Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate Program - School of Nursing - Oakland University What happened to the normal days when people just left the dog outside in the yard?
  3. Laboratorian

    How many Hours per Week do you work

    60. 40 scheduled and I always end up staying way over.
  4. Laboratorian

    RNs being drafted during World War 3

    How do you feel about RNs being drafted during the next world war?
  5. Laboratorian

    Burned out from floor nursing, need advice, please..

    Rehab nursing?
  6. Laboratorian

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    recieved a specimen for a fungus culture and when i checked the source it said skin scrapings. they were little black and white pieces and when i held it up to the light i saw that it was full of little worms moving and jumping! i liked to have died it scared the hell out of me. took it to parasitology and when we put one of the little worms on the microscope it had little hairs growing out of it's body! turns out it was not a cup of worms but a cup of larve (they were babies!!!). and the source was correct. it had to be forwarded to another lab because we don't do arthropod ids. #bodyliceftw
  7. Laboratorian

    Spanish for nurses

    Option A: Enroll in Spanish 101 at a local community college. Option B: Rosetta Stone And buy this book: http://www.amazon.com/Spanish-Health-Professionals-Wiliam-Harvey/dp/0764111388
  8. Laboratorian

    Need help..don't know if i should continue nursing

    Welcome to the lab. :)
  9. Laboratorian

    Night shift, CNAs and homework

    When I worked 3rd shift at the hospital it was no problem. We had PLENTY of down time. At the time I was working as a phlebotomist and begged for extra training to do something to keep me busy but they felt that a phlebotomist couldn't do anything but draw blood. As long as I was not sleep (which I was many nights) they had no problem with it. I posted myself up against the phone, drop off window and order entry system so if anything was needed I was right there to get it done. Now in the reference lab enviroment that is not possible. There is always something to do. I do utilize the printers though...... I curious to know....are you 100% that there is NOTHING for them to do? Is every last resident sleep? Nobody needs changing? All resident rooms are sparkly clean? All shelves fully stocked? I would be concerned about labor hours.
  10. Laboratorian

    Dislike working in the lab!

    this is either a joke or you are huffing to much xylene (labrat humor, haha :) ) . how can you possibly compare the petty drama of the lab enviroment to the serious mental & physical stress of working as a rn?
  11. Laboratorian

    Nurses as primary breadwinners?

    I see no problem with this. A family is a team effort. If I'm clocking 60+ hours a week winning the bread my husband better be baking it, cleaning the oven after cooking it, and feeding it to the kids while I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax.
  12. Laboratorian

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    Hmmmm, I never thought of how an extreme bacterial infection could affect viability. How big are clap cells? That would be funny if the sperm got confused and started digging in a clap cell.
  13. Laboratorian

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    I saw green sperm today. And it was very thick...and very green. It was green sperm. :uhoh21:
  14. Laboratorian

    what percentage of your job involves poop?

    At least I don't smell it when its warm.
  15. Error that killed a baby. https://allnurses.com/nursing-news/babys-death-spotlights-584283.html And what happen in my city a few months back: pharmacy tech decided to skip autoclaving all together and contaminated TPN with serratia marcescens, killing 19. I've never taken a pharmacy tech course. I do know that some pharmacy's will hire people with no formal education and provide on the job training. I also know that you are not required to obtain a pharmacy tech degree/diploma/certificate to take the certification exam; as long as you have a highschool diploma and pay the fee you can take the test. Until the serratia outbreak I though the only thing pharm. techs did was deliver meds.

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