What to do after a rough shift?

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    What do you do after a rough shift? Have fun with the girls? Eat chocolate? Or, do you just go straight to bed?

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    After a rough shift, I **** and gripe and SWEAR that I will never set foot into the hospital again. Then I go home, shower, and start ironing my uniform for the next shift....been my routine for nearly 30 years!! What's the definition of insanity again?
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    After a really bad shift, which have been more frequent due to staffing shortages, I drive the long way home. Sometimes that helps clear out my head.
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    wine. 11% pink moscato, to be exact!
    (duh only if i have the next day off )
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    I take a bath, watch tv and eat some junk. Chips, chocolate, fries...whatever I want.
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    Yep, I usually call someone who understands to vent. Then I go camp out on my couch with some food and Hulu. In the future I think I am going to go get a foot massage at the mall...the past week I was on my feet for the majority of each shift, and formulated a plan
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    After liver rounds with my co-workers....a nice long HOT bath in my whirlpool tub with scented candles and a BIG glass of wine
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    Or a nice big glass of wine. Or going out with my coworkers in the AM for some kegs n' eggs or breakfast tacos and margaritas.
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    Breakfast with a friend who also just finished working a night shift helps sometimes. As does getting breakfast on the way home and taking a nice, long bath before going to bed. I still swear after every bad shift that I'm going to look for a new job, but so far I haven't applied for one yet...
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    The minute I am in my car and away from the facility, I scream and swear at the top of my lungs. I tell everyone off who upset me. I call them all horrible names and tell them what I would like to do to them if I ever caught them alone.

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