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  1. daisy-mae

    Mistakes Are Inevitable: No One Is Perfect.

    Thank you Ruby.
  2. I can relate to OP rant. A call had came into to my office about doing an injection in our office that another MD ordered, but mom doesn't want to drive to that docs office for the injection. I tell her that I need to talk to our NM, and will get back to her. Then this woman starts yelling at me that's she's a MD and it's only an IM injection, and it's so easy to do. Ummmm, if it's that easy why don't you just do it yourself doc?
  3. daisy-mae

    Things you'd like to say to....

  4. daisy-mae

    Student Nurse "Help me!" Threads

    I believe what the OP is saying that if you ask for advise and/or help, the polite thing to do is thank the people that have years of experience helping you. Don't be rude, and please don't get snotty with them. Learn some respect. I may have not written an individual thank you to each person that has answered my questions, but at least I acknowledge them. So thank you ladies and gents for all your help, and all your hard work.
  5. I would start with CNA first. The training is shorter, and will give you a basic knowledge before you decide if you want to do MA. If you decide to do MA, my advise would to look into a CC first before you look at some of those "for profit" schools. I don't know what all CC's offer, but you can end up with an Associates degree which in some place gets you higher pay, and better opportunities. Goods luck!
  6. daisy-mae

    Firing employees who refuses to come into work.

    I remember those phones. No caller ID back then.
  7. daisy-mae

    Fired for posting on face book

    I'm not sure why some people post bad things about the company they work for on FB. If you need to vent about it, maybe they need to vent to a friend, not on the internet. It looks like not much common sense was used at all. My co-workers are my "friends" on FB, and not only is nothing negative ever said, but we all try to support each other in very day life. That's why I keep my posts short and quiet.
  8. daisy-mae

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I know a few names that stick out.....jäger....because that's how he was conceived, and harshit......an Indian name. A few wired spelling to normal names, but why people make up names is beyond me.
  9. daisy-mae

    What to do after a rough shift?

    After a really bad shift, which have been more frequent due to staffing shortages, I drive the long way home. Sometimes that helps clear out my head.
  10. daisy-mae

    Culturally insensitive patients

    I was born in the suburbs of Chicago, but apparently I have an accent, so I've been told. My favorite response to the where do I come from question....... Earth. Keep your head up and have a great weekend. :)
  11. Most prerequisites may transfer depending on class compatibility, but any core classes will not transfer. Talk to your dean to see if they can help you, or put you in the right direction.
  12. daisy-mae

    I got it!!!!

    You can go with a generic answer such as you are accepting a position that complements your expertise and is an opportunity that can't be passed up. Congrats on the new job and good luck!