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smartypantsnurse has 1 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Peds PDN, Med-surg.

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  1. smartypantsnurse

    Please stop! Little things that are just bad practice.

    I've never seen anyone do this but EW.
  2. smartypantsnurse

    It drives me nuts when....

    Hmm... I can think of so many things lol. Here are a few: When parents call (family provides a cell phone to keep in touch w/ the nurses) 10 min before the shift ends to get a "mini" report on the patient while I'm trying to change pt's diaper/clean up/finish charting. This is especially frustrating considering they already make us fill out a sheet basically stating how the shift went. If there's a problem I'll call you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When supplies get put in ten thousand different places and you can't find what you're looking for. Nurses who think they're God's gift to the nursing profession and make sure you're aware of it. Nurses who write passive aggressive notes to each other and gossip about one another to the agency and family. Families who gossip about nurses to other nurses. Families who change the way they want certain things done five million times (and I'm talking petty things like how to organize the kid's backpack).
  3. smartypantsnurse

    Would you want your child to become a Nurse???

    Uh, no. Please no.
  4. smartypantsnurse

    Night Shift PDNs....

    I am working a case like that also and it's the worst! I feel for ya. I've only been there a month and I dread going for my one shift a week. I bring my own little light, books, magazines, I plan my meals for the week and use my iphone (although I use my own data since mom doesn't want us using her wifi either). By about 0200 I'm about to go crazy with boredom. I'm debating whether or not to ask for another case. I hope it gets easier for you!
  5. smartypantsnurse

    Roaches ON the patient

    You go girl! I'm sure that poor baby is thankful he had you as his nurse that day.
  6. smartypantsnurse

    Why can't I do everything a RN does as a LPN? We should be equal.

    Oh boy... OP if the pay difference bothers you that much, go back to school for your RN. It will be a breeze since you have all that experience and what not.
  7. smartypantsnurse

    Does Night Shift get easier?

    Do you take anything to help you sleep in the morning? You can look through some of the forums here and see all the different tips people use to help them sleep. I used to do full time nights in PDN for about 6 months and no, it never got easier. I found that it was just pure torture to be in a quiet, dark house bored out of my mind yet not be able to fall asleep. It sounds like your case keeps you busy at least! Now I work in a hospital on nights as well but I'm so exhausted after 13 hours that I just pass out no problem lol. Another thing that probably isn't helping you is working both day and night shifts in a week. Just a thought.
  8. smartypantsnurse

    Nursing and waitressing/food service industry

    @ hey_suz LOL that made me laugh. Ahhh the joys of being a nurse.
  9. smartypantsnurse

    Nursing and waitressing/food service industry

    I don't know what I'm doing right now....
  10. smartypantsnurse

    Being an LPN

    lol you are not too old! I went to school with a 42 year old mother of FIVE and she graduated and passed the NCLEX. She always told me if she can do it anyone can haha. But my first job as an LPN was in Peds Home Health so you could look into that if you want to get Peds experience. Most of the cases at my agency are with kids that have G-tubes/trachs/vents. Now I do Peds Home Health one day a week and I work at a hospital 3 days a week in their Acute Care/ICU. I love being an LPN!
  11. smartypantsnurse

    Roaches ON the patient

    Poor little guy Keep us posted as to what happened!
  12. smartypantsnurse

    Online Support Groups = Trash on Nurses

    LOL Love the job posting! This is one of the many reasons I am getting away from this type of work. I'm not even a year in and I can't take it anymore. I don't know how you ladies and gents do it. Kudos to you!
  13. smartypantsnurse

    Worst interview ever

    Lol I've felt that way about some jobs but I would never say it in an interview! Worst interview I've ever had was at a nursing home when I was a new grad. The DON genuinely looked like she hated her job . And I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes when I said I went into nursing to help people. My responses have gotten a little better ha ha.
  14. smartypantsnurse

    Requesting a duplicate license?

    Does anyone know how much it costs to request a duplicate PN license? I emailed the BON and they sent me an email containing the form to fill out but didn't mention anything about a fee, but my gut tells me there is a fee lol. Any ideas? Also, I'm in Colorado if that makes a difference. Thanks
  15. This mom sounds psycho :nailbiting:and the situation will never change. I get that parents have bad days like everyone else but that doesn't give them or anyone for that matter the right to treat people like this. I hope you find something better soon. Sending good luck your way!
  16. I recently received a job offer at a local hospital for a PRN position (YAY!) and they want me to start right away. Currently, I'm working 36-52 hours in PDN every week. I want to cut back to one or two shifts a week, how much notice should I give? We mail in our next months schedule by the 10th so they already have my Feb availability. Should I wait and work all of January and all of February? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!