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SNB1014 has 8 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. SNB1014

    I Need Help

    What are you referring to when you say “contracts of this kind”? How do you anticipate this dx changing how contracts are stipulated? TPAPN has recently *tried* pretty hard to move in the direction of the medical model of SUD treatment and adjusting testing frequency/ contract stipulations based upon the severity of your SUD. Compared to the previous cookie cutter, sanctimonious contracts given out only a couple years ago- this is a great improvement. Ironically, my saga started in 2015. I had an admin violation that restarted my contract- not a relapse. I am now pregnant. I am as sober as sober can be. For years. I now have to go get a SUD assessment by a psychiatrist/psychologist/LCDC where I would not meet a single criteria for SUD...for a few years now. No cravings for substances, no medications required etc. however, I STILL will be placed into some SUD track and be required to attend AA/NA (which are very triggering to my mental health due to the black and white thinking), drug and booze testing...and for what?!?! You can get a DUI and not be an alcoholic. You can be an alcoholic and drink at home until you black out and pass out. What about occupations that aren’t traditionally considered “safety sensitive”??? I don’t want an actively altered accountant advising me on retirement or electrician on day 3 of an uppers binge working in my newborns nursery. sorry, it was a rant. It’s just all BS. I understand the rationale behind keeping close eyes on HCP with known SUD, but HIPAA shouldn’t be thrown out the window bc of my license. That is just a great way for me to lie straight to an assessors face, not feel guilty and give the “right” answers out of fear and shame.
  2. SNB1014


    First and foremost, if your user name is the same as your legal first and last name- you need to change the user name immediately. Secondly, people forget that TPAPN is equally applicable to nurses who solely struggle with their mental health, not just dual dx substance abuse. For an employer to both terminate you and refer you to TPAPN (not directly to the BON), tells me there were likely patient/visitor/colleagues who complained and voiced their concerns about your emotional stability and mistakes that were made. At bare minimum you acted unprofessionally when you had outbursts; in reality, the therapeutic relationship between patient and nurse was likely severed. Your post was hard to read and follow. I read it as something that was written in a near manic/ likely hypomanic state. How are you doing now?
  3. SNB1014

    License Suspension

    I never knew SSDI was an option! Thank you so much for clearing this up. I’m in Texas and will be looking into this
  4. SNB1014

    Drinking at work? Anyone with prior experience?

    Hmm, my biggest question I think is we’re you caught/ witnessed by an employee or person in charge? If not, I would consider yourself very lucky (the house always wins, remember that....if you aren’t caught this time, just give it a bit and it will happen). If your employer isn’t requiring you to self report to your state’s monitoring program/fire you/ report you to the BON, then I suggest you NEVER even have the option to drink alcohol at work. On break, whatever . Zero. No. Keep up with your recovery program and God Bless
  5. SNB1014

    Headaches, TPAPN.

    For what it's worth, I took topamax During recovery from my eating disorder and coincidentally had no headaches. I actually was placed back on it for a couple months because I was getting migraines super bad. They were also related to stress. It helped immensely. Topamax can make your brain foggy for some. (Mine did the second time around)...and will often reduce your appetite/ pleasure in eating. ( I was on a highly monitored dose bc I was anorexic with VERY frequent binge and purge episodes that essentially fed into each other. This is a daily Med and is not a controlled substance. Best of luck!
  6. SNB1014

    Help! What's next?

    Why did they ask you to give a UDS? Was it for cause (suspicion of being altered, abnormal narc pulling or narcs don't add up, etc)? Or does your facility perform totally random checks? It was a poor choice to refuse. Period. Your next best bet is to get a hair screen (yes, it will be a bit pricey). However, paying $60 a pop for 2-4 (or more) UDS/ month for 3-5 years will cost much more. If you drink, don't worry about it. If you've been smoking weed or more, it will show up. This is your very bet bet to show you haven't been using on the side on your own time or diverting from your facility.
  7. Hmm.... well I speak from personal experience. I was reported to the BON for suspicion of misappropriating RXs (they were right) but shockingly did not have a + UDS. ( I think I hadn't fully metabolized it. Had they of done a blood test, I would've been screwed). I was told they would report me, and they did. I got a letter shortly thereafter from my BON indeed stating there would be an investigation. Well, I was in denial and thought that a new place, fresh start, etc would kick my booty into acting right and scare me to do t again. i got a job at our competitor's hospital nearly immediately. Naturally I did not say anything. I worked there and immediately after orientation I fell back into my behavior and got busted. they reported me. I finally had enough sense to get help, go to meetings bc I knew they would be required and began documenting them. ( For me, attendance at meetings didn't help much at all, with the exception of a single womens' meeting that I still attend. Therapy has helped me 100x more than meetings ever had. Some people feel the opposite, but you'll have to go anyways). imy investigation was still on going. I waited about 6months and then got a job, which I've been at for approx a year and am doing very well. No diversion. After LITERALLY 2yrs since my investigation began, I have finally gotten my letter for our state confidential recovery program. My my point is, NO you do not have to disclose. In fact, I firmly advise you don't say anything until it is finalized. Innocent until proven guilty and hopefully by then, you will have proven yourself as a worthwhile employee and your work will cooperate with you. THAT SAID- learn from me!!!! Do NOT begin working until you have had treatment. It will backfire beyond belief if you are not in a healthy place with support from your family, friends, treatment team and /or sponsor. you could hurt someone and hurt your ability to ever work as a nurse for a very, very long time. edit- I should mention hat I am not in your state and had not yet had any action by BON. If you have stipulations that require you to tell, you basically freaking have to.
  8. SNB1014

    tbon investigation letter

    I am a klutz. The 10% of he time I wear something white, there is a 50% chance I will spill something obvious. I feel you. However, just as if a cop pulled you over- a refusal to blow= automatic DUI + loss of driving privileges for 1 yr. The sole fact remains that if you didn't have anything in your system ( that was there without a valid Rx for your self in an appropriate amt) you should have tested. I'm sorry, it it's the truth. You get no kudos from management or co workers for being self righteous . I would get. Hair test done , at your own expense, asap. I would assume you can't come back to work there until this thing is sorted out as clean. And that's the best case. Otherwise, count your blessings that you have the second job and be prepared for that one to be your primary and act accordingly . Nonetheless, best of luck.
  9. SNB1014

    Tested positive, TPAPN

    At YOUR cost..... which in the end equals how much money exactly???
  10. SNB1014

    Positive ETG

    How the heck is that legal??? In Texas, tpapn, the contract states we have the right to be informed. Unless they claim some BS proprietary info, I would submit an open records request. Or contact a lawyer for a free evaluation and they can point you in the right direction. But make sure it's an exp administrative law attorney or an official nurse-attorney. You can google and find that info for your state
  11. SNB1014

    TPAPN and work

    it should be right here: http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.texasnurses.org/resource/resmgr/TPAPN/2016_TPAPN_Participant_Handb.pdf 6. Nursing Practice 6.A. Nursing positions must be approved by TPAPN Case Manager prior to signing a Work Agreement. Work Agreements are to be signed prior to commencement of nursing practice. 1. Participants must demonstrate a minimum of one year of safe nursing practice, (a minimum of 64 hours per month). 2. TPAPN will continue to monitor nurse's practice for the duration of their participation. 3. Nurse's must inform TPAPN of all nursing employment as well as any employment outside of nursing. (Employment outside of nursing isn't monitored by TPAPN). 6.B. Before TPAPN will approve any employment in nursing, participants must: 1. Submit all required treatment documentation and enrollment forms 2. Register for drug screening and submit negative drug test result and receive chain of custody (COC) forms necessary for drug screening (does not apply to some psychiatric disorder participants) 3. Be engaged in treatment and submit a signed WORK RELEASE FORM from the appropriate treatment provider(s) 4. Notify employer of participation in TPAPN and of any licensure action 5. Provide TPAPN with signed consent for employer 6.C. A nurse who does not return to nursing practice by the expected date of completion will be reported to the TX BON by TPAPN.
  12. SNB1014

    TPAPN & sunset review= good news

    this JUST came out! here is my source: https://www.sunset.texas.gov/public/uploads/files/reports/Texas%20Board%20of%20Nursing%20Staff%20Report_10-7-2016.pdf please see issue #3, pages 25-30. Seems as though this sunset review people have been doing some good old fashioned listening and research.
  13. SNB1014

    Where should I buy my interview clothes?

    I know my response is late but: Express!!! tried and true. a little bit of money but nothing in comparison to the overall investment in your career.
  14. SNB1014

    Confessions of a Job hopper

    although this may seem obvious, have u considered being part of a facility's "flex/float pool"team? if u have enough certifications, acls, pals, nrp, chemo, sedation protocols, you could have some varied and interesting shifts. or you could work agency and maybe go to a different place everyday or 3 month stints in certain units, etc. have u considered this?
  15. SNB1014

    Opinion of nurses

    I have to say the majority of our docs and critical care NP s are good about the distinction that "DNR" does not mean " do not treat". thank God.
  16. SNB1014

    Opinion of nurses

    also the difference between DNR vs comfort care. and how does the family define " life support" exactly? dialysis, peg tube feedings, vent support, ecmo, lvads etc.... when does it cross the line? its not just jumping up and down on someone's chest.