Wake Up! It's your day off. Wake Up! It's your day off. | allnurses

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Wake Up! It's your day off.

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  2. 5 Tired. Just tired. Are you getting enough sleep? Many are not. Look around you: the coworker who just walked into the door she's not getting enough sleep. I don't care how many cups of coffee she drinks - she needs sleep. Do you know of anyone who needs sleep? Please share your stories ... I'm sure we will LOL.
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    I picked up a noc shift on Tuesday. I woke up this AM thinking today was Wednesday. And I am working tonight. I need more sleep.
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    I sleep with my cell phone on the bed - this way anytime I wake up I can look at the phone and know instantly what day/time it is. And, I have the clock set for military time so I don't have to puzzle out "day or night?".
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    I recently changed to a day shift after working nights for years and while I have never sleep walked to get ready for work [that I know of!] I do keep all my clocks on military time or I am still sometimes guessing if its day or night.