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  1. Recently at my work (medical ward) we've been experiencing many complex patients, post covid patients seem to be extremely complex, more frail, and youngish cancer patients with multiple metastases. Plus opening visiting back up to very anxious and m...
  2. Feel like I did something wrong

    I work on an elderly care medical ward. My patient was fine in the morning, admitted with AKI and deranged electrolytes. Then after lunch he projectile vomited and desaturated, needing 2L of o2. I was very worried he had aspirated, req...
  3. I work on a medical ward, we are the covid ward so are currently taking a mixture of patients. My hospital has decided to close the covid surgical ward so now we are taking a lot of surgical patients. I came on night shift to a newly admit...
  4. Ageism in Nursing?

    There's 2 retirement age nurses on my ward and they are both excellent and have great intuition about what patient's need. One of them struggles a bit with the computer but there is always someone around to help. I always have a better shift taking h...
  5. Wake Up! It's Your Day Off.

    When I first started my training and the 12 hour shifts were a shock to the system I woke up kneeling on the floor face down on my bed, panicked, ran into the kitchen I shared with housemates I'd known one week and shouted at them 'has anyone fed tha...
  6. Do you ever feel bad or 'spoiled' on your off days? I've worked a lot of extra shifts last 3 weeks and now have 3 days in a row off. I've been looking forward to it so much but now feel like I can't enjoy it or that I don't work enough. Do you ever f...