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  1. Thanks for both of these comments
  2. autumn_blue

    Anyone work at Baystate?

    Hey, that's great to know! I won't be graduating until August/certified in September. Do you happen to know if they will be doing another round in the Summer? Also, how did you decide on your unit choices? Please feel free to PM.
  3. autumn_blue

    Anyone work at Baystate?

    I have found a couple threads talking about Baystate in Springfield MA but they're more than 10 years old. Does anyone work at Baystate now who could tell me the stuff the recruiters may not, like which medsurg units are the most functional and best landing for a new grad RN? I am interested in applying there, but I'm not in the area yet so I don't have the kind of informal connections that could help me figure it out. (PS if I'm mistaken and I could actually ask a recruiter about this, I'd really appreciate some tips on what exactly to ask and how to word the question to be polite!)
  4. Hi, I'm looking at a couple of hospitals because I will probably relocate for my first job, and I'm a Nurse Corps scholar so I don't have a ton of choices. I would love to do a nurse residency because there is one anyway in each of the cities I'm looking at and it sounds like the best way to start. Right now I'm considering Ellis Hospital in Schenectady NY, Baystate in Springfield MA and Yale New Haven in New Haven CT. I know a bit about Yale already, but does anyone have experience with either of the other two?
  5. autumn_blue

    Everyone is white?

    Wow, there's so much to unpack in this thread but I just wanted to pop in to say that being the only black person somewhere and being the only white person somewhere are NOT the same thing. (I'm white, btw.) It might feel uncomfortable to be the only white person for various reasons, but the history of racism and all the structures built and maintained to support racism just don't affect white people the same way they affect black people. I won't go into the more traumatic, graphic illustrations of that history because the black people reading this thread don't need to encounter that casually, but don't forget about the 750,000 white people who fought AGAINST freeing the slaves. Where in this nation's history did 750,000 black people all get together and decide whites deserved to be treated worse than cattle, and then fight and die for that? Hmm? And it's not just history. Generations of discrimination are alive and well today. It's just different. Don't conflate the two.
  6. autumn_blue

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    I try not to check this thread too often but I do every once in a while and it's good to know we're all in the same anxious, rickety boat! I wish they'd hurry up, but thanks for posting, everyone!
  7. autumn_blue

    ABSN programs: does selectivity matter later?

    Ok, that's valuable info, thanks! I'm glad it's not like a first BA that way, although I do wish there were some kind of guide to culture, etc. like there is for BA-offering institutions. And a comprehensive, apples-to-apples cost guide would be amazing ...
  8. Hi, sorry if this has been discussed before; a search didn't come up with anything. I just got interested in nursing and my primary consideration about my ABSN has of course been cost. I'm also wondering -- does selectivity matter, or is it all about the credential? Does networking effectiveness vary from school to school? Although of course I'm concerned about how I'll do on the NCLEX, I personally feel like that'll have less to do with school selectivity and more to do with the resources I devote to learning and studying, so I'm mostly asking about how the school name will look on my resume. Thoughts?

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