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Addictions, psych, and corrections
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angeloublue22 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions, psych, and corrections.

I worked as a LPN for 6 years in ICU psych, Addictions, and Corrections. I decided to go back to school and got my ASN RN. I have now been working as a RN for a little over 3 years in both a large 650 bed county jail and a 9 bed medical detox. I love psych and addictions and I love to learn new things about them. I have just recently achieved my BSN RN and I couldn't be happier.

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    Being investigated for a patient the nurse didn't even treat

    Yes, they tried to include another nurse who had very limited interaction with the patient as well, but they eventually dropped the investigation because the client and family stopped communicating with them which is very common in addictions.
  2. angeloublue22

    Hope after License Revocation...

    That's a great, inspiring story. I'm an addictions nurse and I've helped multiple nurses get sober, most were homeless or close to it and some of these nurses were very highly trained. Addiction can happen to anyone and anyone can get out of it and succeed; although it is a serious uphill battle, in the snow, naked, with people throwing crap at you, and a monster (addiction) chasing you. Thanks for your story and inspiration.
  3. angeloublue22

    Please Help! Nclex results on hold

    This happened to me a few years ago. It sure makes people freak out. I know I did.
  4. angeloublue22

    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    I work in mental health and addictions. Lots and lots of hiking and camping is what gets me through rain, snow, or sun. Nature therapy is the best!
  5. angeloublue22

    Playing Cards

    I work at a critical access facility and there is not relief if we take breaks because there is only 1 nurse per shift with 1 support staff for 9 medical detox clients. By law, in order to take a break a person that is the same licensure or better must relieve you so we can't take a break. But! We get paid for our breaks and are we fine with it. Even with only 9 pts though we are still running around. They should either be able to take their breaks or get paid if they can't. And no, we definitely don't play cards unless it's helpful for the pt to distract them therapeutically.
  6. angeloublue22

    Does Hospital Leadership and Policy Promote Working When Sick?

    I've had to work all my shifts including admitting pts while I was running a 102 fever and vomiting with the flu because there was no one to cover. I had to keep interrupting my assessments and meds to run to the bathroom. The pts felt so bad for me. I never get to call in sick. Good thing we have masks. We work in a small facility and it's either you come to work or they have to close down the facility. After 4 years we finally have on-call staff but they seem to never be able to cover me. I work night weekends. It's crazy and dangerous for the pts as well.
  7. angeloublue22

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I do it for the money. I also care about my patients but yeah mostly for the money.
  8. angeloublue22

    Case Study: Magic Mushrooms as Medicine? Mind-Body Connection Pt. 3

    I'll say it since no one else did. Thank you for the information because you are just trying to educate, so I'm not sure what all the negativity is about. I've also had some interest in this field. I'm a mental health/addictions nurse and there is definitely some promising information coming from this alternative approach. Hopefully, we can get more research going and possibly give another avenue for wellness for a our clients.
  9. angeloublue22

    Being investigated for a patient the nurse didn't even treat

    I'll let you all know what the outcome is when we get it.
  10. angeloublue22

    Being investigated for a patient the nurse didn't even treat

    Thank you for all your feedback. They stated that they will let her know in a month what the results of the investigation are.
  11. This is such a weird situation and I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this before. I can't give a ton of information for privacy sake. I work in a chemical dependency unit. We had a patient who was extremely rude and ended up leaving through a window to buy cigarettes, not mention many other concerning behaviors. We gave him his belongings when we found him on the street and he stated he didn't want to come back. Anyway, his family is very codependent and stated that we gave him pneumonia somehow and they wanted to start an investigation of one of the nurses. the nurse she chose to start an investigation on was the nurse she talked to on the phone the next day who didn't even meet the patient. We all thought, because most of us have been told by irate patients that they will come after use, that it would go no where. Our internal company investigated and found no fault. The nursing board got involved and after they gathered all the information called the nurse and stated that they knew the nurse had nothing to do with the patient but decided to move on with the investigation away? Really? This has taken time from this nurse and stressed her out to no end but they are still going to continue with an investigation? I've never heard of this. I'm trying to tell her to keep her head up and hopefully is will work out but I'm so flabbergasted that they are even pursuing this, I don't know what to say. I did tell her to get a lawyer.
  12. As someone who was suffered many years of sexual and physical abuse by multiple males for my entire childhood, starting from age 4-12 year, it can be a very complicated issue. It took a very long time for me to trust males again. I refused to see male doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. I still have to push down emotions sometimes. Also, I used to suffer very real PTSD flashbacks when a male touched me, including when I was with my wonderful husband. Now, I'm not as bothered because I've done a lot of work to be okay, but that's just me. For others that haven't gotten there yet or may never, you have to think of trauma informed care. There's no need to add extra stress to an already stressful situation for patients. I know it's still difficult but we do have to see it from their point of view.
  13. angeloublue22

    vivitrol injection

    Try drawing it up with a filter needle.
  14. angeloublue22

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Nurse Ronald was a on desperate search for coffee. In his overworked haze, he was hoping someone may have dropped some by mistake.
  15. angeloublue22

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    Wow, thank you for all your replies. Just a few clarifying details. No, I was not offended in the least. I specialize in psych/addictions, so my skin is tough as nails. I just thought it was a an interesting topic to discuss. Yes, doctors have more education and expertise, which I fully recognize, but I don't want the hierarchy to get in the way of patient care. Also, she was questioning nurses being in charge at all as they should be at the bedside. That included nurse supervisors, charge nurses, case managers, and NPs. No nurses were in charge of the care she was delivering. The nurse she was referring to just questioned one of her orders because it wasn't an appropriate dose, so the nurse was doing what any of us would do, even if we didn't have a charge position. When we work as a team with mutual respect for skills and education, it can bring positive changes to patients and each other. That is that point I was trying to make with her, not that nurses should be in charge of everything.
  16. I worked with a very old school doctor. She has held on to old school ways of looking at healthcare. For instance, doctors are in charge of nurses. I love speaking with her because she gives a lot of insight into how healthcare has changed. The only thing is she not willing to change with it. The other day she got angry after speaking about focusing on team care and not so much hierarchy, which is encouraged and used by everyone else in the facility. I'm the lead nurse in small satellite facility and at the main office there is a supervisor case manager RN that she must work with. After we both got promoted and she was approached by the case manager RN to see a client about a med issue, she started to complain to me. She stated... I again brought up the team approach and informed her that we see the clients more and can recognize their needs faster and more accurately, so of course we should have a major influence in decision making. She of course argued back and I let it go because I wasn't going to change her mind. I was flabbergasted that she said any of this. After she kept complaining to every nurse and not listening to our recommendations, which was effecting patient care, she was asked by the other providers (team players) to not return to our facility and they would work extra to cover her shifts. This was a rant but also a heck yeah for our awesome providers. Has anyone else had this issue with providers?