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angeloublue22 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions, psych, and corrections.

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  1. Recs for board games for mental health unit

    Not a board game but Pictionary is always a huge hit on my unit. Yahtzee, Uno, Skip-boa are also good. Just try to pic a game with limited pieces because they will get lost or used to harm themselves. That's why card games are good.
  2. CDC update on masks

    I work in an inpatient psych hospital and they have now stopped requiring masks. Only visitors wear them and we wear them if we are working with pts with symptoms or COVID positive pts.
  3. How much I pick up affects my yearly evaluation?

    You are not responsible for their short staffing. No you don't have to pitch in and help by picking up extra shifts. You already help out by coming in to your scheduled shifts. But, yeah, they can do whatever they want on your eval. Please, don't the...
  4. License Investigation

    I think the replies sounded snarky because it sounds so ridiculous and outlandish that this would even be a thing! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I had no idea this COULD even happen. Yes, get a lawyer. You can get one through NSO ASAP, if yo...
  5. How many preceptors did you have?

    I've worked at several hospitals and every one I never had the same one twice. I know it's frustrating.
  6. Shift change -> revokement; no esteem left

    Just tell them that that schedule doesn't fit your schedule. Nurses are a hot commodity, especially in LTC. Most likely, they hired someone else who wants days and they are giving you this spiel to make you feel like you did something wrong. Their ar...
  7. Daily Rant Thread

    I'm snarky today. My work said they had exciting news! What is it? We have T-shirts! They passed around the sizing sheet and I wrote, "I don't want a t-shirt, I'd rather have a bonus." Hope I don't get fired. Oh wait, we have no staff. Lolololol!
  8. Switched to LVN from the Business World and am UNDERWHELMED!

    Unfortunately, a lot of this is typical of nursing school either with LPN or RN. I've done both and unless you're lucky it doesn't really change when you become a nurse. That is why so many people are quitting. We are asked to work in these condition...
  9. Please don't give the purple disinfecting wipes to patients to help with a yeast infection or hemorrhoids. You know the ones that have a big red danger circle on them. Yeah, those... This was after a patient reported severe stinging and asked for MO...
  10. Wisconsin Hospital Sues To Keep Employees

    They gave them a chance to match the offer but they refused. How much money did they plan on spending on the frivolous lawsuit if it went forward? Definitely more money than the employees asked for. In what other profession would this ever be a thing...
  11. Day one and I feel like a bad nurse

    You do realize that you aren't the only one responsible for the patient? The doc didn't order it. Should you have recommended it? Sure, but guess what, after this you'll suggest it next time. Every mistake is a learning opportunity. I never had the a...
  12. I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    Ditto on so much of this. I'm one of those nurses that doesn't take crap from them. I actually told one EMT when they were giving me a bad time about sending a pt (ended up critical potassium landing in ICU) "Hey, do you want me to throw blood everyw...
  13. I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    Thank you everyone for your support. I took your advice and I'm going through our administration to file a report. I used my friend to get the EMTs names only. For me, therapy is talking about it a lot and I did that and no more anxiety or nightmares...
  14. I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    What’s nice is that the medical field is small. Someone always know someone. One of RNs I work with actually is friends with a person in the county EMTs crew and is going to help me pursue this.
  15. I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    I had an event happen last night that completely disturbed me and I haven’t slept because of it. I’m using this forum to unload and possibly help. I work a psych hospital as an admissions coordinator. I obviously can’t give a ton of details. We accep...