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angeloublue22 has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions, psych, and corrections.

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  1. angeloublue22

    I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    Ditto on so much of this. I'm one of those nurses that doesn't take crap from them. I actually told one EMT when they were giving me a bad time about sending a pt (ended up critical potassium landing in ICU) "Hey, do you want me to throw blood everyw...
  2. angeloublue22

    I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    Thank you everyone for your support. I took your advice and I'm going through our administration to file a report. I used my friend to get the EMTs names only. For me, therapy is talking about it a lot and I did that and no more anxiety or nightmares...
  3. angeloublue22

    I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    What’s nice is that the medical field is small. Someone always know someone. One of RNs I work with actually is friends with a person in the county EMTs crew and is going to help me pursue this.
  4. angeloublue22

    I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    I had an event happen last night that completely disturbed me and I haven’t slept because of it. I’m using this forum to unload and possibly help. I work a psych hospital as an admissions coordinator. I obviously can’t give a ton of details. We accep...
  5. I'm in psych and while I don't deal much with the medical aspect of COVID, I deal with mental aftermath of death and overall mental strain of both healthcare workers and the general public and it's exhausting. I've taken to just not hanging out with ...
  6. angeloublue22

    New Nurse Struggling With Doctor Calls

    I was like this as well but I learned fast that they are people too and we are a team for the patient. It is perfectly acceptable to tell them what you are thinking is going on and your rational. After 12 yrs xp, I talk to them like coworkers and we ...
  7. angeloublue22

    Top Manhattan Hospital ER Physician Commits Suicide

    I work in a psych hospital and we are seeing more healthcare workers as pts than I have ever seen in my 10 year experience. They are coming with suicide attempts or thoughts and even complete psychotic breaks. It's really sad to see. My own friend wo...
  8. angeloublue22

    Hope after License Revocation...

    That's a great, inspiring story. I'm an addictions nurse and I've helped multiple nurses get sober, most were homeless or close to it and some of these nurses were very highly trained. Addiction can happen to anyone and anyone can get out of it and s...
  9. angeloublue22

    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    I work in mental health and addictions. Lots and lots of hiking and camping is what gets me through rain, snow, or sun. Nature therapy is the best!
  10. angeloublue22

    Playing Cards

    I work at a critical access facility and there is not relief if we take breaks because there is only 1 nurse per shift with 1 support staff for 9 medical detox clients. By law, in order to take a break a person that is the same licensure or better mu...
  11. angeloublue22

    Does Hospital Leadership and Policy Promote Working When Sick?

    I've had to work all my shifts including admitting pts while I was running a 102 fever and vomiting with the flu because there was no one to cover. I had to keep interrupting my assessments and meds to run to the bathroom. The pts felt so bad for me....
  12. angeloublue22

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I do it for the money. I also care about my patients but yeah mostly for the money.
  13. As someone who was suffered many years of sexual and physical abuse by multiple males for my entire childhood, starting from age 4-12 year, it can be a very complicated issue. It took a very long time for me to trust males again. I refused to see ma...
  14. angeloublue22

    vivitrol injection

    Try drawing it up with a filter needle.
  15. angeloublue22

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Nurse Ronald was a on desperate search for coffee. In his overworked haze, he was hoping someone may have dropped some by mistake.