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  1. 15 What was the wackiest scrub design you have ever seen? Do you prefer solid colors or design?

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    One of the times my DH was in the hospital, a CNA had camo-print with open mouthed rattlesnakes on it. My daughter had a panic attack, and we had to ask the director o have him given another CNA or have the man change his shirt.

    He did with apologies. He had been an Army Ranger and was in a new career path and just grabbed what he thought was plain camo.

    Still..........for the snake-o-phobe in my family......he should have gotten dressed in more light.He apologised every day for the entire hospital stay.
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    probably cheap red wine and chili dog leftovers...
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    I prefer a design for my scrub top. I have 2 that get extra remarks...a brown one with butterflies and a white one with a small, busy design of black petals and little red flowers. For some reason, the Alzheimers patients just LOVE that white one. That's the only reason I wear it, for me... it's just okay. Maybe the design makes their brain whir a little faster, but they give me the most compliments on that one.

    When I go in as a patient, I like the more interesting designs. It opens up opportunities for conversation. Like when pts ask about the brown scrub? I tell them it's from Walmart and they smile and say "Well, at least they have SOMETHING that is nice."
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    design by cafeteria food!!! lol
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    I have not had much opportunity to wear scrubs yet - only doing CNA stuff- but I have a feeling I'm going to prefer solids.
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    I do solid pants with a print top---simple and "classic". No cartoon characters for me, but I can totally see that for peds!! I HATE head to toe white, not at all practical IMO and it was what was required of us in nursing school. Head to toe anything is pretty boring, but I know lots of facilities are going down that path.
    I think "well-fitting" scrubs of any design trump ill-fitting scrubs everytime. Shirts riding up, pants sliding down and what is exposed in the middle is not professional in ANY setting...
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    I just hate getting new white scrubs, and realizing how "Off" white the others have become!!!
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    Quote from bostonterrierloverrn
    i just hate getting new white scrubs, and realizing how "off" white the others have become!!!
    the only time i have ever wore white scrubs was during florence nightingale week. and during my clinical, since i didn't like the all white i decided to wear "hot red underwear" which drove my nursing teacher crazy...
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    I have only one amazing scrub top, the rest are solid and generic flowery print types. But this one was hand made by a woman who has an online site that allows you to choose your fabric/print and she sews your scrubs per your specs (longer/shorter, extra pockets, dropped neckline etc) The top is entirely all muted black, white and gray large African lions, cheetas and leopards. Sounds loud but it's not. I only wear it when I do public health flu shot clinics and people are just mesmerized by it, and made my whole clinical set up not seem so scary, especially for the children. I'd love to put the website here for yall to look at if it is allowed.
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    i prefer solid
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    I saw a scrub top that had skulls and crossbones on it. . .I don't think that would be appropriate to wear at all!

    I prefer solid colored scrubs: navy blue, ceil blue, and sometimes white. It makes me look more professional. Once in a blue moon I'll wear a decorative top.
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    I mostly wear solids. I also wear a lot of blue because - in the legal world - people "trust" people wearing blue. I am trust-worthy, regardless of color, but I figure every little bit helps patients/families to be more comfortable.
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