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  1. GracyMae

    To BSN or not to BSN

    I would just go ahead and do the BSN program, if I were you.
  2. GracyMae

    9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    What do you mean it's only her first day?
  3. GracyMae

    So...I definitely just failed Med-Surg :(

    I tend to do that too - I sometimes don't know where to stop, so I just study every little thing - and it ends up taking up too much time from my actual sit-down-and-study-and-absorb-it time. Keep your head up - you'll pass the class the next time around with flying colors!
  4. GracyMae

    So...I definitely just failed Med-Surg :(

    So you are saying that you feel you had plenty of time in 5 weeks to learn everything you were supposed to learn, but that you did not learn anything in med-surg ... or enough to pass the class ... because you were bored?
  5. Be proactive in class - take notes, listen intently, get really interested in the subject matter, ask questions, contribute comments.
  6. GracyMae

    So...I definitely just failed Med-Surg :(

    To me, bottom line is that you just cannot learn - REALLY learn - 16 weeks of material in 5 weeks. I disagree with these kinds of curricula.
  7. GracyMae

    FBI Fingerprinting Background Check

    We did a background check and drug screening for my school's application, but since the FBI fingerprint check is required anyway for everyone in order to get their actual license, then our school did not bother doing it at this point.
  8. GracyMae

    Book you can't live without.

    What is the difference between THIS: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination,5e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn): Linda Anne Silvestri: 9781437708257: Amazon.com: Books and THIS: Amazon.com: Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 5e (Silvestri, Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination) (9781437720228): Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN: Books ??? And, which is better?
  9. GracyMae

    Book you can't live without.

    Davis Drug Guide, Most Definitely! I also still refer back to my A&P notes a lot - especially in my pathophysiology classes!! A&P will never leave you ... even when you start working as a nurse. Several of my nursing professors told me they still refer back to their nursing school A&P notes - even the ones who've been working for 10 years. ALSO, everyone in our school utilizes an app called NURSING CENTRAL. Everything about everything is on Nursing Central - Drugs (and Davis Drug Guide), Diseases and their processes, NCLEX questions, etc. - pretty much everything Nursing! The professors say they use this in their jobs as nurses. We were also encouraged to use it to study for exams. I think it might be expensive, but our school got it for us all for free.
  10. GracyMae

    Advice for a pre nursing student?

    I learned more in my A&P classes (they were 2 semesters long) than I learned in all of my other core classes, combined! Pay very close attention in this class - learn everything you can! Since being in nursing school, I can't tell you how many times I've heard professors say that you MUST have a good A&P foundation - understanding A&P will be the foundation upon which you build everything else! In order to understand the pathophysiological processes of diseases, and the way pharmacological interventions work within the body, you must first understand how the body systems work under normal, healthy conditions. Good Luck! You will be fine!
  11. GracyMae

    Binders for notes?

    I always print my PowerPoints 2 per page, back and front, but it is mainly due to eyesight needs. Plus, I like more room to take notes next to each slide. Last semester, all of my classes filled a 3" binder, each. I used to go in first day with 2" binders for each class, but halfway through the semester, I always had to start a new binder ... so now, I just start out each semester with the largest binder that fits in my bag! It DOES end up taking up a lot of desktop space, though. ... And, now after reading some of these posts, I am thinking of just bringing smaller binders to the actual classes (for the sake of desk top space) and then transferring the materials into the larger binders when I get home. The main problem I can see happening with this method, though, is that many times, I have found myself referring back to previous materials while I'm IN class ... and with this new transfer method, those would be at home.
  12. GracyMae

    Last Free Weekend

    My school starts next week too, but this weekend won't be a "free" one; my free days are over .... already! The Syllabi and Calendars have just been posted and not only is there a ton of stuff that will be due on Day 1, the minute we walk in the door, but quizzes over material, as well ... on the first day. When I'm in school, I'm 110% in - I eat, sleep, and breathe every bit of it, and I am an A student. But when I'm off, I want to be off - Nursing School is SO incredibly stressful that I need to recharge in my off time - not to mention the fact that I need to get done all of the stuff on my List that gets ignored when school is in session because I'm doing nothing else besides school work. I get annoyed that my last week of free time gets hijacked before the semesters even officially begin! I know I will probably be criticized by some of you for saying this (and that's okay), but am I the only one who feels this way??
  13. GracyMae

    Forced to sit out of school for a year

    I am sorry for your situation, Divinely Favored, but always remember to read your school's policies before making decisions like that. At least they are allowing you to come back. If your school required you to get your CNA certificate (as most are doing now) before getting into their program, then use that to do some work and get some experience while you're waiting out the year. Good Luck.
  14. GracyMae

    How do you do a study group?

    I feel the same way
  15. GracyMae

    How do you do a study group?

    I've always been a lone studier (and I always made As). But when I got into nursing school this summer, I thought I might try something different ... since nursing school classes are very different than ANYthing I took in my core (the way the questions are asked and the way you have to study). So, I met a bunch of people at a library one saturday for a study session ... 3 hours later, we had discussed everything EXCEPT the class materials. I was very disappointed, but that is exactly why I never joined them before! I might never go to another study group session again.
  16. GracyMae

    Ebooks in Nursing School?

    Our nursing school 8 semester curriculum came with a bundle of books that we bought that was to last us the entire 2.5 years of nursing school (BSN program). During our first semester, we saw that some of the books were actually e-books. When it came to Pharmacology, none of us ... and I do mean NONE of us ... liked the pharm e-book, so most of us ended up just buying the hardcopy of the book by the end of the first week! I used both. I could use the e-book to do a search for a specific item and see where it was all throughout the book, but I used the hardcopy for actual reading and note-taking. The new hardcopies also come with codes to get the e-books for free, usually.