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Staragate has 5 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in Dialysis.

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  1. Staragate

    RN patient ratio in dialysis

    It's regulated by medicare. Generally: 12 patients per nurse. 4 patients per CCHT(tech) The techs handle most of the hands on stuff. The nurse does in/out assessments, med checks, foot checks, admissions, care plans, trouble shooting, medications, education.
  2. Staragate

    Over-tightened blood line connection and sterile caps

    Wiggle the cap back and forth. Perhaps putting ice around it to get the plastic to shrink a bit. Make sure your gloves are dry.
  3. Staragate

    Bad back... Time for a desk job

    So, I'm an acute HD nurse. I work crazy shifts where 16-18 hour days are common. I have been doing this for 3 years, but I can't keep this up. I had C4/5 spinal fusion and the radiculopathy is already coming back post op. It's worse when I'm fatigued. I don't want to work in the clinic again. I have been a nurse for 5 years now. I've never worked FOR a hospital, but I work IN a hospital as a contractor. So for health reasons, I need a career change. I've always enjoyed education. I'm working on an (ADN)RN-MSN in Clinical Leadership. Tracks I'm looking into are transplant coordinator, doctor's office nurse, case manager. I would love to be a nurse educator, but I don't have that degree yet. I'm wondering about the dramatic change in specialties and if I will even get hired? What do I say about why I want the change, when I don't want to highlight my medical problems? Also, I will lose any FMLA benefits if my condition worsens again with a new job. I will have to start out with a new out-of-pocket total with insurance. So many what-ifs. I would love any advice or assurances.
  4. Staragate

    Be a Nursing Home Nurse or Dialysis Nurse

    I did both. Dialysis is better, hands down. SNF gives you an unreasonable workload, understaffed, under trained and under supplied situation. ...and I worked at one of the better ones! In dialysis, you have the same patients all the time, about a dozen meds to worry about and likely no night shift. I like it a lot better, though it is still very challenging. If you can get a base in hospital experience first, that is best. In this climate, that can be hard for a new grad to get hired in one.
  5. Staragate

    A Tribute to Military Nurses

    Nurse at Normandy
  6. Staragate

    Watch with sweeping second hand

    I got a kid's Timex watch for $20. Analog watches are hard to find and much more common in the kid section. The one I have looks very grown up and fits my small wrist. If the strap is too small, you can buy a new strap.
  7. Staragate

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Arizona ADN. LTC job full time $29.50/hr Quit for low census. home health $36/hr... limited hours. Dialysis. $28/hr. Full time. Only doing this now. It seems the salaries go up if you aren't in a hospital and specialize.
  8. Staragate

    The sight of blood makes me pass out.

    Better not work in dialysis then!!!
  9. Staragate

    What to do after a rough shift?

    Chocolate milkshake.
  10. Staragate

    Nurse Power - Get Out And Vote!

    I made this meme yesterday. Do you really want guys like this to decide for you?
  11. Staragate

    From being a nurse to a flight attendant

    You can work agency and have a constant change of coworkers, therefore avoiding drama. Bank up chunks of time to travel for fun with the kids along.
  12. Staragate

    Thank you to the nurse who made me what I am today!

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love it. My school put masks on the mannequins, but nothing like this!
  13. Staragate

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    I got a callback on the first and so far only RN job application I've put in.... and aced the interview!
  14. Staragate

    Nursing Interview Questions (Part 2)

    Thank you! I have a phone screening (interview) tomorrow. I'm writing down a interview "brain" for Strengths, Weaknesses and Why Nursing. Under why nursing: I love to problem solve!
  15. Staragate

    Win CASH! 11th Nursing Caption Contest - $100

    "I really admire that nurse for going into space, but how is she going to put the stethoscope on?!?!"
  16. Staragate

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    I won a $800 scholarship from my college. I got my preceptorship assignment on the floor and hospital I requested.

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