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BostonTerrierLover BSN, RN

Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma
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BostonTerrierLover has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma.

Newly Single Trauma RN/ Part Time NP in ER.

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  1. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    That's sad, there should be some kind of Hall of Fame or Award to give Patients:) Even Buffalo Wild Wings has this for eating their Hottest Wings!!
  2. BostonTerrierLover

    Be kind to nurses... we choose the size of your IV

    I would hate to see the criticism here if he didn't add the joke disclaimer. We got hurt feelings from a satyrical IV joke. I guess humor is like dimples, you can't develope dimples:)
  3. BostonTerrierLover

    Be kind to nurses... we choose the size of your IV

    Ah, the beautiful passive aggressive dimension of the "Art" of Nursing:) I also reserve the right to convince your Physician you need an enema since it has been almost 3 days now since your last download! Hehehe:)
  4. BostonTerrierLover

    The Wise Nurse Speaks

    This is exactly why I am in sooooooooo much debt to the Nurses who came before me. Everything I enjoy about Nursing was earned from the sweat off their backs, their never ending fight to make this a respected profession, and the aches of their feet endlessly serving patients, family members, and other Healthcare Professionals with high quality, high effienciency care. I remember this when I punch in for a sit-down report, take a mandated break, that I don't have to get up when a doctor enters- or give him my chair(though I still do-I don't HAVE TO; And who could forget when I compare my paycheck to my grandmother's(even considering inflation 1957 $1.20/hr. Nurses can now take Maternity Leave because you knew the importance of that time as you taught it to your patients. I can take leave for an Educational Trip, or go on a paid vacation. I am called a Healthcare Professional just because you demanded that respect, in respect of your wealth of wisdom. I have a "Nurses Lounge, Staff Restroom, and better forms for documentation(they didn't just GIVE us these things- you gave them to us because you had to do without these luxuries). Yes, I would be so far off the mark to say most of my "Wisdom" was of my own learning. No, It has come from "inherited" trial and error, Never-ending Care, and Constant Improvement to a Wonderful yet Challenging Profession that is NOT easy to enter, NOT easy to understand or explain, and NOT easy to practice. I am grateful for the wisdom you Seasoned Nurses have passed down to us, letting us learn from your mistakes, your triumphs, and your most valuable advice on today's issues from a wealth of decades of practice. You will never be forgotten in my eagerness to keep learning. Know that you are appreciated, and we are listening to the wisdom you have shared with us, and are continuing to keep that lamp burning bright, and ultimately we'll pass it on to the next generation, thus, you are immortal.
  5. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    Women don't fart??!!! Their shoes tear or squeak, and it's never on purpose- just "slipped out." I have seen them all during my tour of duty. The walking farts, the cough and sneeze disguised fart, the silent but deadly, . . . And my least favorite, the follower. That's the one that goes with you out of the room, and even though your innocent, your colleagues give the evil eyes (watered of course, depending on what was on those trays). By the way, am I the only nurse that has to turn away to lift the lid off a breakfast tray? Only hospital food. This may be the most ADD post I have ever made!!
  6. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    Once I got pulled to the psych unit, and upon admitting a guy who seemed very intelligent, and saner than me, I prepared his room, and headed back to the nurses desk to finish his admission paperwork. Upon noting I forgot to ask if he used any tobacco, I hit the call light button to speak with him. Mr. Xxxxx, do you use tobacco? . . . No Answer. Mr. Xxxxx, louder now, do you smoke or use other tobacco? . . . after a verbal sigh, he relented, . . "Listen close, I'm only going to say it once, No! Now you shut up, they check on me every 15 minutes, and I don't want to get caught talking to a freaking bed, ALL THE REST OF YOU HEAR ME?" I looked at the camera monitor to see him addressing the rest of his furniture. "Okay, good. I'd like it to stay this quiet." I was so glad that was the only question I had for him. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was me, especially since he looked so content he was able to quiet the questioning voices of his curious furniture. The bed never said another word, at least that I know of.
  7. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    I heard a joke that was on the same line as that. (A elderly couple on their honeymoon) Coming out of the bathroom in her new bought nighty says, "We're going to have to go easy, my physician told me I have Acute Angina." Hard of hearing, the elderly groom states, "We'll that's a good thing, because those are some of the ugliest boobies I've ever seen!"
  8. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    I had to add, SPLART, which is pretty self explanatory. It's the result of "trapped gas," escaping with Solids, . . .well, Semi-solids:)
  9. BostonTerrierLover

    The Humorous Nurse Speaks

    Welcome to the Southern Medical Terminology they didn't teach at my University: (I have added Southern Dialect for you above the Mason-Dixon Line.) Make Water(v) MAYK WAH*TUR to urinate. Ex: Since Billy Bob's getting older he has to get up many times each night to "make water", or he will make water in the bed. Nature- (n). NAY*CHER Ones Sexual Drive, or ability to have healthy and or usual length sexual activities whether alone or with other. Ex: John Boy doesn't know if his "nature" is decreasing because of his blood pressure medications, or his wife's night cream face mask .Fix'n To: (v.) FIK*SEN TOO. A Plan to Do Something; expectation of. Ex: Ma'am, I have made so much water that this foley bag is fix'n to bust! I'm fix'n to ask my doc for a help'n (RX) of "nature" medicine (Viagra/Cialis), cause those Norvasc are making my (spare you some dialect here) only good for making water. Crud-(n.) KRUD. A southern illness that covers everything from Flu, Colds, and Fevers, to runny noses and muscle aches. Ex: Betty Sue won't be leading women's group tonight because she has the "Crud" that's been go'n around. Some More: I've had several little southern African-American ladies tell me, "I got demons in my stomach." I didn't really want to let them out on my ward, but what's a nurse for if we can't exorcise "stomach demons." I learned "Flaming Balls of Hell are Gall Stones. Gouch-Uric Acid Gout. Extra funnies: Terminal Illness - Getting sick at the airport. 2.Tumor - More than one. 3.Cauterize - Made eye contact with her. 4.Nitrates - Cheaper than day rates. 5.Pelvis - Second cousin to Elvis. 6.Barium - What doctors do when patients die. 7.Dilate - To live long. 8.Benign - What you be after you be eight. 9.Genital - Non-Jewish person. 10.Node - I knew it. 11.Morbid - A higher offer than I bid. 12.Seizure - Roman emperor. 13.Labor Pain - Getting hurt at work. 14.Enema - Not a friend. 15.Tablet - A small table. 16.Medical Staff - A Doctor's cane. 17.Secretion - Hiding something. 18.Hangnail - What you hang your coat on. 19.Impotent - Distinguished, well known. 20.Varicose - Near by/close by.
  10. BostonTerrierLover

    Nurses, how are you going to vote? 2012 US Presidential Election

    I started to write in Esme12 for President, but then again, selfishness took over-we need her here!
  11. BostonTerrierLover

    Nurses, how are you going to vote? 2012 US Presidential Election

    I am proud of Country, and I deeply love many Dems and Reps. But I will be so glad when this is over. The polarization of my team is exhausting. Good luck everyone for your candidate, and your vote.
  12. BostonTerrierLover

    Stop The Title Madness

    I'm late in the discussion as always, but I have always just had great respect for people's titles, and it gives me a quick autobiography of their journey in nursing. We are a diverse field, and it really helps me appreciate all the subspecialties that can be mastered. I like it. I have never seen it applied to ego before, but as I watch this female dominated profession grow in power and autonomy generation after generation, I also remember how far they've come to get here, and what they've put up with to just earn the chance to hold those titles, and be known for more than an educated maid into a Profession. Remember, those titles are reserved for the ones who earn them, not just egotistical maniacs, those guys use MD (joke).
  13. BostonTerrierLover

    First Code Blue

    Every patient that coded in my first year of nursing had received Digoxin IV the prior shift, so I spent months being paranoid of Dig, and watching them like hawks!!! Best of luck in your career!
  14. BostonTerrierLover

    16 interesting facts about nursing around the world!

    On a mission trip to Uganda, 2001, I watched in amazement 2 British Nurses and a Communal Tanzanian Midwife do 7 C-sections, and a appendectomy with the grace and efficiency of a senior surgeon. In India, 2004, a Nurse Practitioner from Southern MS took over a hemicolectomy when the doctor was called out mid-case. Makes me think back to the Crimean and Ms. Nightingale, and what a group of ladies must have done and seen- never knowing their work would frame up a proffesion beyond their wildest dreams- by lamplight.
  15. BostonTerrierLover

    Working With Tattoos In Rolla Missouri

    Wow, Texas here now, but worked all over the US South. If the skeletons in all our closets were visible by everyone- No one would be worried about 'art' on an arm.That said I wouldn't want a child to see naked bodies, skulls, scary images, or anything that would offend (common sense). We had an open policy in my ER regarding tats, but I made a girl cover a rebel flag for obvious reasons.That said, I would rather my patient's be comfortable with me, regardless of my policies. A more in depth question might be, "Will this offend the the patient population in the Ozarks?". But, that's just me. I put their comfort before my need to express myself.I personally would wear a sleave in any hospital, the focus is on the patient for me, not my artistic freedom. You'll find a medium.
  16. BostonTerrierLover

    End of Life Experience

    Ok, but I still want the morphine rolling q4h, and was trying to save you the flush troubles- just bring a flush then.