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Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma

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BostonTerrierLover has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma.

Newly Single Trauma RN/ Part Time NP in ER.

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  1. BostonTerrierLover

    You might be a night shifter if...

    I've slapped my face, got out and walked, let window down, chewed gum, and tapped in sync w/music- all while intermittent dosing. But that was mainly getting used to day shift- where I am hypersensitive to light and sound until around lunch:) I woul...
  2. BostonTerrierLover

    You might be a night shifter if...

    Your "For Sale" ads say, "Call during Unreasonable hours.":) On your off days, you wonder: "Why are my pets sleeping all day long?" You would rather be beaten than go to Wal*mart during peak hours, and instead haunt the store at 3-4am. You make it ho...
  3. BostonTerrierLover


    My wife hated my night shifting, and finally put her foot down. Now my sleep doesn't get interrupted as much single:)
  4. BostonTerrierLover

    Will going to school for nursing fly by? Tips for nursing student

    For me, the 2 years of ADN school felt like it took 10 years off my life! I can't believe I feel that way when I always wished I had more time to come up with fee money, or more time to study, finish a project, or prepare for clinical, and mostly ju...
  5. BostonTerrierLover

    I have ALOT of of questions somone help me

    Kind of reading between the questions I came up with a hypothesis that you might be wondering "Is it worth it to go to Nursing School with all the challenges involved, and graduate successfully only to maybe not be hired, and if hired make less than ...
  6. BostonTerrierLover

    I don't like nursing school :( will I hate nursing?

    I love my nursing career, and even days I dread coming to work, I'm fine after I get there- and usually have a mixed bag of enjoyment, reward, and some worries that were no where as big as what I "dreaded" happening. On the other hand, I severely di...
  7. BostonTerrierLover

    Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking.

    We had an 87 yr old MD who sometimes worked ER. He was very distinguished and had taught Cardiology at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke. It was nothing in the old days for home visits with leather bag in tow to be for an 800lb Jersey Cow who was having Lab...
  8. BostonTerrierLover

    You might be a night shifter if...

    The Sonic carhop bringing your breakfast has to knock on your window, wake you up:(
  9. BostonTerrierLover

    disclosing past addiction during interview

    I agree, there is enough grief and pain in one lifetime to prevent the invitation of anymore- if you've been sober without any relapse issues for greater than 5 years and they don't know it, that's a blessing! Count it as one- and lay low:) You see,...
  10. BostonTerrierLover

    Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking.

    I got a "Domestic Violence to Posterior Head," which turned out to be bald spot where no head trauma occurred(besides the hair coming out), via EMS. It is rare that fast track and out side was slammed, the Director had just called diversion like 30 ...
  11. BostonTerrierLover

    is your efficiency misinterpreted as lazy ?

    I really don't care if they thought I was lazy when I worked that floor in the small hospital where I backed up ER. Many times I would come back to the floor and they'd tell me things my patients requested that they didn't do- yet they were terrifie...
  12. BostonTerrierLover

    is your efficiency misinterpreted as lazy ?

    Yeah, this has soooo much to do with individual personalities. I remember one RN who was always running, complaining, and whiney. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I really thought she might be getting heavier loads than her counterparts. Then...
  13. BostonTerrierLover

    Getting Your Desired Position 101

    Well, let's see,.... I apologized for the grammar and spelling on the main thread, the first following post, and again right above your post. But, I guess thanks for being observant to some extent?
  14. BostonTerrierLover

    Getting Your Desired Position 101

    Thanks, I certainly can't take all the credit, these came from many other hiring friends and associates. They came over my 10 years, and being nervous facing and preparing to face the beast of a fight to get the positions I now feel at home with! Als...
  15. BostonTerrierLover

    Getting Your Desired Position 101

    I know really? We didn't take the first psychic course either, daggumit!:)