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newtress has 3 years experience as a LPN and specializes in med surg ltc psych.

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  1. I have an interview in the morning and then have to slide directly to work. Is is totally and completely unprofessional to do the interview at a hospital in scrubs. Most likely answer will be no. I didn't want to have to do the quick change artist in...
  2. newtress

    Cuticle picking?

    I was a nail biter and cuticle ripper for a long time. As a youngster the parents tried many stabs at trying to get me to stop. All methods did not have any effect on me and my fingers continued to look like light bulbs. One day out of the blue, I to...
  3. A Jazz Singer.
  4. I swear I don't know how the guacamole got on there.
  5. newtress

    What might I see on a neurosurgery floor?

    Thank you all for your replies. I was feeling apprehensive about this and your descriptions validate this. After being off an ortho neuro floor for 3 yrs, I doubt this would be a position I could "ease into." I only had post neck and back surgery pat...
  6. Good evening to all, curious about this specialty. I have an interview this week and this is the unit for the job posting. I had previously worked on an ortho/neuro floor in the past and wonder if it might be the very same or quite different. You kno...
  7. newtress

    MAR error

    I agree with Jory here on that. Those in management or supervisors seem to just quickly swoop down on a nurse and only regard the paperwork/documentation side of a situation ONLY, without backtracking the events that led up to the error. A nurse budd...
  8. newtress

    MAR error

    So what was the documentation/med error? Those who have made some mistakes have fessed up on it, so the degree of the mistake I would think carries the degree of importance or not. Malpractice insurance representation would certainly be helpful for y...
  9. newtress

    Is this normal ?

    Please tell us what a GPN is. Is this in the US?
  10. newtress

    BSN to hopeful McDonald crew member

    Hey mcperry, I felt badly after reading your post. I can understand your frustration after spending far more time past a traditional RN program only to have limited positions available to you (as we all are experiencing). So my question to you is if ...
  11. newtress

    Bedside manners

    If I am ever working a day shift, I always ask a patient if they slept well night before. So much can be revealed to me and a good starting point and help me look for any areas of concern. Then I press on and tell patient what I'm going to be doing, ...
  12. newtress

    An Overview Of Nursing Compact Licenses

    I believe nursing licenses should just all be national. I am also a Certified CPR instructor and it is national, such as Radiology Technicians ARRT is national. There's no logic to me at all, except for the real reason simply being revenue. Endorsing...
  13. The ultimate has to be your thin skinned patient who's carotid or radial is visible and bounding, before it is even palpable.
  14. umcRN, you are a serious pulsar!
  15. I like this

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