Nurses, what is on your Santa wishlist?

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    Nurses, what do you want for christmas this year? Do you have a nursing wish this year?

    Happy Holidays!

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    I wish for a good patient assignment when I'm working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!
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    I would just like to feel the "Christmas Spirit" again! I hate that my heart has grown so crusty I can't adequately celebrate my Savior's birth.

    I have fallen short on spending enough time with my family and friends, and I miss my loved ones that have gone on, that each made Christmastime so AWESOME!

    If I could just feel the magic again, maybe I could pull it back together again for our next generation.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to each of you who have lost love ones, and I hope peace, joy, and love surround you this holiday season!!
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    A job. Yes I'm a new grad. I've just been so discouraged and stressed I haven't even been able to enjoy the Christmas season and I love this time of year. I'm honestly not looking forward to church or presents or family time. I just want a job and to validate this degree and license.
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    I wish I had a winning multi-million dollar lottery ticket.

    I also wish for good health, prosperity, stability, financial security, and emotional maturity for myself and everyone in my life.

    Furthermore, I wish for world peace and a swift end to hunger, abject poverty, and human suffering.
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    The strength to keep on going. I want my parents to stay in the best health possible and be happy.The strength and energy to keep on providing great care to patients. I want my daughter to be happy and always have someone around that loves her. I pray that the new tax hikes will not impact us too much and to figure out how we will manage with less money in our pockets...worried about that!
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    A day shift. ......A day shift is all I ask.
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    My wish is that 8-12 nurses would be hired for our unit. Not going to happen, but it would be such a blessing.
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    I wish for a relatively peaceful day during my Christmas day shift.
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    A new grad job.... and a good internet connection.

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