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Wrench Party has 3 years experience and specializes in Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgical.

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  1. Newsflash: we work in a stressful job, especially these days, and the stress spills out out sometimes. You're going to hear the same buzz in the background no matter what field you work in- I've worked in retail, restaurants, was a scientist for a very long time, and now have been a nurse for a bit. It really doesn't change no matter where you go. My coworkers and I get along really well and are a great team on our high acuity CT stepdown unit, I love them to death, but there's occasionally some griping from one to/at the other. We move on in life afterwards. As long as there are people working together, you're going to see this!
  2. Wrench Party

    Conflict with Charge - 6 Month Review

    &%% this place. It sounds like you're making sound nursing judgments, you've prevented some medical errors from some dangerous coworkers, and you know how to nurse after a few years of working in a Level 1 trauma center. The ER doc doesn't even come to your codes? Eesh! People don't know what they don't know, in addition to their codes having poor outcomes. I would get out of there ASAP!!
  3. Wrench Party

    Be Our Guest

    Home health for sure I did decline gifts, but we will accept homemade food in the breakroom of the hospital, like cookies. No one has gotten sick that I know of. Families are much more likely to bring us store-bought foods anyway, as many of them are from out of town. Nothing stays around for long!
  4. Wrench Party

    racist patients

    Totally can empathize. I'm white, and sometimes gets stuck taking care of these racist idiots after they reject a nurse or aide of color. I refuse to let the aides go in the room by themselves, lest they be subject to abuse. A simple "So-and-so and I will be taking care of you tonight together, as you have made it so there is no one else" usually shuts this behavior down in 90% of patients. Do I treat them with pretty open disdain? Yes. I refuse to indulge in this nonsense when 90% of our night staff is not white and my colleagues deserve better in 2016.
  5. Wrench Party

    Electronic Charting

    We have the opposite problem- everyone is so well trained to electronic charting! The providers about damn near had a meltdown when Epic went down for 4 hours on a Saturday night for its 2016 update and had to write out paper orders. If the order wasn't absolutely necessary, it wasn't happening.
  6. What are the pay rates, differentials, union/non-union, etc. for hospitals in the Denver area? Particularly for a cardiac nurse who works the night shift? What do the wages buy me relative to the local housing market? The political and cultural shenanigans in NC are slowly killing me. Plus, it might be time for a big change.
  7. One place we use Vocera, another place we use the Cisco phones and Hill Rom locators. Personally I prefer the Cisco phones and GPS locators; I find it less interruptive to patient care. The intelligent HUCs will use the trackers to our advantage; they can reassure the patients that we are rounding and can figure out by location and time if we have a decent shot at getting to that patient soon.
  8. Wrench Party

    Husband became a RN

    Eh, might be time to bury the hatchet. Now that the dust has settled and the husband has achieved end goal (a nursing job), the OP can move on and get the job she wants. I'm not sure she'd be able to jump directly to home health to the ED, but a transition job like tele/stepdown could help. + 1,000,000 likes for a housekeeper. I've admitted to myself that neither my husband and I are interested in cleaning that much, and it keeps the peace.
  9. Wrench Party

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    Cooking?? Heck no, that's what husbands are for. I usually make myself lunch for work (I work nights) and then I might make something simple like eggs when I get home in the morning. Husband will cook breakfast half the shifts I work, depends on when I get home vs. his work schedule.
  10. Wrench Party

    Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    I WAS a lab manager and research scientist...so maybe if I I popped out some kids and wanted some mommy hours, I'd go back to academic research. If you can find a good PI to work for and field to be in, hours are very flexible and you get most major holidays off. Wouldn't do a lab with cell culture, though. Those dumb things need cared for more than pets and kids!
  11. Wrench Party

    5 interviews 4 job offers!

    Postpartum, if L/D is where you ultimately want to do. You'll gain some adult med surg skills in neuro/tele, but personally I don't know how applicable those skills will be to PP and L/D. We get postpartum cardiomyopathy patients on my cards floor, and we get the babies that are bfing. PP nurses have to come down and help us out because we have no idea what to do with the kids.
  12. Wrench Party

    I really dislike my co-worker

    Are you full time here? Do you really like the program? Is this the only nursing school in the area? I might leave before your reputation gets dragged down with this woman's, especially if she doesn't uphold the academic standards of the school. Sounds like I would have liked you as an instructor in my nursing program, and that you taught at my nursing program.
  13. Wrench Party

    "I work in the medical field"

    I've had quite a few nurses here and there as patients (3 Level 1 trauma centers in the area), and honestly the vast majority of them were pretty chill about letting me do my care. If they need something (more pain medicine or a drink, for example) they understand it might take me a few minutes to get there. The doctors from other specialties are more amusing to have, as they REALLY don't have a clue and sometimes try to order the younger docs and surgeons around at rounds.
  14. Wrench Party

    Critical Thinking

    I always thought it was my complex, higher order thinking that makes my brain hurt. Last night's example: "what are nursing interventions I can use to get my lung transplant's pCO2 down without her needing to go on BiPAP/CPAP again tonight, because she always wakes up at some point, has a huge panic attack, rips it off, has a huge incontinent episode because of said anxiety, and without fail never gets back to sleep because she's stressed, embarrassed and exhausted?" (Answer: walking, IS, sitting more upright, sleeping in chair). 0600 ABG: pCO2 dropped from 70 to under 60, goal. She slept for the first time ever from 2300 to 0600 right through several IV pump alarms and whatever I was doing, was able to get to the commode in ample time, and practically hopped out of bed and was walking laps when I left.
  15. Wrench Party

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    Forgot to add, my bilingual coworkers NEVER speak their other languages in front of patients, always at the nurses' station amongst themselves. They have the common sense and respect to speak English with patients.
  16. Wrench Party

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    You seriously think they're wasting their time talking about you? Probably discussing recipes or their kids or something. I work with Filipino and Nigerian nurses, and personally I find their non-English language to be the ideal white noise to get charting done to. Plus my favorite Filipino nurse bakes goodies for the heck of it, not gonna mess with that!