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iluvivt has 32 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Infusion Nursing, Home Health Infusion.

I love cats and kittens and have a 17 year old daughter

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  1. iluvivt

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    The Board of Nursing just took her license away!
  2. Some people are just cruel.Their cruelness may not change but how you handle the situation may change their antics and behaviour. They are getting some kind of pay off from it,perhaps it makes them feel better about their existence.The truth is no one ever feels truly good when behaving this way.Emotinally healthy people feel good and whole when they generously give of themselves.So you must handle this yourself if you are getting nowhere with management and choose to not be run off.Do they know you understand what they are saying or have you played dumb? If so, it's time they know you know the score here! You need to be clever about this so you don't look like the troublemaker.You must also let them see they can't get under your skin and this is NOT bothering you.Even if it really is you need to fake it.The goal is to get them to stop.I wish I. could have examples so I can give you a few things to say, but I understand. Even a simple, You just said I was a horrible nurse and mean to my patients and I find that so sad that you need to put others down...or you just said XY and Z and I want to let you know that sure says a lot about the kind of person YOU are....or that sure says a whole lot more about YOU than me...You must never let them see you upset, emotional or crying....you can even start humming and smiling.Once they see it's not bothering you at all, they may get worse so be prepared.If you can hold it together...they are just testing you...they will often stop the bad behavior!
  3. iluvivt

    Nursing Drug Resource Guides

    Yes I agree, Betty Gahardt is my favorite IV medication book.It lists everything you need to know and many key things about each medication that other books leave out.
  4. iluvivt

    EBP Assignment

    Are these two different issues you are going to address or are you going to integrate them in some fashion? It's critical to the success of your paper to narrow down the topic as this is too broad.Can you please state the assignment details so we can help.
  5. iluvivt

    Is it normal to hate my job this much?

    Perhaps this nurse wants to try being in a vascular access team and did not quite articulate that! Starting peripheral IVs is just one aspect of my job but a critical one. Specialized IV teams have demonstrated unequivocal effectiveness in decreasing infections in all types of VADs, complications and cost of infusion therapy and are very valuable members of the health care team.They generally are highly skilled in all aspects of vascular access.I am told daily by my colleagues how grateful they are that I got the patient's IV in, that I knew the treatment for an infiltrate or extravasation, that I restored patency to the central line, that I could access a difficult port that others had tried but failed and on and on.If you want a specialty that you will feel and be appreciated.. THIS is it! It's not why I do..I do it because it's the kind of nursing that I love.
  6. Although the risk is extremely low ( OK..almost nonexistant for PICCs) all central lines must be removed in a manner and dressed in such a manner to prevent air embolus.You did not do that either...so I would suggest to you to go look it up now and come back and tell us the proper way to do it.Yes, it should have been measured as well, but you messed up on many levels.You should never perform a procedure if you do not know how to do it and then you lied on top of it.You need to come clean and never allow that to happen again! Patients put their trust in you and if you can't take that seriously then you are in for a long hard ride ahead.There is no shame in not knowing something and you will earn respect by asking when you need help and do not know something.
  7. iluvivt

    Random drug testing

    Where are you practicing? You need to find out exactly what the law is in you state or wherever you are.Many allow you to take any drug that you have a valid and current prescription for You also need to find out what their definition of "current" is so you can can always be in compliance. You must make certain that the drug does not effect you in such a manner as to impair your judgment and ability to function.This is where it can be a bit tricky. I would make sure to get adjusted on the drug and see how my mind and body is effected.Many people who do take narcotics and other psychoactive medications find they actually function much better as your focus is off your pain and/or anxiety or whatever the problem is.I must admit it can be a bit of a gray area but if you are drug tested you must have proof you have a valid and current RX if the law allows it.
  8. iluvivt

    Mixing Myers Coctail

    It's not two additives.It is two accesses or punctures into the IV bag. You can also add a sterile needle to a needleless connector,puncture into the add on port and then add into the bag as needed with only one puncture.On some medications it may take 3 or more 60 ml syringes to add the medication into the IV bag.I have several medications where I need 3 /60 ml syringes to get the full dose into the bag.
  9. iluvivt

    Got Written Up, Cant Stop Thinking About It

    Just to be accurate and up to date it is no longer,JCAHO .but rather the Joint Commission (TJC). Excellent point.
  10. iluvivt

    How far can hospital go?

    Our union contract does not allow this and only allows nurses to float to "like"units. The one of many benefits of being unionized. If I was in your shoes I would accept the training if I wanted to keep the job. You never know sometimes it turns out to be a good thing and you might enjoy it.
  11. iluvivt

    Blunt Fill Needles for IM injections?

    Look at standard IM needle...look how thin it is...it's thin for a reason, to minimize tissue trauma while meeting the objective of delivering the medication.It also has a really nice smooth, sharp bevel. Now look at a blunt fill...that thing is huge and the bevel is shorter and blunt.
  12. iluvivt

    What departments draw the most blood?

    If you love venipuncture like I did then yes,become an IV specialist as suggested. I also love pharmacology especially IV medications and anything given IV.This has been an an excellent compliment to my practice.
  13. iluvivt

    Blunt Fill Needles for IM injections?

    There are two types made.A blunt fill is for drawing up from a vial and the blunt filter is for drawing up from an ampule. They should not be used to administer IM injections. If you were to use the filter blunt you could theoretically inject the small glass particles that collected in the filter section of the needle.
  14. iluvivt

    PICC line dressing changes difficulty

    This is incorrect as a general rule.We aim to leave 3 to 8 cm externally visible as it's easier for us to maintain and to add a Securacath (must have at least 3cm to as apply it ). What you need to know is the original amt left externally visible and its original tip anatomical location.As I stated above the average SVC is 7 cm long, so for example, if the PICC nurse leaves 5 cm externally visible with a tip placement at the CAJ and you assess there is now 6 cm there is no need to worry unless you have other s/sx of a secondary malposition.So you need to know all the data when you are going to assess it and perform a dressing and needleless connector change.Also I I stated every complication is increased as you get away farther away from the cavoatrial junction and it's especially thrombosis.I actually have a chart that shows the risk in percentages.What we have decided asa team is to verify tip placement if we have greater than 3 cm difference and of course it's relative to its original tip placement.Most PICC don't suddenly start coiling if there is a change in the amount externally visible.Coiled PICCs usually occur with power injection,excessive or strong coughing or vomiting.It can also occur with initial insertion but most PICC nurses now use a tracking system for insertion. If you steri strip from over the CHG patch all the way down to the stat loc it will keep it in place Line the radial slit of the CHG patch with the PICC line .If you don't do this it's much harder to peel everything off and what often happens is you lose a few cms.I have done thousands of dressing changes and once you learn how to do it correctly it's easy to do it by yourself but you bc still need to hypervigilant and not pull any out..
  15. iluvivt

    Mistake after mistake after mistake

    You need to change your narrative right away.Instead of "mistakes" you need to call these learning opportunities for professional growth.New nurses do not come out of nursing school ready to hit the ground running with all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed! In fact you are just "safe to practice".Safe ,among other things means you know where to look for the answers.if you do not know something.The situation you describe is not necessarily a mistake,it's more of a missed opportunity.In fact, when too many respond to an emergency it can get chaotic and crowded.If they need more help they can call for it.As long as enough help is present all is good!
  16. iluvivt

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    I agree that she is retaliating and the minute she got some power she could not wait to find any reason to get rid of you! When you mess with someones livelihood that does not deserve to be messed with you are playing with fire. All good advice and especially about would getting an attorney...you can sue for wrongful termination but you have to get moving on it and will need all your employment documents.If I were in your shoes I would be looking for a new job and making an appointment with an attorney....You need to start writing down dates and times including the date you got the call .You will need a copy of your personal file.employmemt agreement or contract..an employee handbook.any applicable HR or workplace policies...job evaluations...Pay stubs..any communication about and incident s with this employee. I would be furious at this person's childlike behavior and honestly she needs to learn a lesson!