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iluvivt has 32 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Infusion Nursing, Home Health Infusion.

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  1. Giving Report and IV Access

    I see your point Muno but the process you are suggesting is never going to happen where I work.
  2. Giving Report and IV Access

    As an IV nurse I can tell you that many times,depending upon how the IV is being used' and what kind it is, this is pertinent information and I'll tell you why! There are several types of peripherals now,such as the standard short PIV,extended dwell...
  3. Med Error

    I would suggest to you that you increase your knowledge base regarding acid base balance and fluid and electrolytes.I am fully aware of the tough subject matter here but it will serve you and your patients well to have this knowledge.The absolute bes...
  4. Charting Question

    I would personally never chart anything like that. It sounds like you are trying to cover for less than stellar care and if anything did happen,especially with a lawsuit, you are giving someone a reason on a silver platter. It's best to chart what yo...
  5. Made a mistake. Has this happened to other people?

    Honestly, this is easy to correct.If you have authorized PRN visits you can just send a nurse out to change it or change it with next nursing visit. I have missed a few labs over the years usually because the order was not clear. They wrote the order...
  6. Narcotic abuse suspected

    I can just tell you what I have experienced.In all the cases I have seen they have first collected some evidence.Several times they secretly monitored the nurse and pulled them right off the floor once they had seen they had checked out narcotics.The...
  7. I called in sick today, they didn't accept it.

    Throw up in the car and a little on the squad too!
  8. IV Sedation Question

    I just had this done too and had Versed and Fentanyl ( moderate sedation) .The only thing I remember is they had this oxygen bar resting on the bridge of my nose and it was hurting me so I remember telling them it was hurting me. It was very heavy t...
  9. CNA’s restarting IV pump

    Absolutely unacceptable to restart the pump without assessing the alarm type and troubleshooting the problem.That is the responsibility of the person with the nursing license! Not every alarm is a downstream occlusion either. There are many alarm ty...
  10. U/s IV same arm as PICC

    It's always best to consult with the PICC team. As a PICC nurse I would have been preferred to be called so I could assess the situation. You do not necessarily have to switch arms just because an existing PICC was pulled out.You can go above the h...
  11. Dilutions/ Med Info

    That's correct,You should not dilute anything unless a credible source states it is acceptable.My favorite IV medication course will always be: Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Book by Adrienne ...
  12. NPO except meds?

    I would want a bowl of baked macaroni.It must be home tomatoe sauce too.
  13. Sacramento Hospitals with CNAs?

    I totally. understand.I have been in hospital nursing for 40 years and about 30 years in home infusion. What makes it even more difficult now in some systems is the ability of your employer to track the timeliness of care provided on the computer. F...
  14. Was it easier to practice as a nurse back in the day?

    The focus now is about patient satisfaction, not safety or quality care! Bedside report is to jazz up the ratings, it is not conducive to a safe shift to shift report. Instead of being able to sit down and listen and write all the pertinent in...
  15. Burnt out from working night shift

    The patients that you agreed to take care of are the ones ultimately that will suffer. Please do your shifts and then treat yourself to something with the extra money..More importantly, you will proud of yourself for finishing your obligations with y...