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  1. BonewaxRN

    I have the Florida license, now I need the Florida job!

    Hey, thank you all for replying! Jacksonville did not come through, but I did find a position a few hours south of there. You are not kidding about the pay rate, I had to take a 4.00/hr cut! We are working on finding a place to stay for now, rental properties are fiercely competitive in this area! I think I will like it here. I'm used to tropical weather, and it seems like everyone is from somewhere else, so I am in good company. I appreciate the advice from everyone!
  2. BonewaxRN

    Toxic Nurse

    It doesn't seem to follow individuals on our unit, it's more like everything happens to everyone at once. We call it a "Bad Moon" without regard to what the actual lunar cycle is, lol!
  3. BonewaxRN

    Unsung Hero

    How absolutely awesome, to be remembered that way, for those kinds of things. Thank you for sharing your remembrance with us, I feel privileged to know her name.
  4. BonewaxRN

    is there anything better to say then it's not your fault

    ThatGuy, it's nice that you're tough and all, but the OP's friend is obviously struggling with the pointless guilt that comes along with not being able to help. She seems to think that she failed in some way. If telling her it wasn't her fault is a useless platitude, what would you say? "Just suck it up?"
  5. BonewaxRN

    is there anything better to say then it's not your fault

    I don't think there's anything much you can say. Just keep telling her it wasn't her fault. She didn't have the equipment needed to cut him out of the vehicle, she didn't have fire-proof safety equipment, and it would probably taken the assistance of several strong men to get him out. She just could not have done anything. It is sad that this happened to her; she obviously is a caring person. Just be her friend and hold her up until she can make peace with herself over it.
  6. BonewaxRN

    What do you think of nurses who can't spell medical terms?

    The OP is specifically referring to medical terminology and the names of medications. Those are things that should be spelled correctly, no matter what, in my opinion. As to grammar and spelling for non-native speakers on the forum, I think it is common sense to grant allowances for that.
  7. BonewaxRN

    Worst case scenario needle stick

    Outstanding! You sound like you are coping well and staying upbeat. That is fabulous, I am glad it is going alright for you!
  8. BonewaxRN

    RN Coder/Auditor

    tlabedelle, I am not currently certified but I'm definitely pursuing the kind of work you are offering. I have sent you a PM. After thinking about it, I decided to edit this message with information about myself. I have a MSN in Community Health, but I'm not working at the present time. I am taking a refresher course pursuant to reactivating my RN license, which should happen in September. I live in Mississippi and would like to work from home doing chart auditing or coding. I am completely at a loss as to what program I should choose for becoming certified for coding or auditing. I've found some information about it, but I'm a little swamped and overwhelmed. Any help finding my way would be appreciated.
  9. BonewaxRN

    Nursing Abuse

    I was working as an 11-7 supervisor at a nursing home when one of the CNA's came to me and told me that one of the other CNA's had "popped" a resident on the hip for fighting her when she was cleaning him. There was no harm to the resident, not even a reddening of the area, but that wasn't the point. I had to send her home and fill out a report, and of course she was fired. When I talked to her, she pleaded with me not to send her home, citing the fact that she had children and needed the job, that the resident wasn't hurt, etc. This was someone I had often gone to give a ride to work in my own car, one that I liked and enjoyed her company. It broke my heart, but there has to be zero tolerance for this kind of thing. You made the right call. Tolerating little things leads to bigger things. If it's "no big deal," then it becomes standard, which sets the stage for the next level. In a way, you're doing that nurse a favor, giving her a wakeup call so that she can examine her behavior before she becomes something even uglier.
  10. BonewaxRN

    Medical student admits to killing 13 dogs out of anger.

    Italian greyhounds are such delicate little things. His roommate found one still alive but injured, in a closet. The female dog is in veterinary care now. It's too bad that lovely creatures had to suffer because this man had no impulse control. This medical student has grave mental issues. His attorney says that he expects to be reinstated at his medical school! I hope that doesn't come to pass. If he hurts harmless animals, imagine what he could do to a vulnerable human. I don't think that dogs are as important as people, but they still deserve to be well-treated. It's just a shame.
  11. BonewaxRN

    Needlesticks- a few thoughts

    That's very good teaching!
  12. BonewaxRN

    Worst case scenario needle stick

    I really am very sorry that this has happened to you. Only time will give you answers, and the waiting is so hard. You did nothing wrong, you were trying to help someone and an accident happened. It sounds like your facility is on top of things, getting you the meds and counseling you on the odds. The meds are the best course of action for you to follow right now, and you are doing that. I agree that you may want to seek out support to help you cope until you know you are in the clear. Please let us know how it goes. You are not alone.
  13. BonewaxRN

    Will I ever become a nurse ??

    In the OP's case, "just going for it" can mean the investment of thousands of dollars and years of his/her life, for an uncertain outcome. I want to nurture as many possible nurses as I can, but this poster is in a really difficult situation. He/she needs realistic advice. OP, have you contacted the BON in your state for any additional information?
  14. BonewaxRN

    Staffing agency

    Hi, there is a forum for agency nurses at https://allnurses.com/agency-nurses/ where you can find a lot of answers.
  15. BonewaxRN

    4th day on the floor and.....

    The smaller the gauge of the needle, the better. The less blood load in the needle, the better. Not being in a vein or artery is conducive to a low blood load. Take a look at the article for more insight. There are an awful lot of people who have had the same thing happen to them. It's one of the hazards of nursing.
  16. BonewaxRN

    Will I ever become a nurse ??

    There is a forum for people here with problems similar to yours. You might find more guidance and information here at https://allnurses.com/nursing-licensure-criminal/ Good luck. A lapse in judgment at the right time can follow you forever. I hope that you are able to make a future for yourself.