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  1. SwansonRN

    Are You Nurse Jackie or Nurse Zoey?

    I adore this show. My mom always calls me nurse Zoey, but I like to think of myself as later years Zoey when she's charge nurse!
  2. SwansonRN

    How does it feel to have a Foley insertion?

    Jeez, I catheterize wide awake/non medicated people daily and we don't use urojects at my institution. Feeling pretty evil! It's a rarity that patients complain about it in my experience.
  3. SwansonRN

    News Flash Everybody Farts!

    Nope that's the greatest beauty of ICU nursing I was in charge one day and a coworker called me because her patient was scheduled to get electively intubated but she was "dropping a deuce" and would be a while. Best phone call ever! Life's faaaaar to short to get bent out of shape by a toot or two.
  4. SwansonRN

    "Nurse, Heal Thyself"

  5. SwansonRN

    Highest temp

    ICU nurse here, sorry! I forget the exact number in Celsius, but it was in the 109 range. I was getting temps around 104 orally/axillary so a charge nurse suggested putting in a rectal probe to monitor continuously (this was amongst hanging pressors, intubating, lining, pushing code meds, etc). We both almost passed out when we saw her actual temp. End stage metastatic breast cancer with brain lesions. Tried our best to keep her here until her son could get to her from being deployed. She managed to live 12 more impossible hours but died 20 minutes before her son arrived. I will remember her always.
  6. I've certainly seen this myself and have somewhat fallen for it in the past. I also know some doctor-nurse relationships that are healthy. It's good to be cautious, but I don't believe that it's fair to say doctors in general see nurses as disposable sex objects.
  7. I've never been married, but my current serious boyfriend is a doctor I met at work. It's certainly possible to find romance in the hospital setting, but it's risky business. I've had it succeed (current beau) and I've had it blow up in my face. Just proceed with caution.
  8. SwansonRN

    How was your first code blue? What role did you have?

    I honestly don't remember the circumstances of the patient. I remember some details, but I was so green I don't think I understood the big picture (new grad in ICU orientation). I remember my preceptor was ready to go to lunch and I was just finishing a few things up. A patient's family member asked me what something on the monitor meant and as I was explaining it I noticed the patient flipped into a ventricular rhythm. My preceptor was like, "ok ready? Let's go eat" I said "I'm not so sure" and then: v fib arrest. I laugh about it now because my first instinct was to walk out of the room (guess I'm a flighter!). I thought "ok, it's the adults turn, I've already messed this up". Someone saw me walking out and they called me in and put me on compressions duty. This is the first and last time I've done compressions in my career! Not my role!
  9. SwansonRN

    Nurses thrown under the bus

    Look up the policy and procedure next time you have a patient with something you're not familiar with! I would be upset if this were my family as well. Over a week and no change/no assessment under the dressing? Yikes. Nursing is certainly responsible for this in my opinion.
  10. SwansonRN

    Proper protocol - nurse error while with daughter in ER

    Well, it does feel kind of weird to call out someone of your own (soon to be) kind, but you're a mom and you did what you had to in a reasonable way. Nurses get busy, occasionally take shortcuts and even get sloppy, they're not perfect. Just use it as a learning opportunity for the future!
  11. SwansonRN

    12 hr shift makeup routine

    Preach, girlfriend! I personally only wear face makeup (other than blush) on special occasions. I believe this is due to struggling with acne growing up. I also can't stand matte foundations, however I always recommend l'oreal infallible for those with oily skin looking for a matte finish that lasts. My makeup routine for work includes under eye concealer, occasionally spot concealer PRN, a lil blush, and a crap ton of mascara (when it comes to eyelashes go big or go home).
  12. SwansonRN

    How often did YOU see the school nurse?

    I guess I went a lot compared to everyone else it seems! Lost teeth, nose bleeds, ticks from recess, cuts...I want to say I went maybe once a month in elementary school. Once in middle school for starting my period and a few times in high school for bad cramps. The nurses in high school knew I wanted to go to nursing school so they always made me feel like a VIP with my heating pad [emoji41]
  13. I don't have a strong opinion either way because I tend to just clean it up myself without a second thought. However, I can say that it's a bit degrading and it has nothing to do with title or education. Me on my hands and knees with a towel or washcloths vs someone with a cart full of cleaning supplies and a mop?
  14. SwansonRN

    Hitler, an ICU charge nurse, receiving morning report

    I love it!!
  15. SwansonRN

    Sharpie on Tegaderm

    Actually, really fun fact! There was a study that compared sharpies and sterile surgical makers. Both were colonized with 4 types of bacteria after use, however, the sharpie after being capped for 24 hour was no longer found to be contaminated whereas the surgical marker WAS.