No bathroom break for 12 hours straight - A nursing record!

  1. 9 12 hours is a long time! What's the longest you stayed away from a bathroom break? Personally, I think everyone should take a bathroom break. A good 10-minute break can do everyone some good. What do you think?

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    Sad, but true.
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    I once worked a 16 hour shift and left the hospital at 11:30pm thinking "I didn't eat anything, drink anything or pee all day."
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    12 hours is no big deal. I can go that long when I am out shopping! Joking aside, if I have to pee, I will go pee. I have accepted the fact that I will never be able to sit, undisturbed, and eat lunch for my 30 minutes (those 30 minutes I don't get paid for), but if I need a bathroom break, I will take it.
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    I cannot believe no bathroom break in 12 hours... Unless you are a CRNA and cannot leave the OR on a 12 hour surg. Quit playing the poor me card... It sounds pathetic.
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    I thought this was standard nursing practice. Wow! I have really been missing out!
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    ruler, it happens, we are not being pathetic we are being real.....and we also are not playing the poor me card, rather the i cant believe i was so busy i did that card ...grins
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    I typically go an 8 hour shift without going, but my record is my wedding day 12pm-2am.. 14 hours
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    If I have to go pee I will. Unless I'm in the middle of a code or rapid response there is no reason why you cannot take two minutes to go pee.
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    Y'all that do this are going to be peeing on your way to the bathroom like the LOL's we all take care of!!!
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    Getting paid to take a poop is never a bad thing
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    It's easy to do 8 hours without weeing especially if you work on a warm ward. You just have to be careful you don't get too dehydrated or you pay for it when you finish your shift.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    Y'all that do this are going to be peeing on your way to the bathroom like the LOL's we all take care of!!!
    Exactly what I was thinking.
    Twelve hrs no BR break was nothing. Now it's down to two hrs and I better go, or it won't matter.
    I'm pretending I don't see the Depends on the horizon.

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