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Quit Floating Me has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. Quit Floating Me

    Anyone's experience at Jackson memorial hospital???

    I worked two travel contracts there. south wing 5 (Med surg respiratory unit) and trauma 4 Neuro rehab. Not too bad. Place is huge though.
  2. Quit Floating Me

    I can't find work!!

    Thanks. I do understand I messed up really bad jumping from job to job. I just want a second chance to redeem myself and to show that I am a hard worker, I am a good nurse ... I am more than just a job hopper. I have tried looking into LTC facilities...
  3. Quit Floating Me

    I can't find work!!

    Hello there! I decided I would make a thread to see what other fellow nurses thought about my "situation." I became a nurse in 2010 (I was only 21 years old). I got my first nursing job at a hospital that I did my practicum at. It was an in-patient ...
  4. Quit Floating Me

    Patient abuse... To staff

    I am appalled at how awful your grammar is and how you talk about one of the patients on your floor.
  5. Quit Floating Me

    Purple;or, I'm Not Barney

    What about a nice, rich royal purple color?
  6. Quit Floating Me

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. State you work in - Florida 2. Years of experience - 3 3. Specialty/unit and work setting (clinic, hospital, prison, etc) - Mental health facility/crisis stablization unit 4. Hourly Pay (base rate) or salary - 25/hour 5. Differentials (if any) - N...
  7. Quit Floating Me

    Disgusted with nursing career

    I couldn't even finish reading this.
  8. Quit Floating Me

    No bathroom break for 12 hours straight - A nursing record!

    If I have to go pee I will. Unless I'm in the middle of a code or rapid response there is no reason why you cannot take two minutes to go pee.
  9. Quit Floating Me

    bad breath when I'm nervous! need a fix

    Keep peppermints in your pocket and pop them before you know you're going to get nervous.
  10. Quit Floating Me

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    I played a lot of World of Warcraft through my two years of nursing school. And the month leading up to me taking the NCLEX.
  11. Quit Floating Me

    Report Interruption--Was I Wrong?

    I have mixed feelings to this... 1.) If you truly felt the aid was capable of doing it alone then saying she could do it alone was enough and that you were in report and could not stop at this moment *was not a wrong thing to do*. 2.) Right hip repl...
  12. Quit Floating Me

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    I don't want to look right now.
  13. Quit Floating Me

    Math rage

    You are clearly taking this beyond context and what the OP meant. :poop:
  14. Quit Floating Me

    Has this ever happened to you??

    I do not work at a hospital and there is no nurse manager or director of nursing at this present moment.
  15. Quit Floating Me

    Math rage

    It's so we get a "well rounded education."