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redhead_NURSE98! has 10 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med/surg, Quality & Risk.

If you're looking at this, I probably said something you didn't like.

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  1. redhead_NURSE98!

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    The education section of my promotion consideration was checked “met.” I don’t know if they granted a waiver or considered my doctorate as being in a “related field” (if you saw my duties it would be hard to say a JD isn’t a related field) but now that it’s on paper I don’t care which 😂 it’s research and collaboration. (Apparently running yourself ragged with investigators from three higher level offices doesn’t qualify as collaborating on a system wide level.)
  2. redhead_NURSE98!

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    I don’t really know what all of that has to do with what I said, or the original comment, so
  3. redhead_NURSE98!

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    That’s what they said....no one needs a gun, barring [except for] extreme circumstances. Good examples of extreme circumstances though.
  4. redhead_NURSE98!

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    No, really. It literally is. I don't have to argue at all about that. Read your job description. I'm willing to bet that any accredited facility specifies that your duties are performed under the direct supervision and direction of a licensed nurse. That doesn't mean you're a slave but it does unfortunately mean you should do what is asked of you, and if you have any questions or criticisms of those supervising you, they should be shared with the director of your unit, or whoever hires and fires you. I mean, if my director is told by the CNO to audit 20 patients for telemetry lead placement and the director brings me, an RN, the audit sheet and asks me to do it, then goes to her office and engages in a personal call for two hours....what choice do I have unless I'm willing to go over her and discuss my duties versus hers? What do you think the CNO's answer would be if I raised this issue? Think I'd work there very long if I bittered up and refused to do it more than once? Same thing. Actually it's even more critical for UAP to do what a nurse asks of you or explain why you can't, since the delegation is proper and it's in the best interest of patient care. Eek! Have you taken physiology. And micro. And pharmacology yet? Maybe you're a genius. I survived law school prior to taking the courses I mentioned, and I still feel that these are "hard."
  5. redhead_NURSE98!

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    Same here when I was an extern. I never once had a nurse ask me to do something just because she didn't want to do it. I have witnessed it out of RNs at my current job; however it is far removed from my extern days at another hospital and the environment is different, as are the expectations of the patients, family members, and Disney-fied, Studer-ized senior management whose jobs are being threatened because the reimbursements aren't coming in, because whoever completes the patient surveys didn't feel that we ALWAYS did EVERYTHING in the exact way and exact time they wanted us to.
  6. redhead_NURSE98!

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    I don't know why they ask. I was around 35 when I got my RN and people would ask me daily, so it's not like they are asking because we look young, or we look old, or whatever.
  7. redhead_NURSE98!

    SICK of BSN Pedestal

    That's funny...I took a gym class in college. It was one of many required "electives" needed to obtain a bachelor's degree. There were many to pick from, see, because there are people who major in physical education.
  8. redhead_NURSE98!

    Infractions, petty offenses

    Yeahhhhh this is nothing. I cannot imagine an application question that would require you to respond in the affirmative for this offense.
  9. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN to BSN credit by exam instead of papers?

    Try to sell that to a law school graduate.
  10. redhead_NURSE98!

    Accused of HIPPA

    This brings up an interesting question. If a family member comes in and brings mamaw KFC and she's on a pureed diet, is it a violation for me to tell them that she's on a pureed diet and cannot have KFC?
  11. redhead_NURSE98!

    5 reasons customers are NOT always right.

    Yeah, I didn't get it either.
  12. redhead_NURSE98!

    5 reasons customers are NOT always right.

    On the first one...if they are alert and oriented and I tell them the risks of not following the fluid restriction and they want more anyway? Sure would, and would document as such and that they're not following the restrictions. They don't follow it at home. You can't prevent stupid.
  13. redhead_NURSE98!

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    That'd be great, if the patients actually said these things to every nurse that takes care of them. I have no knowledge of that and it's just interesting that this particular nurse is the only person in whom EVERY one of her patients confides. It's quite obvious she's trying to make herself look better and make everyone else look like they're falsifying documentation.
  14. redhead_NURSE98!

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

  15. redhead_NURSE98!

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    It will also assist the patient's lawyer in sinking your ship. An incident report is not discoverable in litigation until someone who doesn't remember what they were taught in nursing school refers to it in the patient's chart. It is fundamental (basic knowledge taught in the lowliest of lowly nursing programs, subject matter for the NCLEX) to not refer to incident reports in a patient's chart.
  16. redhead_NURSE98!

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    We have a seasoned nurse who likes to write things like "pt complained of being turned so much. Says "you are the only one who makes me turn...." "only nurse that cleaned my foley..." Etc. That ain't gonna earn you any awards for Nurse of the Year, sweets.