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redhead_NURSE98! has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med/surg, Quality & Risk.

If you're looking at this, I probably said something you didn't like.

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  1. redhead_NURSE98!

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    Sorry - am I anti-cop if I think they shouldn't suffocate people on a sidewalk for passing a fake $20, or knock a 75 year old man off balance and cause him to crack his skull open for the crime of trying to talk to them around curfew time? Does that make me anti-cop? OK then I'm anti-cop. But I carry.
  2. redhead_NURSE98!

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    WOW!, here we sit, at least 3 years after they started discussing getting rid of this joke of a board that it sounds like no HR department knows how to perform. I have an interim chief and she was livid that I did not get promoted to III. She said "It's my budget, if I feel you are doing Nurse III work and I tell that to the board, you get a Nurse III." Needless to say, that's not how it goes at our facility LOL. I have a BSN, a JD, a certification and a consultant type job I've been in about 1.5 years, with 6.5 years total experience in that field and 9.5 years as an RN. Even though we are specialized, my dept's pay scale is less than if you work as a CCU staff nurse, so keeping me at II is really restrictive. Even better, I don't think my original board order was calculated appropriately, and we all know there's NO appeal for that (if you don't like it don't take the job.) I'm highly qualified for some Inspector General type jobs with my past legal experience, but I have to be in a Nurse III spot for a year before I would qualify for that GS level.
  3. redhead_NURSE98!

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    No, really. It literally is. I don't have to argue at all about that. Read your job description. I'm willing to bet that any accredited facility specifies that your duties are performed under the direct supervision and direction of a licensed nurse. That doesn't mean you're a slave but it does unfortunately mean you should do what is asked of you, and if you have any questions or criticisms of those supervising you, they should be shared with the director of your unit, or whoever hires and fires you. I mean, if my director is told by the CNO to audit 20 patients for telemetry lead placement and the director brings me, an RN, the audit sheet and asks me to do it, then goes to her office and engages in a personal call for two hours....what choice do I have unless I'm willing to go over her and discuss my duties versus hers? What do you think the CNO's answer would be if I raised this issue? Think I'd work there very long if I bittered up and refused to do it more than once? Same thing. Actually it's even more critical for UAP to do what a nurse asks of you or explain why you can't, since the delegation is proper and it's in the best interest of patient care. Eek! Have you taken physiology. And micro. And pharmacology yet? Maybe you're a genius. I survived law school prior to taking the courses I mentioned, and I still feel that these are "hard."
  4. redhead_NURSE98!

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    Same here when I was an extern. I never once had a nurse ask me to do something just because she didn't want to do it. I have witnessed it out of RNs at my current job; however it is far removed from my extern days at another hospital and the environment is different, as are the expectations of the patients, family members, and Disney-fied, Studer-ized senior management whose jobs are being threatened because the reimbursements aren't coming in, because whoever completes the patient surveys didn't feel that we ALWAYS did EVERYTHING in the exact way and exact time they wanted us to.
  5. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN's being pushed out

    Did you hear that, folks? We're undereducated, lazy and selfish. Good thing I'm goose-stepping my way to my BSN as we speak! Fall in, you lazy undereducated fools! lol
  6. redhead_NURSE98!

    Possibly Odd Question

    "Not fully dedicated to it:" all I need to know. Pick something else to do. ETA this is probably one of the trolls from that medical student forum.
  7. redhead_NURSE98!

    Diploma nurses are worthless?!

    I totally disagree with this. I am taking BSN classes now and there's an assessment class. It required me to buy tuning forks to do my assessments. I can't WAIT to join the ranks of BSN floor nurses everywhere who are using these tuning forks as part of an assessment in an acute care hospital! I've seen them doing it for years in their shift assessments and had no IDEA what they were for because I only had an associate degree. /sarcasm off
  8. redhead_NURSE98!

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    I don't know why they ask. I was around 35 when I got my RN and people would ask me daily, so it's not like they are asking because we look young, or we look old, or whatever.
  9. redhead_NURSE98!

    SICK of BSN Pedestal

    That's funny...I took a gym class in college. It was one of many required "electives" needed to obtain a bachelor's degree. There were many to pick from, see, because there are people who major in physical education.
  10. redhead_NURSE98!

    Infractions, petty offenses

    Yeahhhhh this is nothing. I cannot imagine an application question that would require you to respond in the affirmative for this offense.
  11. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN's being pushed out

    I disagree that it's the "standard," but I wasn't telling you that you shouldn't do it. Just answering why I don't want it. I don't feel I need it for any of the reasons that you stated, since I already have a bachelor's degree and beyond. But I will probably end up getting it anyway, so the pencil pushers can check off that box on their little list that they keep.
  12. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN's being pushed out

    Why don't I want it? Because I don't really need it. An ASN isn't every nurse's one and only degree. And yes it is a pain. Anyone who has taken statistics would probably say it's a pain, unless they're mathematically inclined!
  13. redhead_NURSE98!

    Nurse Neglect/Abuse?

    I love people who start abusing the help when they don't get the exact answer they were hoping to hear. ESPECIALLY when they've just joined. Welcome, feel free to abuse us some more please!
  14. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN's being pushed out

    I'm not sure your experience mirrors that of many ADN students, myself included. And why on earth would your hospital pay half the tuition for you to go to an ADN school and then not give you a nurse job?
  15. redhead_NURSE98!

    ADN to BSN credit by exam instead of papers?

    Try to sell that to a law school graduate.
  16. redhead_NURSE98!

    Accused of HIPPA

    This brings up an interesting question. If a family member comes in and brings mamaw KFC and she's on a pureed diet, is it a violation for me to tell them that she's on a pureed diet and cannot have KFC?

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