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  1. ruler of kolob

    Another Nursing Shortage

    As nursing is a job and not a profession.. the economic recovery will permit " Appliance Nurses' to return to housewife/ mommy duties...The shortage/ glut of nurses parallels the economy..When times are good.. housewives can stay home.. when the economy is bad... female nurses come out of the woodwork to earn money while the husband is laid off or loses his overtime... An " Appliance Nurse " is someone who works to pay off the dishwasher and washing machine...then goes back to being a housewife.
  2. ruler of kolob

    Difficulty of CRNA school

    I'm speaking of an undergrad GPA..Cs WILL get you into a program...Florida and Texas come to mind...What you get as a GPA in CRNA school is an arbitrary number.. The Puppy Mills will pass you regardless of you aptitude.
  3. ruler of kolob

    Difficulty of CRNA school

    Look.. I'm not kidding.. with the proliferation of CRNA's puppy mills.. a C=CRNA
  4. ruler of kolob

    Difficulty of CRNA school

  5. ruler of kolob

    OG tubes......

    PREACH IT!!!..
  6. ruler of kolob

    Isoflurane possibly better than ECT for refractory depression

    Dr Miller disagrees with you...Volatile anesthetics are all bronchodilators, but some controversy remains about which volatile anesthetic exerts the most potent bronchodilation. In many studies using animal models, it appears that halothane has the most pronounced effect of relaxing airway smooth muscle. It is important to eliminate the indirect effects of arterial carbon dioxide tension when examining the actions of volatile agents on bronchial tone, especially during spontaneous ventilation, because hypercapnia-induced bronchodilation and hypocapnia-induced bronchoconstriction are both attenuated by isoflurane.[13] What may be interpreted as a dose-dependent effect of deepening the level of anesthesia with volatile anesthetics may actually be due to an indirect action mediated by a progressive increase in carbon dioxide tension. Isoflurane and halothane (1.5 minimum alveolar concentration [MAC]) produce similar reductions in airway resistance in a canine model of bronchospasm induced by aerosolized Ascaris antigen. Similar results were obtained with volatile agents during methacholine-induced airway constriction. Taken together, these data suggest that isoflurane and halothane produce direct bronchodilation and depress airway reflexes. Isoflurane appears to share significant bronchodilating properties with halothane and enflurane, but halothane increases dynamic compliance (a measure of small airway resistance) to a greater extent than isoflurane does. This finding may be particularly important in view of the fact that isoflurane preferentially relaxes bronchioles rather than bronchi in vitro.[14] The structure of the respiratory epithelium changes from pseudostratified columnar cells of the large airways to thinner, cuboidal cells of the bronchioles, and thus a relatively large amount of histologic heterogeneity exists between these regions. Although all volatile anesthetics bronchodilate, their specific effects on bronchioles depend on the location in and structure of the respiratory tree. Park and colleagues[15] demonstrated that isoflurane and halothane dilate fourth-order bronchi at equivalent MAC values. Halothane, isoflurane, sevoflurane, and desflurane, at concentrations of up to 1 MAC, similarly attenuated methacholine-induced bronchoconstriction in open-chest, pentobarbital-anesthetized rats.[16] ... as for pungency.. If you are doing a mask induction it would be an advantage.. but I've been at this a long time and I can count the adult mask inductions I have done on one hand.
  7. ruler of kolob

    Are NP online degree frowned upon?

    I thought you were a CNS not an NP.
  8. ruler of kolob

    Did being unattractive hurt your career?

    You're kidding, right? I would LOVE to have a sugar momma take care of me.....
  9. ruler of kolob

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    To amuse myself... This place is funnier than The Onion!!!
  10. ruler of kolob

    Did being unattractive hurt your career?

    The sad fact is. If you are an unattractive female.. it's like being a guy... you are just going to have to work for the rest of your life.
  11. ruler of kolob

    Difficulty of CRNA school

    CRNA school is really no harder than any science degree.. It is, however and order of magnitude more difficult than a BSN. In a BSN you waste an inordinate number of hours learning worthless stuff like nursing diagnoses, nursing theory, professional development etc. High school level science courses are all you need for a BSN... In CRNA school it is SCIENCE, PERIOD.. no touchy feely nursy nurse garbage. I'm not sure I took a note in my BSN courses and ended up with a 4.0.. CRNA school was a bit more difficult.
  12. So THAT would account for a LOT in the VA health system..
  13. I wonder why there is an Association Of Veterans Affairs Nurse Anesthetists.
  14. ruler of kolob


    Why would you not put a pregnant woman in an isolation room?
  15. ruler of kolob

    Out of Work Nurse

    Quit being reasonable, logical, thoughtful and well informed.. You will make heads conservative explode.
  16. ruler of kolob

    Out of Work Nurse

    A more likely scenario is MORE nurses will be needed to take care of all the people who will now be getting health care.

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