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  1. ChipNurse

    Lorain CCC

    Thanks Jenny!
  2. ChipNurse

    Lorain CCC

    I got in for the Fall 2011 as well! It took about 2 years from when I started at LCCC. I am excited to start and also nervous at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions on how to succeed, your advice would be much appreciated! :)
  3. ChipNurse

    Waiting for LCCC response?

    You are probably looking at a year or so of waiting. They do not take anyone unless ALL of the pre-requisites are completed (not in progress). To give you an idea, I applied September 2009, I completed my last pre-requisite August of 2010, and I have not received my letter yet. They are very backed up. As of January of 2010, there were 600+ on the waiting list, and they only take 120 per semester. It's going to be a while
  4. ChipNurse

    Lower wait list time near Cleveland?

    Yea, there are wait lists everywhere. It really sucks, but I guess just wait it out. It is frustrating that none of the schools tell you when you are going to get in!
  5. ChipNurse

    Help tri-c students need advice

    I would take it beforehand.... micro is a tough class.