Keep out! Nurse Sleeping

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    LOL! I like this one.

    How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you have certain rules that household members must follow?

    Any time management tips for sleep deprived nurses?

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    Ha, this is so truthful to real life. I never sleep at the same times it seems. My sleep pattern was more consistent in nursing school. Atleaat then I grew to expect no sleep.
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    The cats and dogs would HATE that barbed wire!
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    When i work 11-7(30) i get home by 745a , half hr of yoga for sleep then sleep from abt 9-3. I sleep better in these 6 hrs than when I sleep for 12 hrs on a day off lol. I do not take a nap at night, I just cant.
    When i work 3-11(30), get home by 1145, eat, watch smth, in bed by 1am. Took benadryl and accidentally slept till 12 today and leaving for work now in minutes to be there b4 3pm again. What should have happened was wake up around 9, coffee, am yoga for 1hr,brunch,
    clean, relax/read and get ready for work....maybe tomorrow. No benedryl tonight. It doesnt put me to sleep as much as keep me in a sleep coma hahaha
    <3 sleep.
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    When my kids were young I'd threaten them with bodily harm if they dared to wake me in the middle of the day.
    They did anyway. Oh well. I survived and the memory makes me smile.
    "Mom, are you asleep"?
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    I remeber my 7 year old son yelling at the top of his lungs, right out side my bedroom door, for his sister to be quiet.


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    I put a note on the door for UPS and FedEx that says "NIGHT SHIFT, please do not ring doorbell unless I have to sign for something, thanks!" One time the state road rang anyway, to accuse us of putting grass cuttings in our storm drain. He kind of regretted it since I came to the door wearing what I sleep in, asked him if he had seen my sign, asked him if I had to sign anything, and shut the door on him.
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    I remember being little and taking naps with my mom when she worked nights.
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    Nightshifter here. I have a very personal prepaid cell which (very limited) people have to call in case of emergency (READ: child is sick, accident, someone on their death bed, fire).

    I aslo have a graveyard worker sign at the door, do NOT ring my doorbell unless my home is on fire.

    I am known for waking up or coming over to shoot the breeze at 2 am if my daytime hours of sleep are not being honored. Ask my family/friends. Gets the message across very effectively.
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    I had a sign.....

    DO NOT RING BELL....owner works nights and has a large dog......ANY QUESTIONS?
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