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Hello Everyone, 

Applications start next Monday and I was wondering if anyone wants to share their science GPA or PAX scores? I am taking my exam tomorrow evening (cutting it close). I am so nervous for this application. We can utilize this thread to also talk about upcoming interviews and who got accepted and with which stats. 


The above link is a resource for those who need help calculating their GPA. Plug in the following classes and your grades.

EN 101 English Composition I  3 credits

PSYC-101 Psychology I  3 credits

MATH-119/MATH-336 Math I  3 credits

BI-301 Anatomy and Physiology I  4 credits

Total Pre-Clinical Credits -  13

As per their website the following substitutions are allowed for an overall stronger GPA.

Bio-302 for Bio-301

Eng-102 for Eng-101

PSYC-220 for PSYC-101

And I was told by the nursing department to substitute my A&P I score (B-) for my A&P II score (A). 

My GPA with the adjusted grade came out to 3.677 and it's making me so stressed.

Once I receive my PAX grade I will respond to this post.

Hopefully starting this conversation will help someone as I found previous posts like this comforting and full of information (dates of when interviews are scheduled, when acceptances/rejections are sent out, when the program begins, etc)

Studying for the pax I used the Red NLN RN Pre-Entrance EXAM book that was suggested, the practice exams provided by NLN website, the NLN PAX app on iphone and quizlets (although quizlets were just a lot of regurgitated from the NLN website)

For some background information, I applied previously to an accelerated private school program and got in, however that school was not yet accredited and I did not want to gamble with loans. I took the HESI for that school and got an almost perfect score (subtle brag) but I definitely felt that compared to the content on the PAX, the HESI exam was easier and it did not have a physics topic.

Sorry for the long post, but Good Luck EVERYONE (if anyone sees this post, ever)

Your GPA is great! I'm sure you will do well on the PAX!

I submitted my application as soon as it was opened. 

My GPA isn't very high since I got a D for ENG 1, but I'm going to substitute that with ENG 2 (B-). A&P 1 and Statistics are As. PSYCH 1 is A-. My PAX is 169.

Currently taking A&P 2 and Microbio this semester. I'm kinda having a hard time with taking them together and also working full-time.

I hope that me currently taking those 2 classes doesn't hurt my chance to get in. I know a lot of professors were saying that they prefer students that have already completed those courses.


ANYWAY, GOOD VIBES! I hope you do well on your PAX and good luck with the application! 

Hey guys, 

Did either of you get emailed for an interview yet? 

ENG101 B+

MAT119 A  


BIO301 B+

So all this comes out to be a GPA of 3.5 Is this good enough to apply you think? I'm taking the PAX this week hoping to pass it. 

I think it is! 

I don't think they send the interview date that quick. The application still open until 22nd. My PAX not that great only 116 cause I run out the time but my GPA 3.92 do you think I still get chance? Feel so anxious think about it..

Okay, makes sense. I wasn't sure if they gave the interview dates out on a rolling basis or if they wait until the application is closed. 

& IDK how much the pre-reqs are weighted against the PAX score but I definitely think you have a good chance with a 3.92 GPA. 

Anyone taking Microbiology this Summer? Registration Summer class open today..

I am actually! Thank you for saying that. I didn't even know they opened today LOL

The website says preference is given to those who have completed the additional courses. 

RGP22 said:

Hey guys, 

Did either of you get emailed for an interview yet? 

No! Have you??

No, not yet! I'll update when I do.  

carolinakolesnik said:

No! Have you??

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