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  1. QCC Nursing Program (Queensborough) Fall 2022

    Hello is there anyone who applied to QCC nursing program for fall 2022? I have applied with a 3.15 GPA and 131 pax score. Does anyone know if I might be able to consider a seat ?
  2. Hi guys.. I'm creating this thread to follow up after interview.. did anyone hear back from the nursing department yet ? how was your interview and when did you have it ?
  3. Leslie Yanes

    QCC Nursing 2023 program

    Hey guys, Im posting to see if anyone else is applying to the nursing program (evening session) 2023 applications open in aprox 12 days and im nervous!! wanted to read some of the GPAs and Pax scores I'm up against and if we can help each other with ...
  4. QCC Nursing Program

    Would anyone know if I have a change at being accepted at qcc for nursing. Im worried cause I have a C-. My grades; algebra - b statistics - c english 101 - a english 102 - a- psyc 101 - d+ psyc 220 - a- ap 1 ...
  5. Hi! I just applied to the QCC Nursing program for fall 2021. I was wondering if anyone else applied or gotten their interview date yet?
  6. Hello Good Afternoon! I just wanted to start this thread for anyone applying to QCC’s Fall 2022 Day or Evening Program. Applications open in less than two weeks! Does anyone have any advice, or does anyone know any students who are curre...
  7. Qcc fall 2018 nursing program

    Hi I'm applying for fall 2018 nursing program in qcc. Just want to reach out to all the applicant out there who's waiting for the acceptance statue.

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