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Would anyone know if I have a change at being accepted at qcc for nursing. Im worried cause I have a C-.

My grades;

algebra - b

statistics - c

english 101 - a

english 102 - a-

psyc 101 - d+

psyc 220 - a- 

ap 1 - c-

ap 2 - a-

I also have a PAX score of 174, and im in the progress of doing micro 


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hi @mangomom101

The only way you can know is to apply to the program or reach out to the nursing program department. It's extremely competitive for this program because there are a limited amount of seats. 

Are you applying for the Spring 2023? 


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Your best bet is to go to another CUNY/SUNY school and start all over. Apply, but the program application only allows for one grade substitution. Should look at- will the d in psychology bring the GPA down more or the c in a and p? Also, your pax score is beautiful and there still the interview to consider. Hope u contact program by now. Best 

I just got accepted into the fall 2023 cohort and I had a C+ in anatomy and the rest of my grades were A's and B's. I would say just substitute that D+, but at the same time you got a C- and the minimum requirements is C. I would say just contact them about your next steps but your pax score is beautiful!!

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