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VictoriaGayle has 1 years experience.

I am currently enrolled in a practical nursing program, after graduating and working for a while I plan to take a bridge class to get my RN, and eventually become either a nursing practitioner or a physicians assistant.

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  1. VictoriaGayle

    Most shocking thing you've seen another nurse do?

    There are lots of superstitions regarding cauls. Sometimes they are red which supposedly means the baby is going to be a vampire.
  2. VictoriaGayle

    How do you talk to patients with weight issues?

    When discussing weight with someone who is underweight, especially if you suspect an eating disorder, the "you could die" approach really isn't helpful. Obviously confrontational tones are going to make someone defensive. There's also an issue it may be hard for a mentally healthy person to understand: maybe they want to die. If so your comment becomes encouragement. Some people romanticize the idea of starving to death. Some people are trying to commit suicide via ED. Im not saying that is always the case but it is important to know before you make potentially harmful comments.
  3. VictoriaGayle

    Pain Dilemma Customer Service?

    When I had my c-section there was some sort of issue with electronic charting so I was with out any form of pain management most of the time I was in the recovery room. Freaking torture. You'd think hospitals would have some sort of policy to prevent that. In the mother-baby ward I was really grateful for the nurses that would right down the next time I could have my pain pills. It was nice to know when I could have them again, and I didn't have to bother the nurses too much.
  4. VictoriaGayle

    "Baby Friendly"

    I support breast feeding, but I wish it didn't seem like your options are one extreme or the other. Every mother baby pairing is unique and deserves care (and a feeding method) that takes that in mind, not crazy strict policies. WIC promotes breast feeding. They usually have three "package options" for once baby is born. Exclusively breast feeding: mom gets food and gets to borrow an electric breast pump. Supplementing with formula: less food vouchers for mom (no tuna) but vouchers for formula. Formula feeding only: no food vouchers but you get plenty of formula. In addition to this they also offer lactation consultants and check babies weight, help set mothers up with any services they need, etc. It's not just for formula feeding.
  5. VictoriaGayle

    Praying in the work place

    There is a difference in publicly praying and institutionalized prayer. A staff meeting isn't the same as praying with a willing patient. It infringes on the religious rights of employees who may not share the same belief system. Some said that you should say something, or refuse to pray, but there is a possible risk of negative consequences. You shouldn't have to worry about being ostracized for your beliefs or lack there of in the work place. Furthermore, many people belong to dominations that forbid prayer with other denominations, or prayer led by a lay person, or have strict rules regarding where/how/when one should pray. It really isn't fair to them to be put in that awkward position of having to ask to come in late. Then they are the "weird" one for not sharing a belief system with their coworkers. There is just so much risk for discrimination.
  6. VictoriaGayle

    street drugs vs. prescribed drugs

    I would love to see that. Seriously though, is Ativan a depressant? Because "speedballing" (is there a medical term for that?) would explain the craziness.
  7. VictoriaGayle

    Peer Evaluations- Venting

    Maybe optional means up to the supervisor? That does sound like a bad idea.
  8. VictoriaGayle

    How are you paying for Nursing school?

    The idea of student loans terrify me. I got enough grants and scholarships to cover my costs and then some, so I'll get a little bit of money to help with living expenses. I don't want to work full time while going to school and raising my daughter but I also don't want to be stressing about bills when I need to be studying! I hope to be able to avoid student loans once I bridge to RN as well.
  9. VictoriaGayle

    no random drug testing

    Even fast food places make you agree to random drug screenings. So I doubt a change of career will help. Even if they don't do a pre employment screen, almost all employers have something in your giant package of paper work saying you agree to submit to drug tests if requested, as a term of your employment. If you moved to a state for it to be legal, it would depend on not only state BON but also facility, to let you smoke. Even if BON says its ok your facility can still test for it. You would have to search for their policy, obviously asking is a bad idea. Even a place that doesn't fire for marijuana might prefer a non smoker if all other aspects are equal. Not to mention you would most likely need a script. From what I've seen the only types of jobs that don't do drug tests are a few minimum wage jobs, under the table jobs, and upper management in some fields.
  10. VictoriaGayle

    took the nclex yestrday

    Congrats to everyone who passed and good luck to those about to take it! Is it really as hard as everyone says it is?
  11. VictoriaGayle


    I feel poor now, 60k is rich to me! I only have one kid, and don't own a home or anything else I'd need to make payments on so that helps. We are currently scraping by on my fiances income, which pays well hourly but is very irregular. Once I start school I will be receiving some money from grants which should help. And hopefully I can get a decent job once out of school. Technically we are poverty level, but Im a nazi with the budget so we get by. We qualify for assistance, food stamps etc. but right now are only taking WIC and the babies medical card. I could get disability but want to work and am afraid it would interfere with school or someday working. Not to mention the judgement. I have paid into the system, my partner pays into the system, yet we are leaches. I've been judged for going to a food bank, a place that I have personally volunteered at and done multiple fundraisers for. I've brought more food in than I took, yet my grandmother looks at me like I am a disgrace. It's amazing what we take for granted. We all assume our standard of living is substandard. To those talking about limiting eating out to once a week, if you can actually afford that, know that so many people are jealous of you and assume you are well off. The people you think are well off probably consider themselves struggling.
  12. VictoriaGayle

    Is it worth going to school for LPN (2014)?

    It depends on your area and what you want to do. Search LPN job advertisements or even LPN job statistics in your area. If you are only interested in a certain type of job that LPNs in your area can't get, it's not worth it. However if you want to work in a field that hires a lot of LPNs that's a different story. I like LTC and in my area, the LTC facilities I would be interested in hire lots of LPNs and maybe one RN at a time. So obviously it's worth it to me. Once again, this depends on your area and field, but my mom (an RN) said around here the difference in starting pay for new grad LPNs and ASN RNs isn't that big. Nursing schools can be difficult to get into with waiting lists, so it may be faster to do an LPN to RN bridge.
  13. VictoriaGayle

    street drugs vs. prescribed drugs

    Could you imagine them teaching that in school? I'm picturing an instructor lecturing on proper crack to Ativan ratio. Could your patients be "speedballing"? I've seen people on steer drugs who mixed their "uppers" and "downers" completely freak out.
  14. VictoriaGayle

    Is there an easy way memorizing drug names?

    So you can treat it kind of like med term by mesmerizing roots, prefixes and suffixes? Or am I miss understanding. I'm about to start my LPN program and just realized I'd have to know drug names, hadn't considered that before.
  15. VictoriaGayle

    Can an LPN continue working at there old job as a CNA

    I'd be very afraid of that. That seems like the only real reason for hiring like that. Give someone the pay and workload of a CNA, expect them to do LPN duties on top of CNA duties, then if anything comes back on the facility blame it on them. We only authorized her to preform CNA duties!
  16. VictoriaGayle

    Do you wanna be an RN??

    I guess I was worried that was more of a problem than it is. (I'm really socially awkward and paranoid about doing something wrong.) I don't really get the logic, maybe it's because they felt people didn't want to be "just" and LPN. I don't think people would say that about someone that bridged from RN ASN to BSN, or became an NP though. I've noticed a lot of insecurity from people who should be proud of their title.