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Do long hours of work still exists today? How many hours per week (avg) do you work? Do you see medical facilities in your area reducing or increasing hours? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with... Read More

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    Working 3 12's (7p-7a) per week, plus mandatory on-call shifts, due to short-staffing (imagine that). My pregnant body isn't handling it too well, so I'm planning on talking to my OB about cutting back my hours...
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    3 12s one week, 4 12s the next. Mandatory overtime. And my floor is used to staff other floors that are short if we schedule any extra people. Census is up and down but we seem to always get pulled.

    I should be paid as a float.

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    7:10-2:40 by contract M-F (school nurse) but that does not include faculty meetings or anything that may delay me going out the door. Depends on the athletic season as I work at athletic events 1-2 eves a week (usually 4:30-7:30) also does not include my second job 8-14 hours bi weekly in a LTC facility...more than I would like.

    Have refinanced the house for a lower interest rate and hope to cut back at LTC but working there through the school year, allows me to work 3-4 d a week in the summer covering vacations and that is some serious $$ in a short amount of if I were to win Powerball.......
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    I work about 16hrs a week in my PRN position and am open to working up to 24. No more than that though!
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    I work 36 hours a week, sometimes less if I get cancelled. There aren't a lot of overtime opportunities on my floor, except for the occasional call 2 hours before and I like to have a heads up if I need to work that day/night.
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    I'm still on orientation, but I've been averaging about 36 hours a week. I hear staffing asking people about 15 minutes into their shift if they can do a double. My hospital also mandates overtime. Apparently 2nd shift is the hardest to staff, so I'm sure I'll get called quite often to come in early for my noc shift position.

    Then on the flipside, there's something called low census which nurses put themselves down for. Don't understand that one, because it never fails it's so hectic when it's low census.. I'd rather they staff someone and let them go home than to not have anyone and get swamped.
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    Quote from That Guy
    Thats why I love my department. We staff for what might come in, not what is there. I havent had on call ever since moving to the ER. It is awesome.
    Your ER must not have much of an issue with boarding pts waiting for beds upstairs. During the week my ER is routinely boarding double digit pts, for anywhere from 12-36hrs. The other ER's in my town are the same way, and from what I have heard our ER actually has less boarders than other ER's in town. The one ER tends to board around 40 pts a day during the week.

    So yeah, when we are boarding they are calling ER nurses as well as med-surg nurses to see if anyone wants some OT boarding.
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    I'm an APN and routinely work 50-60 hours. And...if I want a week off, I work more than that - lol.
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    I'm Head Nurse in an Alzheimer's assisted living home and work 40 hours per week. No overtime unless it is approved by management. right now I am Mon-Fri. but hoping to get a weekend or two next schedule so I can split those days up. It's very tiring working 5 days in a row without a break in between.
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    40 to 60 depends. If I have the energy to do OT. If not I just enjoy my free time.

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