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libran1984 has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

1 year Prison Experience while also working Emergency Departments as both LPN and RN for the last 4 years

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  1. libran1984


    Yeah, I agree with some of the above... If someone says your positive for "Ativan" and that is the official accusation, they're lying. If management uses that as an excuse to fire u, then perhaps upper management purposefully set u up. There's no way to differentiate between Ativan and Xanax on a urine drug screen
  2. libran1984

    Residency Programs

    My understanding of an RN residency program was that it was meant for all new hires directly out of school to improve retention rates and better familiarize the nurse with protocols and technical skills. I am confused as to what previous posters speak of when they talk about "applying to a residency".
  3. libran1984

    How has Obamacare affected you and your employer?

    My hospital is turning a huge profit and we're seeing record numbers of ED pts, new admits, and more ppl are being signed up for PCP's than ever before. What I don't understand is why several of the surrounding hospital networks are are cutting costs by firing and removing raises, bonuses, and shift differentials while the CEO's, according to our local business journal have all given themselves and the boards record raises. Someone told me it was because of those layoffs and budget cuts they were able to reap said raises, all the while still reporting higher profit margins. Greed and fear are very powerful things and it's them we should be fearing, not the ACA.
  4. libran1984

    Nurse VS Respiratory Therapist?

    I was an LPN then RN and I'd like to obtain an RRT license and EMT-P cert.
  5. libran1984

    I hate being a new nurse

    It is normal but you absolutely will get there!!!! U are probably doing great!!!
  6. Pt had a sz in church I said, "well you sure were filled with the spirit!"
  7. libran1984

    Capstone project on congenital hypothyroidism

    A thesis statement is merely a declaration of what you wish to discuss such as: "We will closely examine the pathophysiology, etiology, treatment and blah blah factors related to congenital hypothyroidism"
  8. libran1984

    Out of nowhere threatened to be fired?

    Can u do all ur charting in the pt's room?
  9. libran1984

    LPN to rn...asn or bsn

    I did my LPN-ASN at a community college and it cost me less than $4,000 I now make just over $5,000 per month as an RN. That program was only a year long, but that was bc I had bee. Out of school greater than 2 years while those that had gone back sooner didn't have to take a refresher class and got it done in 6 months. My RN to BSN is looking to be around $12,000 When I was looking at LPN to BSN it was going to be between $20,000 and $45,000 and about 3 years of schooling. I'd have also had to retake the majority of my LPN classes which really put me off.
  10. libran1984

    The DEU Model of Nursing Education

    A Designated Educational Unit certainly sounds like a great idea. During my PN and ASN programs, many students talked of a similar method. Particularly, the LPN-ASN students, having already been through nursing school once, especially pushed for the DEU ideas! We felt the "traditional students" (ie: students who had no previous nursing or medical licensure/endorsement) were missing out on what real nursing was about. When my friends first started their careers, many went through a period of shock. They had difficulty adjusting to the school model of one patient at a time to suddenly caring for 5-30 patients at once (depending on the facility they were hired at). I was lucky since I still got to focus mostly on one person at a time in a clinic setting and later transitioned to the ER. I love precepting nursing students and always welcome the opportunity take one under my wing to educate on things like, "this is why we dilute this med, why we use this size of angiocath, and what I expect the doctor to order", but so many of the local 4 year schools have adamant rules against ASN RNs precepting BSN students despite my willingness, experience, and foundational knowledge of emergency care. Just more incentive to get that BSN sooner.
  11. libran1984

    Need help with examples in medications pairing for interview!

    compatibility perhaps?
  12. libran1984

    lpn salary in the er?

    When I started in the ED as an LPN, my base pay was $13.65/hr... I left a job that was paying $18.5/hr. This was in the last 5 years.
  13. libran1984

    LPN vs LPN

    please refer to your state board of nursing practice act
  14. libran1984

    Day In The Life of an LPN/pay

    In Indiana, a lot of clinic LPNs make around $14 - $17. A new grad is most likely to stat at the low end.
  15. libran1984

    Going out of my mind

    You are doing the right thing. School is always frustrating, but you are doing the right thing. Be persistent and take whatever you can from this educational path. You are ensuring your future as a professional nurse! Yes, these are hoops, but take consolation in the fact that you are a real nurse even without the formal BSN.
  16. libran1984

    Nursing Home vs Hospital

    I couldn't hack it in LTC. However, I'm excelling in the hospital (sadly, we don't hire LPNs anymore *shakes fist at management*) Look for clinic work! I think you'll find good experience in a clinic or outpatient setting. To break into a clinic of great standing, you may have to take a job less appetizing to the general nursing population such as correctional nursing, methadone / drug treatment / drug rehabilitation clinics, etc. Sadly, keep in mind, clinic nurses are often not paid as well as LTC.