How many hours per week (avg) do you work these days?


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Do long hours of work still exists today? How many hours per week (avg) do you work? Do you see medical facilities in your area reducing or increasing hours?

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Do long hours of work still exists today?


How many hours per week (avg) do you work?


Do you see medical facilities in your area reducing or increasing hours?

It fluctuates almost constantly at my facility. There is either an abundance of open shifts and overtime or there is none.

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In our area they are decreasing. I only worked 12 hrs this week. This is the first time in almost a year I've had this few amount of hours. They also are not filling positions when people are leaving and retiring and have increased our staffing ratios. They only have 3 RN positions posted for the entire hospital and they are prn only. We used to have two pages of positions. They are considering doing away with all higher rate weekend positions as well. All the reasons I came to work at this hospital are disappearing. They say they are trying to find ways to cut expenses so by the time Obama's plan is in effect and they begin getting less Medicaid Reimbursement they won't go bankrupt. Quite a shame because everyone is suffering esp the patients since I now have ten regularly and can't provide good care. Scary!!


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Still doing 3 12's here...hours aren't decreasing or increasing...however, there are always opportunites for overtime for those who want it. :up:

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I work between 50-60 hours each week. But that's between two jobs and neither is in the hospital. Come June, I'll be a 40 hr/week person.

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I work an average of 24 to 30 hours per week per diem/PRN, usually two 12-hour shifts per week and one six hour 'half shift.'

I'm on the verge of burnout, so I do not want to increase the number of hours I work. At one time I was working seven days a week between two jobs, but I cannot imagine doing that now.

After all, people on the deathbed almost never say, "Gee! I wish I worked more hours when I was younger! I wish I spent more time at work!"

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Same Commuter. I'm tired of working a ton of hours and I'm either cutting back or quitting. I look at job postings daily.

I'm working full time, but within the year, I plan to work no more than a .8

The next position I accept will definitely be less hours. Having a balanced life is more important. The nursing shortage is never going to improve. Let the admins worry about it.

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Thats why I love my department. We staff for what might come in, not what is there. I havent had on call ever since moving to the ER. It is awesome.


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Yes, long hours do exist. I work 38-50 hours per week (3-4 12's) depending on staffing needs and my own needs.. I'm full time so I'm required 3. Lots of OT available at my facility and they'll beg you to come in because they always understaff our ICU and we end up slammed when we get the inevitable admissions/transfers/codes. Oh well. 'Least I'm still young and without kids, etc... but I do miss my husband when I'm not home 4 nights a week to fall asleep next to him :(


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Cut down from 32 to 28 hours. Would cut down to 24 if I could afford it. Too much stress. Hopefully will get out of med-surge to something outpatient. Or I would like to cut down to 24 hours for the insurance and get a per diem job in a less stressful atmosphere a day or two a week.


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Working 3 12's (7p-7a) per week, plus mandatory on-call shifts, due to short-staffing (imagine that). My pregnant body isn't handling it too well, so I'm planning on talking to my OB about cutting back my hours...

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3 12s one week, 4 12s the next. Mandatory overtime. And my floor is used to staff other floors that are short if we schedule any extra people. Census is up and down but we seem to always get pulled.

I should be paid as a float.

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