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Nursing and family life - do the two go together? How has your nursing profession helped you at home with family? How has it hurt? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments... Read More

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    I identified evidence of both a kidney stone and a benign cyst in my boyfriend, and helped him lose 20 lb, drop his BP and cholesterol 30 points, and drink less EtOH.
    He still gets mad at me when I attack the high-fat food in the house (coconut oil, peanut butter, cheese) etc. because I need the calories after exercising. His doctor told him minimal saturated fats.

    I also cluck over coworkers, friends and pets if they're unlucky enough to be in my presence. I've sent one girl to the doctor with a serious scald burn, another with IUD complications, dressed wounds on dogs, and made my boss go home after he looked like death warmed over from norovirus.

    And I haven't gotten out of school yet.
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    My job has taught me that whatever problems I have are small compared to what others are suffering.
    After a day taking care of a young person with a major traumatic brain injury, my colicky baby didn't seem like a big problem at all.
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    I don't panic when my kids hurt themselves. Fix it at home and call it a day.

    The downside is, I love pus. If my teens have a nice juicy zit, I'm almost chasing them around the house.
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    Seesh, my family never listens to my brilliant, ha ha, words of wisdom, advice, basic nursing/medical knowledge. I guess because I am so seldom very sympathetic over their minor problems! Like most people they don't want advice, they want "Oh, how awful, that is too bad, I'm so sorry your big toe hurts, let me rub it for an hour!"

    I have given up telling them anything! I just nod, uh huh's to their complaints, and grit my teeth when they readily accept some advice "Joe at the gym" gave them!
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    My mother is not a nurse, however, her generic answer was always "take a shower, have a cup of tea, you are FINE". LOL!
    My grandmother, however, was a nurse and her cure all? Milk of Mag. Cause unless you had a "good" BM daily, then it would wreck havoc on just about every body system......
    AH, I was altogether very fortunate to have such amazing women in my life.......I do not put the MOM in MOM, however, a hot shower and some tea and honey and we are good to go.

    Wait, maybe I am not turning into an old bat crusty nurse.....but instead my mother.....nothing a little MOM won't cure HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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    While I don't have kids yet, friends will tell my husband that he is lucky to be married to a nurse. He will always set them straight and explain he isn't lucky, that whenever he is sick, I always tell him to suck it up and that he isn't that sick.

    My FIL has also learned that there is no benefit to having a nurse in the family, especially one who knows sarcasm. No, I don't think your teeth turning blue is a sign of cyanosis and decreased oxygen to the brain. Did you eat a blue tootsie pop? (true story)
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    I was the "mean mom" (also aschool nurse), no vomiting, fever, blood, or broken bones...go to school...
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    So what is the deal with the adds at the bottom of all the treads today?? This is annoying and distracting..
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    When I was having an MI, I sat quietly, called 911, and explained what was happening. The EMTs were impressed.
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    Coupla years ago when I slipped on ice and whammed my head flat backwards onto pavement with nothing to break my fall, the nurse in me said to myself, "Hmmm, everything is black: guess the occipital lobes didn't like that; loud ringing in my ears but I can't hear anything and I can't speak: temporals and parietals not too damn happy either."

    Vision and hearing/speech came back and I was able to roll over after a minute or two and crawl into the house and had to lie down, scared my poor DH half to death but told him to talk to me every fifteen minutes and call 911 if I didn't answer him, didn't make sense when I did, or vomited. Fortunately no need to go to hospital (what are they gonna do, anyway, if I'm awake and not deteriorating?) but I was definitely post-concussive for about 16 months.
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