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bell1962 has 30 plus years experience and specializes in family practice and school nursing.

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  1. bell1962

    job switch dilemma

    Hi Nurse Beth Looking for a bit of advice.. I've been working as a school nurse for the last 15 years. I like the kids, but things are changing and not for the better. The job is pretty stressful (a lot of severely emotionally disturbed kids and the administration is not very supportive.) Anyway I have a job offer in an adult med clinic working 8:00-4:30 Mon- Fri.The days go an hour later than I work now, but I no longer need the school schedule as my kids are grown and don't have sports,etc any more. The new job is affiliated with a state hospital and so my state retirement will stay the same. I have worked in family practice for many years in the past so I kind of know what to expect. I would have to give up the school breaks but I can't count summer because I"ve been working summers most of the time (either the summer school program or at the doctor's office.) It's hard to start over but the pay is much better. approximately 30 K / year. Just wondering what you think Thank you
  2. bell1962

    When Hospice Goes Wrong

    I'm so sorry for your loss and that you both had to go through that. It is just plain wrong. thoughts and prayers are with you
  3. bell1962

    songs that describe the work day

  4. bell1962

    Field Trips

    It's the same here. I have 30 daily meds and just "love" finding out about field trips just before they happen!
  5. bell1962

    What do you document...

    Me too! Sorry forgot to quote. I document everything too, but occasionally I get a "fly by" too
  6. bell1962

    Daily kid count

    about 300 special needs students K-12 28 daily meds, a few prn's 20 or so other students for illness/ injuries
  7. bell1962

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    I'm back. !st day of staff development today. Kids start next Wednesday
  8. bell1962


    just wow
  9. bell1962

    I Don't Think He Meant To Hurt Me

    How scary! I'm sorry that happened to you...
  10. bell1962

    MrNurse(x2) the Benevolent

    Me too!
  11. bell1962

    Bathroom Accidents/Change of Clothes

    Nope. will not spend my own money anymore. learned the hard way on this one.
  12. bell1962

    What type of soap do you use?

    I have very dry skin. Usually use Olay body wash. For a lotion I use Lac-hydrin, but is a prescription. The very best hand cream I've found is "O'Keefe's Working hands." That prevents my hands from cracking better than anything else I've tried in over 30 years of nursing
  13. bell1962

    I made a mistake... anyone left?

    you did fine.
  14. bell1962

    ticks, concussions, and fractures, Oh My!

    wow! Only behavior issues here, Oh and a pretty bad seizure
  15. bell1962

    Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    My only nurse t shirt is one for Halloween, it's black and orange with a Halloween design and says "This is my Scary Halloween School Nurse Costume". I don't feel it's necessary to advertise I'm a nurse in public.
  16. bell1962

    Summer School Anyone?

    Not this year!!! Our program is an extended year for the students with special needs from many districts. It is way more hectic than regular school. !st time off in over 10 years! just working a little at my prn office job (way less stress)!

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