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Trauma Surgical ICU
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Sun0408 has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Trauma Surgical ICU.

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  1. Sun0408

    NCLEX Survey!

    1. 1 2. SC 3. NC, they had the quickest test date near me
  2. Sun0408

    HELP: Nurse -> Dr. ?

    I wouldn't bring it up at all, employers may not hire you knowing you are leaving soon.
  3. Sun0408

    Need help from ICU RNs PLEASE!

    Terminal weans are done a lot in the ICU. If they survive past a few hours they are usually moved to a different floor and out of the ICU. Hospice or comfort care only pts rarely stay in the ICU. Hope this helps you
  4. Sun0408

    Type B in a Type A world

    The ICU is all about the details as well as the big picture. I'm not sure if you are a new grad or just new to the ICU but as a preceptor it is my job to watch you do things and to make sure they are done correctly. Once you have shown competence in one area I am more likely to back off some as you do that skill or task again. However when a new skill or task comes up, I will be there. I think your preceptors are similar. It's their job. As for orientation, it sucks no matter how much experience you have. Changing jobs or departments will result in some form of orientation. Just go with the flow, ask specific questions if an issues arises. The more you are aware, the better chance you have of correcting it. Best of luck to you[emoji5]️
  5. Sun0408

    IV Question

    What is INT?? I'm not familiar with that term. Saline lock is an iv with no fluids infusing
  6. Sun0408

    Never been this intimidated!

    You're not gonna die!! And please stop comparing yourself to the others, you will be fine. Ask questions, be a team player and you will be fine. You will have your ups and downs, this is new to you. Remember that as you grow and learn
  7. Sun0408

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    I hate to laugh but you are right. I was just making a point from the families point of view on all the blankets previously mentioned[emoji22]
  8. Sun0408

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    I don't think they are hiding them. I think the blankets are used to help keep her warm. Sometimes you will see pics with blankets wrapped around her head, we do this in the ICU to help keep the pt warm with additional blankets over the body.
  9. Why wasn't the doc treating Ms. Dawson not placed on leave. Another question I have is about the panel to create best practice.,no nurse is selected to be a part of that. Anyone else find this strange??
  10. Sun0408

    WGU statistics completed in 1 wk

    I will be taking that one soon. Ive completed 4 of the 5 tasks to complete biochem!!! Hoping to get through the nutrition class before the end of my term. I've heard people do it very quickly also.
  11. Sun0408

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    Yep, that's what I thought. Gotta put on a show for the courts😞
  12. Sun0408

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    The keep page now has a video of her " moving her fingers to mamas commands". The lawsuit must be coming up soon. Nothing for months, now several pics and a video. The denial page had pics that were removed from the keep page
  13. She can't swallow per your info. So no she can't swallow anything by mouth. The tube is for nutrition and most likely meds as well but you will have to check the orders.
  14. Sun0408

    Spinal drains in thoracoabdominal aneurysm surgery

    Lol. Sorry about the misspelling. Da$n autocorrect 😂
  15. Sun0408

    Spinal drains in thoracoabdominal aneurysm surgery

    All of our drains are placed by neuro. Anastasia only places and maintains epidurals for pain control.
  16. Sun0408

    altered cardiac function?

    🙏👏 welcome back esme!! You must be feeling better, I'm seeing longer posts from you😉 hope you continue to recover!!