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Sun0408 has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Trauma Surgical ICU.

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  1. Sun0408

    Phenergan dilution

    I don't think it's safe to do it that way. The pt would not get relief as fast as they should nor do you have the time to watch the whole NS L go in to make sure the site is good etc. Also you run the risk of mixing it with other meds, sending the pt...
  2. Sun0408

    Phenergan dilution

    Are you a RN? Doing that in a 1000cc bag, why? 50cc bag or even a 100cc bag I could see but not 1000. Depends on hospital policy, many have moved away from IVP because of the dangers. Look it up if you haven't already. Thankfully we use more zofran
  3. Sun0408

    Lpn initiating careplans

    Not in SC either
  4. Hospital policy vary greatly from hospital to hospital. For the safety of your pts and the care you render, you need to get over your fear and ask your preceptor!!! The charge nurse and nurse manager is also good options. Never be too scared to ask
  5. Sun0408

    Want to swap to ICU but I cry during codes

    If you can't handle codes, don't do it. Codes don't bother me but the pts that are rotting from inside out, or outside in. Laying in the bed crying, on the vent, pressure to soft to medicate are the problem. Families that want everything done while m...
  6. Sun0408

    I love a nurse

    Oh and you will get better with time[emoji6]
  7. Sun0408

    I love a nurse

    Nope, I'm not your wife lol. I'm sitting beside my hubby right now. Trust me, it's the small things that mean the most!!! It cost you nothing to do any of the thins that I listed and trust me, she will see. The stress that is lifted off her is amazin...
  8. Sun0408

    Where can I find Royal Blue Scrubs in Houston?

    Don't buy the koi royal blue scrubs!! They fade so fast. I bought a pair with several other brands and they are almost light blue now
  9. Sun0408

    I love a nurse

    Cook, clean, do the laundry without me having to ask, take out the trash. Ya know, do things around the house so it all doesn't fall on her, if you don't already!!! Nothing better than coming home from work and my honey has the house clean. He does ...
  10. Sun0408

    Treating Respiratory Failure With Ativan/Lorazapam

    How did the pt respond?? You wrote so much but wrote nothing about how the pt responded. Not saying this lady was not experiencing a true issue, but I've seen some crazy things people do to get attention, drugs or admitted to the ICU. I have also g...
  11. Sun0408

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    We have CC only pts in the ICU. We withdraw care a lot but sometimes there are no beds to move the pt to or it's late at night so we just keep them
  12. Sun0408

    Giving up my dog

    This has got to be a troll post!! Just joined, first post and gone. OP if you are real and this did happen shame on you. I had 3 kids small while in nursing school, a husband a dog a cat and 3 yes 3 part time jobs!! The pets were the easiest!!!
  13. CNA's typically work 3 12 hour shifts per week. This leaves plenty of time for nursing school and your home life. The course is very quick. Coders work typically M-F 8a -5p. Plus the 2 semesters and summer internship. How will you attend nursing sch...
  14. Sun0408

    does it take longer to update if you failed?

    It's possible your results are on hold. Until the hold is lifted, your BON won't get any results
  15. Sun0408

    Best practice for unused med in amp

    If they are not giving the whole vial, why are they not wasting it?? Seems like a BON nightmare. Not to mention the issues you already stated. I would pull out what was ordered, waste the remaining if any and use a new syringe each time.