Can we have a punching bag in the break room?

  1. 17 Did you ever have a moment where you just wanted to explode?

    You know what I mean...
    • The patient who loves to push your buttons.
    • The boss who doesn't know you exists.
    • The co-worker who keeps calling off.
    • The love-life you no longer have.

    We all have been there.

    A punching bag in the break room ... I think it's a great idea.

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    It's better for you than a pan of brownies.
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    Love it!
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    I often wish for this too.
  6. Visit  amazon84 profile page
    ....That would be AWESOME :-)
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    you wouldn't have to hit the gym quite as often either!:d
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    Margarita machine would be even better. Or both!!!
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    SUCH a good idea!!
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    I want one!!!
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    Excellent ​idea!
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    I've always wanted to learn how to box.
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    I had a punching bag in my dorm room in nursing school.....filled the bottom with sand...the top looked like Bozo. After a bad day, we'd all come home and wail on the poor clown.
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    "Can we have a punching bag in the break room?"

    I'd love to, but I can't find any docs who are willing to volunteer.
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