What are your favorite types of patients??

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    I don't recall seeing a thread like this and it was something someone asked me so I thought I would throw it out there.

    What are your favorite types of patients??

    Me, I love when I have Pre-Teen and Teen boys. I work well with teenagers in general (outside of my own) but I have had a lot of 11-16 year old male patients lately and they are probably my most favorite patients. I think because I relate well to boys first of all, having 3 of my own, and I relate to teens and I always just feel more motherly to these types.

    Anyone else have a general type they tend to enjoy having more?
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    Comatose ...
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    LOL nothing wrong with that. I have had some people say they prefer the OR where the patients stay asleep.
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    Sedated, intubated, constipated, and restrained. lol

    But I love the cute old people… I don't mind total care pts, especially the cute LOLs.
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    Discharged patients.

    Honestly, I love my dementia patients, especially the ones that are pleasantly confused.
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    My favorites in ICU are extubated, making a rapid recovery, have a joyful family and orders to transfer to the floor.
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    The sweet little old ladies and men, the pleasantly confused and all who are kind, appreciative and of a sound mind! That's all I ask for!

    In fact, I'll take anyone as long as they are of sound mind! That's the bottom line, the rest is optional!
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    Ones that can't talk, and have no idea what is going on.

    I also loved my pleasantly confused dementia patients.
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    Like the OP I also tend to appreciate my teenage boys. Not so much the girls as a lot of them seem to want to give me attitude over everything.

    I also appreciate pt's of any age that actually have a desire to participate in their care and learn how to better care for themselves.
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    That's easy...newborns!
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