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  1. Triage-How is it done in your ER?

    Triage as a system is dead. Everyone has bowed down to the 5-level ESI system to "maximize reimbursement". Now you get to charge for every little detail of a person's visit. Ooooh, you're a one. You're a two. There's not chit wrong with you but we ha...
  2. Is anyone using Cerner in their ER?

    Cerner and Epic... NOT very good programs for our purposes but they are the leading platforms that integrate well with hospital systems. T-system is the Cadillac of ER charting but they (programmers) were short-sighted in not being able to integrate...
  3. Burnout tips?

    1.5 years you say? You need a change of venue. Good luck.
  4. Best Drug Seeker Stories

    There is no such thing as a "seeker". Just ask the ENA.
  5. New Graduates who don't welcome feedback

    I know the mentality. I know the personality type. Go ahead and let them fall. Let them "feel" their way. Just make sure YOUR name isn't on any of their patients charts...
  6. 1st assignment, ATL, BMT unit

    37/hr is a little light. You should be getting more for housing. Atlanta is a tough market for wages. They're just not good. Your contract is about average though. You could be making less... My current company has me making more than I ever have in ...
  7. Cooler weather and homeless "patients"

    Treat 'em and street 'em... Nothing you can do to change their arrival. Doesn't change your paycheck either. Try not to be too concerned about the things you cannot control. It will burn you out.
  8. What is the best stethescope for an ER nurse?

    I have a Littmann Master Cardiology and am pretty good with high frequency/low frequency auscultation. Truth be known, the vast majority of physical exams in the ER can be eval-ed with the 2.00/disposable stethoscopes... Don't go out of your way to s...
  9. General Travel Nursing Questions...

    double post
  10. General Travel Nursing Questions...

    Although you are "traveling" I don't believe it's travel nursing you will be interested in... Travelers usually are flexible in going all over for short periods. I'm guessing you want to be together not apart? Registry! You will want to work in the c...
  11. New ED Program: Charting vs. Patient Care

    Patient care always comes first. I'm a traveler and see a new computer system every 13 weeks. I admit that I don't get everything in the system sometimes but I have never left a patient hanging. Charting of IV starts, port access, foley insertion.......
  12. burnout in ER

    This.... (Don't let the idiots get you down. Shrug them off. They'll be back next week...)
  13. Have been in the ER for 3 hrs now....

    I'll just bet you were able to leave the ER alive... Sounds like a good visit to me. Better if you were actually discharged. Did you really need to be there or did the staff manage to snatch you from the jaws of death? Good luck in your future endeav...
  14. Sometimes you just can't bite your tongue.....

    As good as it feels to "inform" patients and their families of their rudeness and inconsideration of everyone around them I caution you to refrain from doing so. It never helps the situation and can only open you up for scrutiny. Administration doesn...
  15. What is the best experience to transfer into ER?

    Ranger School.... Maybe Navy Seal BUDS. Learn to tolerate pain and suffering. Lack of sleep. Stress... Forced starvation and denying yourself basic elimination needs. Probably the best way to get a feel for life in the ER