What do Nurses think about CNA's

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    I am sure everyone has a CNA at their workplace that they work closely with. What are opinions as far as CNA's and their work? In your individual environment, I know it can be different for everyone. Just curious..

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    I have a lot of respect for the hard work they do.
    They do not get paid what they are worth.
    Their jobs and contributions are valuable, but often overlooked.

    They are not created equal.
    Some are amazing.
    Some need to get a job doing something else.

    While they are not nurses, they are part of the nursing team.

    Most of the aides I have worked with were smart and had a good work ethic... usually.
    However, I once worked with one who was so stupid, I thought I was being punked.

    Listen, I love CNA's, as long as they get in there and do what they need to do and do it well.
    But, I do have a special soft spot for them as I was one myself for a very long time.
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    I think, as a rule, that CNA's are the hardest working people in the building. Of course, as with any profession, there are some absolute lazy lumps that are there only to collect a paycheck, but thankfully I've yet to see that personally. I appreciate everything that my CNA's do to make our shift run smoothly and tell them so often
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    Quote from powers2704
    I am sure everyone has a CNA at their workplace that they work closely with. What are opinions as far as CNA's and their work? In your individual environment, I know it can be different for everyone. Just curious..
    They are awesome and should be paid more!!!
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    I appreciate the thankless, difficult work that the CNAs at my workplace do. I know I am not cut from the same cloth as them because I couldn't possibly make a career out of it. The work is simply too physical and strenuous for me to handle for the long term.

    The CNAs who do their jobs well are true stars who are worth their weight in gold.
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    I highly value a hard working CNA as the work environment would be unbearable without them.
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    CNA's rock! The work that they do is back breaking. Couldn't do what I do without them. And I tell them that every chance I get.
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    I love most of my CNAs. People are in an uproar over the increase of minimum wage but I would LOVE to see my aides get paid more! They damn well deserve it.

    If I have a particular aide that does a good job...pointing out a skin tear...staying on her feet the entire shift while the others sit down and gossip...help me with a problematic patient....in short, being good at their job, I always make it a point to tell my DON how good they are.

    I will never forget the elderly black woman who held the hand of a scared nursing student and walked me through my first bed bath. God bless her. I followed her around like a scared pup and am forever indebted to her. I treat all my aides with respect with her in mind.

    They are the back bone of a good facility.
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    I LOVE my CNA's! Most of them that I work with are very smart, put up with a lot of you-know-what, and are often blamed for things that are out of their control. When I was a newbie it was the CNA's who actually taught me a lot about how to turn and position patients, change an occupied bed, bathe someone who has a huge tangle of tubes and leads attached, and many other practical skills. They have on several occasions alerted me to a patient having a change in vital signs or appearance so I can go in and check it out. They have been my extra eyes and ears between assessments. Most of our CNA's are in nursing school or waiting to get in. I have seen several graduate and they have all been excellent nurses.
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    I've noted that the relationship with CNA's is highly dependent on the culture of the facility.
    many CNA's do not realize that they are working under the licensure of the registered nurse.

    I respect and appreciate them.Until I cannot get a simple request filled due to attitude...

    this list could go on , for too long. But you get the drift.

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