Nurses dressing up for Halloween

  1. 1 Our company has sent a memo allowing us to dress up for Halloween and is even making a contest of it. Several nurses are really disgusted with the idea saying it is completely unprofessional. I've never dressed up for work, but I don't really care if others do. What is your view on the issue?
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    I say dress up! Brings joy to people that may not have much in their lives! I do tend to love scrubs that are holiday appropriate!
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    If you have a white dress and cap somewhere in the attic, go as a nurse, otherwise I would avoid costumes.
    I guess it depends on what kind of setting you work in.
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    The majority of LTC settings I have worked in have encouraged it. No one has ever voiced 'unprofessional' out loud that I have heard. I don't have an issue with it at all. If someone else does- well that's their take.
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    Our unit is a bit more laid back so we're very alarmed at our company allowing us it wear halloween costumes to work in the 31st. They did specify that the outfitscan't interfer with our work though. We're not sure how to do that, but we consider it a test of our creativity! I actually don't work on the 31st but because of this unique opprotunity I wish i did. I would take advantage of it while you can. You never know when you'll get a chance to express your individuality! and of course, it's always optional.

    One idea i had was pinning little bat wings or a cape to the back of my scrub shirt. Also, wearing kitty-cat ears in my hair and drawing whiskers on my cheeks. And of course I second the retro nursing hat idea. So cool!
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    oh man, I don't know, I'm personally against it, but I'm a new nurse starting out in the ED and have already seen so many drug OD and DT patients who are already hallucinating, not to mention the dementia patients! I just think it could cause more harm than good... I'm all for holiday themed scrubs, sure (especially when a unit is usually required to wear uniform scrubs of all the same color), but I'm not so sure about full on costumes... I can't picture a family watching a code of their loved one while kitty cats, witches and scary clowns are trying to save lives!
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    It may be tolerable in some settings, but in a hospital setting it's totally inappropriate. You have to remember that 1 in 4 hospitalized patients suffer some form of delirium, and 1 in 5 experience and acute delirium, which means dressing up in most costumes is sort of ignorant.
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    I wouldn't wear a full costume but I see nothing wrong with a pair of car ears and painted on whiskers, or a leopard or something.
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    I can't imagine being able to do my job (floor nurse, ICU Stepdown) in a "costume" of any sort.

    Other settings it probably would be fine.
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    I think it's v. unprofessional, but I've found over the years that no one really cares what I think about anything.
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    Imagine doing CPR with those butterfly wings attached to your back. What if your fairy dust drifts from your hair during a dressing change. Or how about consoling a family after the loss of a loved one while dressed as an M&M. Now imagine being the family who is receiving bad news by someone wearing a cheerleader costume.

    Wear holiday themed tops or coordinate colors appropriate to the day, but for goodness sake, please leave the costumes to your personal time.
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    We don't dress up. Then again, I do work in psych, where it's not always a good idea to show up in costume. We may have one or two nurses that come in wearing Halloween print scrubs, hats and/or pins, but that's the extent of it.
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    I have actually witnessed the very negative (unanticipated) effects of "Halloween in the hospital"..... Phlebotomist costumed as Dracula (cute, right???) shows up in MY neurotrauma multi-bed ICU . . . at 4 AM to draw the AM lab. Violent reactions from multiple semi-lucid terrified patients. One managed to dislodge skeletal traction & chest tubes, which required a return to OR.

    Mistakes were made, people were blamed.

    Nope, not a good idea in an acute care setting.
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