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Blue Roses has 4 years experience and specializes in Rehab, Med-surg, Neuroscience.

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  1. Blue Roses

    Death bed visions

    Sorry to drop in so late in the thread. In reading the replies it seems like death-visions and out of body experiences are very, very common. Now, I haven't been a nurse for long, but I've seen and cared for a good number of dying patients, and I've never ever seen anything like this. People say death is peaceful and beautiful, but almost every single one I've seen the patient died alone, quietly, with no fanfare or sudden reaching out for angels or dead relatives. The only events that were notable was when the patients 'choose' to pass shortly after family members go to get some food or take a break. One gentleman died sitting up in bed with his eyes open and a distressed look on his face... I get chills down my back wondering if he had been awake when he died, and I feel guilty that I wasn't able to be sitting beside him when he went. He was all alone. All my patient death experiences have felt cold and lonely. It's left me jaded and I know that. When people talk about when their grandmother died and she looked so peaceful and it was a transcending experience, I'm like 'what??' I don't get it.
  2. Blue Roses

    Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    If you have her again and she acts this way, try this: 1) get down on her level; sit on a chair or kneel on the floor, anything so that you're not towering over her making her feel uneasy 2) let your facial expression go soft and try to have a look of genuine concern (don't laugh, it helps to practice in front of a mirror) 3) gently ask her "I noticed that you (enter behavior here) and I wanted to ask if there is anything I've done to offend you, because I care about your feelings". Or something along those lines. And then correct the issue if you can. I'm not an expert on human behavior, but on my unit I've found that you can kind or manipulate their feelings this way. If it doesn't work then it's probably a lost cause anyway so don't take it personally.
  3. Blue Roses

    How much trouble am I ? Scale: 1 to super fired

    When she told you that you should "watch out" it sounds like a borderline threat!!! I would get as far from that place as possible and never look back!
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Reading the article made me feel like I know more about this poor woman than I do about presidential candidates during election season. Too much information!
  5. Am I the only one who feels very uncomfortable reading this article about the Texan nurse who caught Ebola on the job? Or is this ethically ok because of the availability of information these days? http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/who-nina-pham-meet-nurse-who-contracted-ebola-n224726
  6. Blue Roses

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    I had just turned 20 when I got my ASN and started working
  7. Blue Roses

    Tribute to a Brave Man

    You were my patient for only two days. My weekend; Saturday and Sunday. Cancer had not been kind to you, first taking your kidney then spreading to your brain, bone, lungs, and lymph nodes. You were quiet. Sometimes you knew where you were, sometimes you didn't. I remember how when we would turn you how you would howl with pain, and your neighbooring patients would complain. But would never fight us when we turned you, and I remember your trusting brown eyes as you obediently took applesauce from the spoon I offered. Your family was all there when we rapid- responsed you for the second time on Sunday. You were unresponsive except for moaning to sternal rub. Your vitals were collapsing. Your young daughter looked very dignified and proud as she clenched her jaw even as tears ran down her cheeks, and your wife cried openly on my shoulder. Together, the two women you loved most decided to start comfort care, make you a DNR, and let you go. When I gave report to the second shift nurse, your breathing was already becoming slower. Your daughter sat beside you and held your cold fingers, whispering to you about how you two loved walk on the beach and eat ice cream together. I cast a sad look to your wife, who didn't return my gaze, just sat with her head in her hands. The next morning, I entered the break room and the first thing I did was check the census. Sure enough, your name had vanished. You died quietly in your sleep during second shift. I didn't know you that well, but I will remember you as the brave man with trusting brown eyes. The man with a family that was stronger than the disease. The man who loved walking on the beach and eating ice cream with your daughter. I should have hugged your wife goodbye. I really should have hugged your wife goodbye.
  8. Blue Roses

    Nursing Hunger Games

    LOVE this thread!! I imagine it being a nightshift full moon midnight strikes and the quiet breaks with a code blue alarm and all the staff rushes to the room and is running the code when the patient next door awakened but all the commotion runs naked down the hall seizes an IV pole and swings it at anyone who comes close. Suddenly state is there with their laptops and another patient falls and the ghosts that live in the unit all come out and chase everyone around. And then there is no coffee, no bathrooms, and no foleys left. Last nurse still standing wins, and if there is a tie then we bladder scan them and whoever has the most in their bladder wins.
  9. *walks out of the bathroom*..... I need to chart that.
  10. Blue Roses

    Night shifters-when do you eat?

    I worked 12 hour night shifts for a year and I usually had a granola bar or something around midnight and then took my lunch at 3:00am because that's when things were quieter. Usually though I was starving to matter what I did when I got off work in the morning.
  11. Blue Roses

    When you question your actions.

    I agree with SoldierNurse22. The daughter must have been having a wicked bad day and you didn't do anything wrong.
  12. Blue Roses

    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    I sympathize. I've had 500lb+ patients that required total care and they can be time comsuming and frusturating. There are times I have to dig deep to find empathy for them. But mostly, I just feel so sad for them. Like a deep, aching saddness that I get when I know there is nothing I can really do to help. You're lucky you're 25 and just now starting to have back pain! My advice, consult a chiropractor... my husband did and his back pain is much less. Nip it in the bud before it gets worse.
  13. There's lots of research, education, administraintion, management, social service, and government jobs that employ nurses. Unfornuately, most of them require maximum experience in the clinical setting, and advanced education, I believe. It's very hard to find a job in nursing where you don't have to do the dirty work.
  14. Blue Roses

    Breaking Free From Nursing

    Nursing really is a thankless job. Last year it stressed me out so much that I had a major breakdown, and I had to learn to not take life to seriously, or I'd collapse under the weight of the human suffering I'm exposed to every day. I feel like my personality itself has changed. I love my job now that I found a good one. Sometimes it comes down to whether or not you're lucky enough to find the nursing job you belong in, because if you don't you won't just be unhappy, you'll be miserable.
  15. Blue Roses

    Nurses dressing up for Halloween

    Our unit is a bit more laid back so we're very alarmed at our company allowing us it wear halloween costumes to work in the 31st. They did specify that the outfitscan't interfer with our work though. We're not sure how to do that, but we consider it a test of our creativity! I actually don't work on the 31st but because of this unique opprotunity I wish i did. I would take advantage of it while you can. You never know when you'll get a chance to express your individuality! and of course, it's always optional. One idea i had was pinning little bat wings or a cape to the back of my scrub shirt. Also, wearing kitty-cat ears in my hair and drawing whiskers on my cheeks. And of course I second the retro nursing hat idea. So cool!
  16. I had a rough day at work today. There was a patient that started to go bad on me and I ended up calling a rapid response on her and sending her to ICU at another hospital. I found myself wishing I could literally predict the future, particularly my patients' futures, so I can stop things like this from happening. Here's my totally off-the-wall discussion topic: If you could have one super power, one that you could only use while you're at work, which would it be and why? Just curious. Thanks!

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