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  1. Nursetastic

    Therapeutic Oils in hospital

    We have peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and wintergreen oils that people bring in to mask foul odors. A few drops in an O2 bubbler connected to air not oxygen, will help cover C-diff and GI bleed odors pretty well. The bubbler tip is cut off and no O2 tubing is used so the fragranced air comes out of the bubbler to provide scent to the whole room. We just ask the patient before doing it. We also had a family using oils on a patient. No problems until they used an oregano oil on his feet. We had numerous complaints from staff about that smell so we asked them to stop. They were gracious about it, thankfully.
  2. Nursetastic

    Your PROPOFOL stories wanted

    Watch out for green urine. Some patients develop almost fluorescent green urine. That's all I have to add. But I agree with hypotension and triglyceride levels.
  3. Nursetastic

    Please Start!

    PLEASE do oral care! Vented patients need it at least every 2 hours. A/O a few times a day depending on dentition, diet, O2 use, etc. PLEASE moisturize after a bath. CHG baths are very drying and can irritate skin if not rinsed well and followed by a moisturizer. PLEASE do not get offended when I ask you to help turn a patient for a skin check before you leave. I'm not trying to accuse you of not turning our patient, I simply want to see their skin early in the shift to monitor for changes. PLEASE clean up after yourselves in all areas. Patient rooms, staff break room, nutrition rooms, med rooms, etc. And if a trash can ANYWHERE needs emptying, just do it! Lots more, but these are all from the past 2 shifts.
  4. Nursetastic

    is it nurse's week?

    We get ignored during Nurse's Week. They have "Hospital Week" later in the month to celebrate everyone. However, Respiratory, Lab, and Radiology all get stuff on their own weeks throughout the year in addition to goodies and celebrations during Hospital week. Nurses always get shafted. Especially night shifters.
  5. Nursetastic

    Black Friday, Code Blue

    OP- sounds like you and I would work well together. I am professional but firm when I have a patient that codes or if I see that the primary nurse is freezing up, which happens more than I'd like to think about. I tend to take over and make sure things get done and if that means barking at lookie-loos then that is what I do. No room for an audience, only for helpful team members. I've been thanked for my demeanor many times after someone crashes. I get things done, and done right. Period. I also take every code as a learning experience. I never fail to learn something new. Keep up the great work! Take care of you and that precious cargo. No more running!
  6. Nursetastic

    Black Friday, Code Blue

    I'm an ICU nurse and I often "run" to codes. My run is definitely a brisk walk as opposed to a run because, in all honesty, running through a busy, obstacle filled hospital is all but impossible. I read this article and was able to put myself in the OP's shoes very easily. I think a lot of the "running" and "screaming" used was for emphasis as opposed to being real descriptions of actions or behaviors. I've assisted in and run many, many codes and I think it sounds like the OP did a fine job. These posts are written with emphasis on the dramatic so that readers are enticed to continue reading. She was telling a story, not asking to be critiqued. It's no wonder she hasn't replied to any of you. She was sharing a very emotional experience and all she got was a lot of criticism in return. OP, well done. Thanks to your quick(!) response to the situation, the patient survived.
  7. Nursetastic

    Your Experience with Your Hospitals Cath Lab Personnel?

    Our cath lab crew has cliquish, bratty, holier-than-thou behavior. They complain about everything from IV's in an awkward place (um, at least you have one on that 80 year old, dehydrated patient!) to patients that smell bad. Yes, cath lab nurse, I'd love to bathe this unstable STEMI patient. Nothing like the turn of death just so you prisses don't have to smell foot cheese for an hour in the cath lab. But I WILL let you borrow my wintergreen oil to use on your mask if it makes you happy. To say that cath lab is tacky in my hospital is an understatement. I'm very interested in working there, but not until about 4 of their crew are gone.
  8. Nursetastic

    Nurses dressing up for Halloween

    Imagine doing CPR with those butterfly wings attached to your back. What if your fairy dust drifts from your hair during a dressing change. Or how about consoling a family after the loss of a loved one while dressed as an M&M. Now imagine being the family who is receiving bad news by someone wearing a cheerleader costume. Wear holiday themed tops or coordinate colors appropriate to the day, but for goodness sake, please leave the costumes to your personal time.
  9. Nursetastic

    Advice on dealing with confused patients

    You have vents and insulin gtts on a tele floor? AND confused patients? What is your patient load like? Sounds very unsafe all the way around.
  10. We have the same type of policy in our ICU. Personally, I don't think anyone under the age of about 10 should be allowed to visit ANY patient room. Not only because they are exposed to, and expose patients to, many different pathogens but also for OUR safety. Those little buggers get in the way! And God forbid the nurse ever have to redirect their curious little hands...I've been yelled at for telling kids to sit down and keep their hands off of the equipment. I'm a nurse, not a babysitter. Keep the young'uns at home.
  11. Nursetastic

    No appreciation for NOC

  12. Nursetastic

    Welcome To The Jungle

    I had such fear the first time I stepped on the unit. I never, and I mean NEVER, wanted to work anything with "really sick" patients. I thought my true love was postpartum. I am passionate about breast feeding and love to teach so I figured new moms were a great match for me. I never got the opportunity to even see if postpartum was a match for me. I graduated and went straight to the unit and have been in love ever since. I love to walk in to a room with every drip imaginable, ventilator, IABP, lines and tubes everywhere, a nice wound just for good measure, and a family and/or patient who wants to be educated about all that is going on. Even better is when the primary doc is a realist, too. I love to help patients heal. On the flip side, I also love to help the patient and family through the journey to death if that is the inevitable result. It is truly a privilege to be allowed to help during such stressful and intimate moments in someone's life or death.
  13. Nursetastic

    National Nurses week

    Our hospital combines Hospital Week with Nurses Week. RT, Radiology, Lab all have their own weeks. No such thing as Doctor's Week, though. LOL We usually get a lunch bag or some other type of bag with the hospital logo. There is always a free lunch day and midnight meal. And sometime during the week all the big wigs will walk around and make their presence known.
  14. Nursetastic

    Staffing & Patient Acuity

    Fresh post ops in our hospital are 1:1 until extubated. IABPs are always 1:1.
  15. Nursetastic

    Be the type of nurse you want to work with

    More than one person on my unit said this last night! I guess we are all closet AllNurses fans!
  16. Nursetastic


    It is ridiculously rampant where I work as far as who gets what assignments. Scheduling shows no favoritism. It's first come, first serve as far as requests off.